Friday, March 27, 2009

It's the weekend baby!!

Onwards and Upwards completely. Thank you for your loving, suportive words!

I am not going to be a little pity party and life does go on... So I'm being positive and kind of ignoring it. Perhaps it's weird for some people, but it's my coping mechanism right now. I'm not sweeping anything under the carpet, but I just don't want to curl into a mess of a ball.

Today I had my make-up done for a TV shoot. I find it super relaxing having make up done. I would go as far as saying that I sometimes prefer it to a massage. Sacriledge I'm sure. I'm kinda glad the face is done because tonight I plan to have a party. Shit, why not? I need to knock back a cosmo or two and just enjoy myself with my friends Sugar, Special K and EB. I'm really looking forward to it and even bought a dress for the occasion. A dress that's not black. Another first. It's this deep purple colour and it's sexy. Yes!!

I also went underwear shopping today. I decided that the boring cotton undies and t-shirt bras are just not going to cut it anymore. I'm over being boring and being single certainly has given me something to think about. Even if no one sees it, I want to know that sexy lace is going on underneath my jeans and t-shirt. I bought a wonderbra that is so WONDERful I can't believe I never had one before. Yes. I am apparently slow. If I say so myself with the wonderful work that is Wonderbra...these puppies are swell. Excuse the pun.
Anyway, so you know it's bad when the lady at the underwear store remembers me and says: "Eish! It's been looong neh?"
Um. Great. Thanks for the update and for remembering. That isn't uncomfortable at all. WTF?
She even threw in a pair of panties with a wink. I couldn't wait to get out of there.

Have a wicked weekend xx

Friday, March 20, 2009

Mini Break

I'm thinking of taking a mini break from blogging.

There's no real reason, just need a bit of a break and need to recharge the blogging battery!

Please don't abandon me...not just yet...

While I am taking a break from actually blogging myself; I am still going to read all of your, I'm addicted to you guys and I can't NOT read your blog posts every day...I go crazy if I don't! LOL


Sunday, March 15, 2009


I am having a ball. No really. Is it possible to be having this much fun and be feeling this good?
I know you'll be reading this on a "Blue Monday" and so I may just be nauseating right now. Yes I have bad days and I'm not all rays of sunshine all the time, but right now, I am and while I feel like this, I am going with it. Work with me here.
Weekend is all a bit of a Blur. In a good way. Friday, was interesting... I was a part of a fashion show. Again, I am always quite perturbed that I get asked to do these things. It's not a fishing party right now, but I don't model. I am not a fashion hanger in any shape or form and so it is hilarious. I did this for a childrens charity with some Binnelander and Egoli stars. I wonder if all professional models run thoughts like: "Suck in your tummy! Shoulders back! Don't trip; don't trip..." through their minds. It was a high fashion, think European FTV channel fashion show with the weird make-up and hair and clothes I wouldn't wear out in public. It was fun to be a part of this experience, don't get me wrong, but I wish I could have taken a photograph of the looks I got from the models when I asked a simple question back stage. "To smile or not to smile, that is the question." I wanted to know what "look" we were supposed to be doing with high fashion, dark eyebrows and red lips. Were we supposed to smile or were we supposed to look like we were in pain or bored. I am always fascinated how these models portray their faces down the catwalk...the pained expressions are probably from not eating or shoes that are too small. I experienced this on Friday.
A little blurry, but here are two of the models...

High fashion make-up

Well, in case you were wondering, I was told not to smile from a model (striking features, mind you) who looked me up and down disdainfully, flicked her high-fashioned-teased hair and minced onto the ramp. So I didn't smile and I felt ridiculous. I have to smile. I am a smiley-person and if I can't smile when I want to, I take on a pained expression. Perhaps, that's it.
I had fun though and I got to gaze at the male models that really are quite beautiful. This one in particular looked exactly like Emile Hirsch and I embarrassed myself by staring too long and hard and then subsequently blushed furiously when he asked for my number.

Saturday was spent having breakfast at a quaint restaurant with the family and looking at cars. I have decided to get myself a new car. I felt guilty as I test drove these beautiful cars. Guilty because I felt like I was "cheating" on my car parked at home. I am still driving my very first car and she has certainly served me well for the past 7-8 years, but she's old now and so I am fickly trading her in for a new model. I'm excited.

