Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Last day of my Mid Twenties

It is my last day of my quarter life crisis. Tomorrow I turn Twenty Sexy.

I am normally soooo excited about my birthday but I don't know if it's because of what's been going on or if I'm just blergh about being on the wrong side of 25.
Yes, yes...I'm still 4 years from 30, but seriously. These past 6 years flew by...um...

I'm sure that tomorrow will be all very lovely. Nothing a big fat piece of chocolate cake can't sort out.

Speaking of cake (or the lack of) I am down 5kgs so far. See? A break up can be a good thing.
Just kidding.

No seriously, I have always done boxing and as much as I love it, I haven't really seen as many results as I'd like to...perhaps it's just my body shape. Must be, because the women in my class all turned into buff goddesses. I was tired of being the blob in the class and so I decided to actually use my Virgin Active account - something I payed for every month and never used.
I started on the 5th January and although I've been pretty good, I didn't get a chance to go at all last week. I am doing shit loads of cardio, pilates and today I did my very first spinning class. Mother of ...
I was so stiff and sore five minutes after the class that I'm sure I'm going wake up tomorrow feeling like an old lady and no, it's not because I'm a year older.
The burn is all worth it. I will get down to my goal weight and I must be honest, I am feeling fantastic seeing the results.
It also helps being back at home... my family is amazingly healthy and I have been eating 3 meals a day, which to some is normal; to me it really was pure laziness.
Take today for instance... a fresh salad with tomatos and yellow peppers, fresh asparagus and tuna. Delicious, easy and healthy.

Tomorrow I will cheat and have lots and lots of cake. Hooray!

Oh and on a completely different note...Monte Casino is holding the SA Tennis Open. I went to watch last night. It was my first live tennis match and I loved every minute of it. I loved it so much that I bought tickets to go again tonight. Last night I watched Doubles of Kevin Anderson (SA) and Tsonga (French) play against two Spaniards. We then watched the single match between Cypriot Marcos Baghdatis and our very own Andrew Anderson. I loved the "challenges" when a player doesn't agree with the umpire. They turn to the electronic device that shows us where the ball lands. It's the small things you see? I loved it when the crowd went: Oooooooooh in the big build up to see where it lands and then everyone either goes: Yay! or Awww!
It was great.
Tonight I'm going to watch Tsonga and a SA dude. Fun.


Being Brazen said...

Have a great night!

Happy birthday for tomorrow *big hugs* (though i will probably wish you tomorrow too)

Almost time to enter your "late" twenties....Im still thinking my "late" twenties are a millions times better than my "early" twenties.

po said...

Ooh happy birthdya. You are but a spring chicken. I remember when I was 26... sigh, 30 creeps ever closer.

phillygirl said...

Happy Birthday for tomorrow :) Have a fabulous day, I have no doubt you will be spoilt by friends & family!

Meh, 26 is but a distant memory ... enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

Well it's Wednesday now so......HAPPY BIRTHDAY BS!!! woo hooooooo for the 5kg! that's awesome, and yes break-ups definitely do help with losing weight :)

Hope you have a fun fun fun day!

Tay said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I hope you have a fantastic day! **Hugs**

Ruby said...

Happy happy happy! >sends a cupcake filled with love<


boldly benny said...

Happy happy birthday and think of this way: 26 is closer to 25 than it is to 30 :) Life has only got better for me in the second half of my 20s! Hip hip hooray to you x

Anonymous said...

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