Monday, March 2, 2009

I kissed a boy and I liked it!

No McSteamy/McDreamy doctor to prescribe my antibiotics unfortunately, just a McLady doctor who gave me potent medicine so that I could feel better within 24 hours.
The meds are quite incredible, however, with them being so potent I was warned:
Don't even think about having a drop.
Don't joke around about being a "cheap date."

Alrighty then, so on Friday night (feeling like a new person) I went around to the "Top Billing" Bryanston Mansion. It was a spontaneous thing and I was told to come around after work for a small get together to celebrate the lawyers birthday. Puh-lease. I arrived to the fanciest of cars lining the street and melt-in-your-mouth cuisine that had "simply been whipped up."

It was rather embarrassing when I saw the gifts he was being given like a case of Veuve and Moet etc... I only knew it was actually a birthday party when I was on my way there at 19h30, by default of calling my mate, so I stopped at a garage and bought a PS Chocolate that said: You're Awesome!'s the thought that counts and I just couldn't pitch up empty handed.

Picture this: The hottest, most gorgeous men you have ever seen in your life in every corner to drool over. They compliment you, tell you how beautiful you are and appreciate your shoe fetish. Heavenly.
Not so heavenly? They're all gay.
Life is mean.

On Saturday night, I went off with my gang to Movida for their first birthday party a le Moulin Rouge theme. I was tempted to wear a feather boa and all that jazz (wrong musical I know) so I just stole one from the MC.
I did however...kiss a boy. Now this might not be earth shattering to most, but for me this is a "never-been-done-before"... I have only ever kissed someone I've dated. Howdoyalikethat? I'm no prude, I've just never really done it. No reason really.
I must say, I feel rather silly even talking about this, but it is a big deal for me, considering I am painfully shy around the opposite sex and even more so when there is a potential of swopping saliva...hence the reason it's never really been done before.
It was rather hilarious. I had my guy friends picking out men for me because they were very unimpressed that I hadn't kissed anyone new in 6 years. They were pointing them out and then pushing me towards them. I was laughing so much because it really was rather ridiculous. I kept protesting saying: "That's all very well that you point these boys out to me...and then? What exactly am I supposed to do?"
Anyway...I didn't have to go over and say hello because I was intercepted by some really cute boy who asked my name. I told him it was Mandy. I would have gotten away with that had my friends not come over and acted as my very own publicists. Grrrreat. Thank you. Hmph.
Anyway, so he kissed me and then I walked away. Was it embarrassing having all my friends hi-5 me like 16 year olds? Absolutely.
He did however, come over to me 15 minutes later with a drink in hand and kissed me again.
It was totally un-Blondie like of me... and even more so that I didn't really catch his name.
Oh my God. I'm cringing at myself and the fact that I've written this... but it was nice, weird and lovely and definitely going to have to get out there more often...


Being Brazen said...

HOORAY!!!! sounds like a great weekend :)

Ruby said...

LMAO! Go girrrl :)

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Hooray is right BB - thanks doll x

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Haha Ruby! LOL

po said...

Ooh exciting! Have fun while you can!

Peas on Toast said...

Very very cool Blondiekins! Swappign saliva is always more fun than it's cracked up to be. Have fun out there girlie! xx

mylifescape said...

AAH FUN!! I was ALSO at the Movida 1st bday bash!! Was SOO much fun! Saw the pics up on the site - awesomeness!! Nothing like a kiss to put a smile on your face ;p

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Peasy....WHEN are we going out?? No. Seriously.

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Thanks Po...I intend to! Not rushing into anything serious anytime soon! LOL

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Mylifescape...It was so packed but really fun, hey?
You saw photos? The site? Elaborate?

happy snapper said...

Well done Blondie :) good for you!

mylifescape said...

The pics on Movida's site from the night. It was SOO packed! But SOOO much fun! Was also fratenising with the boahs and the MC lol... probably partying right next to each other! lol

Anonymous said...

Thank you ;-) you should look at this emo boy one over this blog: