Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Freedom Day has left me cooped up indoors and taken hostage by my blanket, fluffy slippers and home made vegetable soup.
This weather had better just be a cold front and not be showcasing what is to come.
I know we've just entered Autumn and we're no where close to winter. Well, you could have fooled me.
It's ice cold, I have steam coming from my lips as I talk and it hasn't stopped raining. Since when do we get rain at this time of the year? We certainly do not have rain during winter - we gratefully leave that for the Capetonians.
It seems Mother Nature just isn't happy - earthquakes, volcanic erruptions... Global Warming anyone?
2012 just doesn't seem so Hollywood movie-like anymore. Perhaps this Mayan Calendar should be studied a little more closely.

In other news, I have become quite the domesticated little you know what... Today, I made European Boy a hot breakfast and then I decided that I hadn't dirtied enough dishes so I made a fresh vegetable soup and when I eyed out the last clean dishes, I figured they wouldn't want to be left out, so I baked...chocolate chip cookies.
This weather is a problem. It makes me H.U.N.G.R.Y and while I know European Boy isn't complaining one bit...I know this because he has a stupid grin on his face and the biscuit crumbs are intwined in the blanket he keeps hogging ;) ... I on the other hand, look guiltily at my gym clothes that seem to be going deeper and deeper into my cupboard and veer towards the fridge and pantry that seem to have mystical powers over me.

I know I eventually have to leave the house, well... either my boss will fire me if I just don't pitch for work tomorrow or my stomach will start talking to me like it's possessed.
I am psyching myself up for work tomorrow. I am giving myself pep talks. I have to...I have an "itsy bitsy" GIGANTIC problem.
My Winter clothes, you know the ones that keep you warm and have fabric that cover the arms, well those are in storage at my parents.
"Hey mom!'
"Blogshell, how freezing is it? I can't do this weather."
"You're telling me? That's actually why I'm calling. You have all my winter things in boxes in the garage. I'm starting to resemble Smurfette, which was possibly cool in the 80's but not so much for me now."
"What do you mean 'shit'?"
"Well your father has been cleaning the garage to make space. You know I'm renovating my studio and so I've been putting all the things from those rooms into the garage. You can't actually get a person into the garage, let alone a car. I don't have any idea where your winter boxes are. I hope your dad didn't chuck them out."
"Super. Just super. Will you visit me when I'm dying from pneumonia?"
"Oh, don't be so dramatic."
"Will you check on me every few days to make sure that I have frozen stiff in my apartment?"
"Alright drama queen, I'll come and visit you and bring you one of my jackets. Put the kettle on for tea. See you now."

The bitter sweet news is that I am a little warmer when I do have to leave the house. I have one of my mother's jackets... with shoulder pads...that's in right? Right?

PS. Happy Freedom Day.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Autumn Clean

Seriously need to Spring Clean.. Autumn Clean?

Problem? I'm a hoarder.
I luuuurve my things and I always feel like I might just need that purple sweater, that movie ticket stub (memories for that scrapbook I'll eventually get around to making) and that costume jewellry that's seen better days, but I have the best intensions to turn it into a brooch.
I need to be ruthless, but actually I need someone to do it for me and they need to be stern.
I need my own Sex and The City scene where we can sit in my apartment with Moet and my girls can say "Chuck" or "Keep."
Problem is, we would just chat too much, drink too much and before long we'd be wearing the Chuck pile and prance around to a blaring i-Pod.

I need a company like Clean House but in South Africa and preferably without the camera crew.
Don't get me wrong ... my place is clean and in an order, it's just that there is far too much of everything (in order.)

Are there companies out there? Seriously?
Blondie here is officially waving a white flag of hoarding surrender