Monday, February 23, 2009

Stained teeth and ticklish throats.

So scratch the weekend list. Most things changed.

I did see the movie on Friday night He’s Just NOT That Into You and it was depressingly brilliant. Haha. I had a debate with a friend because yes, the movie did make women look pathetic and men look like assholes, but on a whole, there was a lot of truth to it and that was depressing.
As a woman, being single now, I am learning new things and I’m learning that if he doesn’t call you or want to see you often, he really isn’t into you, or he would find any excuse to call or see you.
It was just very interesting and I think that it is a movie that guys and girls can enjoy. It's not necessarily only a chick flick. I couldn't get over how many couples were watching the movie and how many guys were there in a group. Very interesting.
It was a good movie and I would definitely have that in my DVD collection.

I did go to Pilates. Now, I’ve only gone to Pilates a few times, but the woman kept telling us that if we had never done Pilates before, we should go to the orientation. Sugar and I finally got our act together and did the orientation. Holy Crap. I clearly have been doing everything wrong in the classes, because after being shown how to breathe correctly and hold and release etc, I felt everything. Everything. My muscles actually shook throughout the session and that burning pain (the good kind) was there immediately afterwards.

I did not go to the launch on Saturday night and instead, went over to Special K for wine.
So, I have a little secret... I normally don’t drink red wine because for some reason it gives me heart burn and so I’ve always just stayed away from it. However, last Monday night I drank red wine. 2 bottles actually (not on my own, mind you) and I didn’t have one stitch of heart burn. In fact I really loved it. I made a note of the bottles and their makes that James Bond had pulled out for us and have decided to rethink my wine drinking. I could actually get quite used to it. I decided to try red wine again and Special K and I finished off a bottle rather quickly. It was delicious and I like red wine far more than white wine now.
The only downer of red wine? The fact that it stains your teeth. There I am sitting with my mate, feeling all very sophisticated drinking this lush glass, when I caught a glimpse of my teeth... Now this happened last Monday night too. Mortifying. Not exactly Colgate Smile material, you know?
Good God. Did I eat liquorice? Nope.
Must remember to bring gum next time I drink red wine in male company.

I also did not go for coffee with Europe Boy after he cancelled on me. I would have had to cancel anyway, I woke up yesterday with incredibly sore muscles, which I presumed was from the Pilates. Yes, to a large extent it was, but I am also getting sick. F*@!
I hate being sick, especially when my lifestyle has changed into a rather healthy one. I have a tickle in my throat, my head feels like it may explode from the pressure and headache and I am miserable. I didn’t get out of my pyjamas yesterday and just lay around watching TV and making countless cups of fresh ginger, lemon and honey tea.
I’ve woken up this morning, with no pressure headache, but just a scratchy throat with a pathetic little cough. Argh.
It’s the change in weather. I always get something like this the day before the weather changes. I swear, I could be a weather beacon. Trust me, I wouldn't have a problem with Derek Van Dam (e-TV's weather guy) phoning me up for tips ;-)
Today, the wind is howling and nippy even though the sun is shining.
I am in bed under my duvet with my muesli and laptop at the moment.

PS> I’ve never been so excited for Wednesday. Pay Day. No more end-of-the-month salticrax for me anymore.


Tay said...

I can't touch red wine.... just doesn't go down well with me at all :-( Hope you feel better soon!

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Thanks for visiting Tay :-)

I have been like that with red wine for years should give it another bash! They do say that your palate changes as you get older. Argh...the older part I don't like! LOL

Tay said...

Perhaps I might give it a try whilst at the coast :-) It will certainly be a palate change and not because I am getting older :-)

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Haha.. I didn't mean it like that!

The coast? Where are you going? Aw, I would do anything at the moment just to breathe in the salty air!!

Kitty Cat said...

A good red wine beats white any day! Now I am dying to watch that movie. I've read the book, and it makes sense. If a guy likes you, he'll call. It's simple really.

Tay said...

Lol! Hottie is taking me to Pennington for 5 days... we leave on Wednesday! Will send you some salty air when I get there!

The Divine Miss M said...

Red wine is like the BEST THING EVER!

Try the Diemersfontein Pinotage, yummyness in a bottle!

I must go see this movie, I shall drag the girls out for it :)

Tamara said...

I love red wine. Although over the hot summer months we've just had I've learnt to like white too. My current favourite red is the Cloof Inkspot Red, and a yummy lunch white is the Montino Petillant Light (which has a slight sparkle). Yum!

Hope you get better soon, Blondie!

Peas on Toast said...

I also went to see HJNTIY with a mate on Saturday.
Rest assured, we're not like Gigi :)

po said...

I loooove red wine and was totally unaware that I looked like a vampire. Thanks for the warning blondie!

Being Brazen said...

I love red wine, but it seems to make me too sleepy after 2 glasses...LOL

Feel better soon.

YIPPPEEE - payday is also for me tomorrow (wednesday). Cant wait.