Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I don't do sick. I don't know anyone that does really, but SERIOUSLY!! I have the most irritating tickle in my throat that makes me want to cough...ALL. THE. TIME and no amount of coughing actually scratches the cough. In fact it just irritates it more so I cough and splutter and act rather lady like.
I am close to overdosing on cough mixture.

I don't feel sick though. That makes no sense at all, I know... It's just the tickle and cough and phlegm. Yummy.

I thought some retail therapy would work. Apparently not, but now I have 2 pairs of really HOT shoes.
Here they are...

I'm going for dinner tonight with a mate that used to work with me and I'm looking forward to the catch up. No red wine for me tonight, although it would make for an interesting evening on my cocktail of cold medicine.

So...I started writing this yesterday afternoon and never actually posted it...

I have woken up this morning, not feeling terrible, but feeling as if someone has punched my chest hard. I am going to the doctor because this cough is getting worse and I can feel it in my chest now. I'm going to the doctor today at 11am. Apparently my doctor is away so I have a substitute male doctor. I hope he is a McDreamy or McSteamy. What are the chances right? I am yet to find a hot doctor. Well, no, that's not true. I do know one and he is a very good friend of mine, so it doesn't count. I think it should be part of the "So-you-wanna-be-a-doctor" requirements you know, like: Must be good looking.
I wouldn't have a problem then when they say: "Miss Blogshell, please get undressed." or "Miss Blogshell let me check your pulse.... wow, it seems to be racing. I think I'm going to have to check on you personally and make a house call to you later."
Um. OK!
Reality will most likely set in as soon as I walk in and he'll be dweeby with ice cold hands.

Dinner last night was fantastic... 4 Indian gals and myself caught up on all the gossip and it was only when the food arrived that I felt like a typical Westerner. My Indian friends all ate curries and I had a good ol' fillet of steak with mushroom sauce.

Right, let me go get ready... I need to make sure I make "sick" look good. Just in case.


Being Brazen said...

Love the shoes!!!!So pretty.

Feel better soon *hugs*

Anonymous said...

love the first pair of shoes!

PhD isn't for medical dr's...

Hope you get better soon.

Superficialgirl said...

Aww shame, hope you feel better! I had a bad cough a while ago and it lasted for a month :( I love the first pair. so cute!

Peas on Toast said...

Wwoweeeeee, those denim shoes are FANTASTIC! :)

Hope you feeling better babe. Lots of hugs xx

Tamara said...

Love the second pair of shoes. Mmmm!

Hope you get better soon.

Wenchy said...

@ least you have fabulous shoes!

Katrina said...

Those shoes are to die for!! Gorge!!!

Feel better!!!

Peas on Toast said...

Where you Blondie!