Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I don't do sick. I don't know anyone that does really, but SERIOUSLY!! I have the most irritating tickle in my throat that makes me want to cough...ALL. THE. TIME and no amount of coughing actually scratches the cough. In fact it just irritates it more so I cough and splutter and act rather lady like.
I am close to overdosing on cough mixture.

I don't feel sick though. That makes no sense at all, I know... It's just the tickle and cough and phlegm. Yummy.

I thought some retail therapy would work. Apparently not, but now I have 2 pairs of really HOT shoes.
Here they are...

I'm going for dinner tonight with a mate that used to work with me and I'm looking forward to the catch up. No red wine for me tonight, although it would make for an interesting evening on my cocktail of cold medicine.

So...I started writing this yesterday afternoon and never actually posted it...

I have woken up this morning, not feeling terrible, but feeling as if someone has punched my chest hard. I am going to the doctor because this cough is getting worse and I can feel it in my chest now. I'm going to the doctor today at 11am. Apparently my doctor is away so I have a substitute male doctor. I hope he is a McDreamy or McSteamy. What are the chances right? I am yet to find a hot doctor. Well, no, that's not true. I do know one and he is a very good friend of mine, so it doesn't count. I think it should be part of the "So-you-wanna-be-a-doctor" requirements you know, like: Must be good looking.
I wouldn't have a problem then when they say: "Miss Blogshell, please get undressed." or "Miss Blogshell let me check your pulse.... wow, it seems to be racing. I think I'm going to have to check on you personally and make a house call to you later."
Um. OK!
Reality will most likely set in as soon as I walk in and he'll be dweeby with ice cold hands.

Dinner last night was fantastic... 4 Indian gals and myself caught up on all the gossip and it was only when the food arrived that I felt like a typical Westerner. My Indian friends all ate curries and I had a good ol' fillet of steak with mushroom sauce.

Right, let me go get ready... I need to make sure I make "sick" look good. Just in case.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Stained teeth and ticklish throats.

So scratch the weekend list. Most things changed.

I did see the movie on Friday night He’s Just NOT That Into You and it was depressingly brilliant. Haha. I had a debate with a friend because yes, the movie did make women look pathetic and men look like assholes, but on a whole, there was a lot of truth to it and that was depressing.
As a woman, being single now, I am learning new things and I’m learning that if he doesn’t call you or want to see you often, he really isn’t into you, or he would find any excuse to call or see you.
It was just very interesting and I think that it is a movie that guys and girls can enjoy. It's not necessarily only a chick flick. I couldn't get over how many couples were watching the movie and how many guys were there in a group. Very interesting.
It was a good movie and I would definitely have that in my DVD collection.

I did go to Pilates. Now, I’ve only gone to Pilates a few times, but the woman kept telling us that if we had never done Pilates before, we should go to the orientation. Sugar and I finally got our act together and did the orientation. Holy Crap. I clearly have been doing everything wrong in the classes, because after being shown how to breathe correctly and hold and release etc, I felt everything. Everything. My muscles actually shook throughout the session and that burning pain (the good kind) was there immediately afterwards.

I did not go to the launch on Saturday night and instead, went over to Special K for wine.
So, I have a little secret... I normally don’t drink red wine because for some reason it gives me heart burn and so I’ve always just stayed away from it. However, last Monday night I drank red wine. 2 bottles actually (not on my own, mind you) and I didn’t have one stitch of heart burn. In fact I really loved it. I made a note of the bottles and their makes that James Bond had pulled out for us and have decided to rethink my wine drinking. I could actually get quite used to it. I decided to try red wine again and Special K and I finished off a bottle rather quickly. It was delicious and I like red wine far more than white wine now.
The only downer of red wine? The fact that it stains your teeth. There I am sitting with my mate, feeling all very sophisticated drinking this lush glass, when I caught a glimpse of my teeth... Now this happened last Monday night too. Mortifying. Not exactly Colgate Smile material, you know?
Good God. Did I eat liquorice? Nope.
Must remember to bring gum next time I drink red wine in male company.

I also did not go for coffee with Europe Boy after he cancelled on me. I would have had to cancel anyway, I woke up yesterday with incredibly sore muscles, which I presumed was from the Pilates. Yes, to a large extent it was, but I am also getting sick. F*@!
I hate being sick, especially when my lifestyle has changed into a rather healthy one. I have a tickle in my throat, my head feels like it may explode from the pressure and headache and I am miserable. I didn’t get out of my pyjamas yesterday and just lay around watching TV and making countless cups of fresh ginger, lemon and honey tea.
I’ve woken up this morning, with no pressure headache, but just a scratchy throat with a pathetic little cough. Argh.
It’s the change in weather. I always get something like this the day before the weather changes. I swear, I could be a weather beacon. Trust me, I wouldn't have a problem with Derek Van Dam (e-TV's weather guy) phoning me up for tips ;-)
Today, the wind is howling and nippy even though the sun is shining.
I am in bed under my duvet with my muesli and laptop at the moment.

PS> I’ve never been so excited for Wednesday. Pay Day. No more end-of-the-month salticrax for me anymore.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Inspiration comes in all forms

I am completely dead from gym. Spinning yesterday and now an hour today that consisted of cardio and weights.
Yesterday's spinning class was certainly guilt ridden. Sugar and I arrived early to get a bike, adjust it and so forth. The instructor had her back to us (she was new.) I am quite funny about trainers/instructors etc. I once went to an aerobics class where the instructor was such a fatty that it was off putting. Don't be shouting out: "1, 2, 3, 4" and make us sweat our asses off when you look like that. I want you to be my inspiration, not make me feel hopeless.
Anyway, so there was our new instructor wearing cycle shorts. Now, at the risk of sounding funny...she was skinny, had lovely legs, toned arms etc. Perfect and inspiring.
She finally turned around and I could not believe my eyes. Perfect little body with a 7 month stomach. I have never felt so guilty. She's pregnant, taking a spinning class and there I am huffing and puffing away with a tummy that has no excuse, really. Now that was inspiration.
She killed us.
So today I am walking really strangely and look like an 86 year old, not a 26 year old.