I went to a braai that night at JB and had a blast drinking glasses of wine and playing 30 seconds...or tried to at least. My poor team mate must have been "chuffed" at being on my team. 2 bottles of wine will do that to you. I pretty much played like this:
" It's the's her"
"TIME!!" Everyone yelled out, gleefully.
Normally I am a little champ at the game but with wine and shooters, I was useless at it.
I did however, see European Boy. This whole... yes, I can't believe these words came out of my mouth: "Let's just have fun and enjoy each others company with no strings attached" is very new for me and I'm certainly having fun.
I feel like a teenager again.
Today has been spent feeling sorry for myself, lying in bed catching up on all the Girls of The Playboy Mansion episodes and catching up with Sugar. She came to visit me and we giggled like school girls.
Oh and she is...looking smoking, I want a body like this and if she can go from looking how she did to looking how she does now...I have HOPE!! HOORAY!! I'm back to gym tomorrow!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday the 13th

I raced through to meet up with European Boy last night. I hate being late and I had traffic and timing against me. Everyone should see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Fantastic movie. And yes. I watched the movie.... Really.
I've found a great little spot for after-movie wine. Found it with Sugar and shared it with E.B.
We sat drinking wine and laughing. I seem to be laughing a lot lately and I'm loving it. I also did a fair amount of blushing. I really would love to remove whatever it is that makes me blush. Apparently there is a tablet you can take for it. I'm good...for now.
It was a great night and I can't wait to do it again. Too much fun right now!

Today has been a good day... I got rid of any post wine headache at yoga. My mom finally managed to drag me with her today. It's my first time trying yoga and I really enjoyed it even if I felt like a retard most of the time. How is it possible that women who are older than my grandmother in Switzerland can wrap their ankles around their necks while breathing calmly? I didn't see one person over weight though...that's excellent news.

I am so stuffed at the moment... My department went out for lunch today and we over indulged on Indian food. Good grief it was "more-ish" and we all picked off each others plates. Had a little bit of everything...and stayed clear of Vindaloo... the last three letters are quite telling apparently.
I have had two glasses of red wine so work this afternoon is going to be fun... It would certainly explain my spontaneous shopping spree staright afterwards. Why can't I just walk into a store and purchase what I set out to get? I arrived to get my turquoise necklace I ordered and walked out with earrings, make-up, two dresses and a pair of leather leggings...I'm unstoppable!

Normally my Friday the 13th's are average. Neither lucky nor unlucky. Today, I've just been in a really good mood. It's weird to think that today is 2 months since I walked out on the ex. How amazing life is now. I don't mean that with any disrespect but I have to be honest.

I'm looking forward to this weekend...should be interesting. That's all I'm saying. For now.

Have a great one!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Movie Mania

I've fallen off the gym wagon. Nooooo. I hate being sick. I refuse to go to gym when I am, but unfortunately I really struggle to get back into the routine of it. I know that I should be ridiculously thrilled and motivated considering I have lost 7kgs, but for some horribly strange reason I just don't operate like that!
Sugar and I are feeling nasty and even though I'm not eating badly, I feel so much better when I go to gym. See? Even that statement should show that technically if I feel better when I go, it should be easy. Um. No.
I think there is something wrong with me.

Saw Marley and Me last night and I loved every minute of the movie. It was great. Brought back so many memories of my labrador puppy. I donated her to the South African Guide Dogs Association (the hardest thing I have ever done...bitter sweet) and went to her graduation a year ago actually. She is now a full fledged Guide Dog working with Bennie, her blind owner. Anyway, so I laughed and cried through the movie. Walked out with mascara on my chin and popcorn in my cleavage. Shit, I don't know how this always happens to me, but I seriously, always find stray popcorn bits stuck in the bra. Attractive.

I have been awake since 5am this morning. Now, this is normal for most, I get that. Excuse my brat behaviour now. But SERIOUSLY. Are we not supposed to be in summer? Why was it dark and cold. It should be illegal. I was up at 5am, to leave by 6am for the University of Johannesburg. My sister was graduating today...she received her BA Honours in Marketing Communications and missed cum laude by a few percentage. Poor darling! I am extremely proud of her!
My entire family attended the ceremony and we all went for a celebratory lunch in Parkhurst afterwards. It was lovely.
As a result of me being awake since 5am, I felt like the day should be over by 1pm, not half way through. I cannot stop yawning.

Tomorrow my department is going out for lunch and we're doing curry. Should be good fun! Great way to pass over a Friday 13th. Second one this year. Hope this brings lots of luck.

Tonight I have a movie with E.B. and I think we're either seeing The Curious Case of Benjamin Button or Slumdog Millionaire. Excellent, because I've been dying to see both!
I know that we're both tired, so hopefully we wont be snoring through it. :-)

Hmmm...I think I have seen more movies in the past 2 months than I have in 6 years.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Loving life

Well, who knew that I would have actually had fun last Thursday night at the ex's event. Sugar was unbelievable on stage. It was my first time seeing her perform live with her Hip Hop band. Move over Black Eyed Peas! WOW!
I saw the ex, he didn't greet me at all and didn't greet any of my friends. I found it weird considering that they all phoned him when we broke up to say they were sorry and that there was no animosity from their side. Anyway, who is judging. Oh and the gf/fling/whatever and the ex were all over each other like a rash. I actually wasn't bothered at all. It was a test for me personally and sure it was hard and weird seeing him kissing someone else, but I didn't have a pang of missing, hurt ot anything like that. In fact that night, just confirmed everything for me and I felt relieved and happy to not be with him anymore. I felt that in the first week of the break up but seeing him with someone new really affirmed everything.
I had fun, we danced and drank and was close to throwing my bra on stage for Sugar. I saw European Boy too and I’m glad that I did. I didn’t think he would pitch, but he has been full of surprises.

This weekend was too much fun! Friday night I chilled out and on Saturday I had brunch with my friends from Varsity, JB and K. I felt like I had walked into Sex and The City. K was telling us about all her single escapades... she makes single life seem fun (as I am finding out myself) I had my jaw on the floor most of the time. I loved it. She is our very own Samantha from SATC. Wow - she has stories that could make anyone blush!
That night, I literally dragged myself out. I'm so glad I did. Sugar and I met up with European Boy. We had so much fun that we only got home in the early hours of the morning.
Let me just say that E.B is an amazing kisser. Another surprise.

Just saying.

I stayed over at Sugar and we literally stayed in bed the entire day, groaning and moaning. We drew straws to see who would get up and make toasted cheese and tea. She drew the short straw. Haha.

Single life is proving to be so much fun!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Onwards and Upwards

Right so... If you haven't seen the movie "Seven Pounds" on circuit at the moment, with Will Smith, YOU HAVE TO! Be prepared to cry...alot...but MY GOD...what a movie! I haven't seen something that thought and emotion prevoking in years.

Tonight is certainly going to be interesting. Sugar is performing in an event with her band and I am going to support her...thing is, my ex is putting on the event. I haven't seen him since our break up. Oh, did I mention he has a new girlfriend?
Anyway... He can't affect me anymore, onwards and upwards. I am excited to see her perform live and I'm going to have fun with my friends. Special K, Bambi and I are going through to support her. European Boy is coming through too with all of Sugars friends...that should be interesting. Haha.

Oh and drum roll please. I have lost 7 kgs. Yes I have. All thanks to no more emotional/comfort eating, my gym routine and a far healthier lifestyle and eating habit! Gosh I'm chuffed!
It's weird though, because I can feel that I'm lighter, the scale certainly says as much but I don't really see it. Perhaps that's because this body is with me all the time that it's like: "Oh, you again!" LOL

Life is positive.

Monday, March 2, 2009

I kissed a boy and I liked it!

No McSteamy/McDreamy doctor to prescribe my antibiotics unfortunately, just a McLady doctor who gave me potent medicine so that I could feel better within 24 hours.
The meds are quite incredible, however, with them being so potent I was warned:
Don't even think about having a drop.
Don't joke around about being a "cheap date."

Alrighty then, so on Friday night (feeling like a new person) I went around to the "Top Billing" Bryanston Mansion. It was a spontaneous thing and I was told to come around after work for a small get together to celebrate the lawyers birthday. Puh-lease. I arrived to the fanciest of cars lining the street and melt-in-your-mouth cuisine that had "simply been whipped up."

It was rather embarrassing when I saw the gifts he was being given like a case of Veuve and Moet etc... I only knew it was actually a birthday party when I was on my way there at 19h30, by default of calling my mate, so I stopped at a garage and bought a PS Chocolate that said: You're Awesome!'s the thought that counts and I just couldn't pitch up empty handed.

Picture this: The hottest, most gorgeous men you have ever seen in your life in every corner to drool over. They compliment you, tell you how beautiful you are and appreciate your shoe fetish. Heavenly.
Not so heavenly? They're all gay.
Life is mean.

On Saturday night, I went off with my gang to Movida for their first birthday party a le Moulin Rouge theme. I was tempted to wear a feather boa and all that jazz (wrong musical I know) so I just stole one from the MC.
I did however...kiss a boy. Now this might not be earth shattering to most, but for me this is a "never-been-done-before"... I have only ever kissed someone I've dated. Howdoyalikethat? I'm no prude, I've just never really done it. No reason really.
I must say, I feel rather silly even talking about this, but it is a big deal for me, considering I am painfully shy around the opposite sex and even more so when there is a potential of swopping saliva...hence the reason it's never really been done before.
It was rather hilarious. I had my guy friends picking out men for me because they were very unimpressed that I hadn't kissed anyone new in 6 years. They were pointing them out and then pushing me towards them. I was laughing so much because it really was rather ridiculous. I kept protesting saying: "That's all very well that you point these boys out to me...and then? What exactly am I supposed to do?"
Anyway...I didn't have to go over and say hello because I was intercepted by some really cute boy who asked my name. I told him it was Mandy. I would have gotten away with that had my friends not come over and acted as my very own publicists. Grrrreat. Thank you. Hmph.
Anyway, so he kissed me and then I walked away. Was it embarrassing having all my friends hi-5 me like 16 year olds? Absolutely.
He did however, come over to me 15 minutes later with a drink in hand and kissed me again.
It was totally un-Blondie like of me... and even more so that I didn't really catch his name.
Oh my God. I'm cringing at myself and the fact that I've written this... but it was nice, weird and lovely and definitely going to have to get out there more often...