My weekend consists of:
A movie tonight...going to watch He's Just NOT That Into You. I've been dying to see this movie! I have the book, but I've never finished reading it and I think it can certainly help in a lot of areas - haha!
Pilates tomorrow.
I'm hoping to go to the A1 GP, but the verdict is still out on that one.
I'm going to a launch on Saturday evening and possibly jolling afterwards.
Sunday...gym (missed Mon and Tues) so Sugar and I are determined to make our 5 x a week schedule. I have a goal and I'm sticking to it, for once and for all.
Oh yes...and I have a coffee with Europe Boy. We shall see though... I don't really know what to think actually... um... My mates are telling me go, but I don't know if I should. I met him at a friends birthday very briefly and was pleasantly surprised to get an email from him on Monday. Why not, right?
Have a good one!! xx

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Good times

I went to the opening of exclusive new 5-Star International Radisson SAS Hotel Sandton. This launch was absolutely fantastic and they seriously spared no expense whatsoever.
We were all taken to the 12th floor where speeches were made, Moet champagne flowed and photographers flash bulbs were over excited!

We could help ourselves to the Moet Champagne Dress

The hotel really is quite exquisite in decor, space and pure luxury.
Special K and I bumped into Marcus Brewster, who leaned in as if he had a secret that could freeze time and said:
“Blondie, if you go one floor up, they have lobster and more Moet.” pointing at my empty flute, “And if you go down one floor the spa is there with a little goody bag!”
Oh what to do; what to do? LOL

The 13th floor was sensational. I have NEVER seen a spread of food like that in my life. Chefs were making fresh pasta and other dishes from the ingredients set out. One of the things that Special K and I wanted to take home was a huge whole uncut cheese, that had been hollowed out and filled with grated parmesan cheese. Presentation was incredible!! There was a Thai section, antipasti section with artichokes, cold pasta dishes and various types of olives and sundried tomatos. The Seafood section (my favourite) had some of the most delicious sushi I have ever tasted, there were oysters and crab, lobster and crayfish, melt in your mouth salmon, mini mussle pots.

This was the chef that prepared my lobster!

HEAVEN. I believe there was a dessert table, but I didn’t look too hard for it. I wanted to (being president of the sweet tooth society and all that) but I am on a Get-Thin-Mission.

We finally got to go down to the 11th floor and that beautiful aromatherapy smell wafted into our nostrils. Special K and I both turned to each other and dreamily said: “Ah, the smell!”
I hope heaven looks like this spa. It is so incredible and I can honestly say I have never seen anything like this! I have booked for after pay day and Special K told me she’s going to be doing a lot of hinting considering their anniversary is coming up.

We went back upstairs, goody bag in hand and spoke to various people, that we (sadly) only ever see at these types of functions. It was incredibly hot inside and while I love heat, when it starts to get too hot, my body can’t handle it! I started to feel really faint and my skin was prickling.
Special K took one look at me and agreed that we should leave. She got me to the car and put the air con on full blast. She just knows. As soon as I started to cool down, I started to feel better.

Today I’m going to a spinning class at 1pm.

I've also been getting messages from Europe Boy asking me for a lunch or coffee... I don't know. Perhaps I should just go for a coffee. I just don't know anymore.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

3 in 1

I am so used to blogging everyday and recently I haven't had the chance I am going to jam pack a few days into one :-)

On Monday night I went over to James Bond for pizza and wine! It was great fun! I nearly got a six pack from all the laughing and even realised that I could possiby form a band after my "brilliant" guitar playing skills... he taught me how to play a little and after my hand resembled a spastic claw, I managed to strum and actually create a sound that didn't make our ears bleed. Lovely.
I also got to see Kung Fu Panda, a movie I've wanted to see for a while now! I love animated films, I think they're so cute and brilliantly done!

Today I went back to gym after missing a few days. Tsk tsk. I nearly died. How is that possible? There I am huffing and puffing, red faced and moaning on the treadmill and bicyle. Sugar and I kept looking at each other. I couldn't admit defeat in our regime by saying as much (it's our little deal), so instead, I kept trying to "SOS" her using morse code through my blinking. She didn't get it and rather asked me if I'd like to use her towel to wipe the sweat out of my eyes.
Knowing there would be a skinny cuppaccino afterwards at Appleby's, kept me going. Seriously.

I hate showering at the gym. I really hate it. I know we're all women and we've all seen it all etc, but I just cannot bring myself to change in front of others. I almost admire women who are able to walk around naked without a care in the world. If I was Gisele Bundchen, hell, I'd walk around like that all the time, but I'm not and some of the women doing as much aren't either. Gotta hand them a confidence trophy or something.
Anyway, after that and the coffee, I had on my black pencil skirt, white shirt and fuck-off heels and went to meet my Attorney. I thought I should look the part. I'm a dork, I know... but it's all good because the outfit is not entirely wasted.
Tonight is the launch of this new hotel in Sandton and they've promised champagne. Special K and I are going to just have to indulge.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Don't read if you get queasy!

Isn't it funny how quickly life can change.On Saturday afternoon I had just finished having tea and Valentines cupcakes with my family out on the patio, when I went to get ready for the Valentines Ball.

I was in the bathroom about to start make-up when my mom rushed into the bathroom as pale as a ghost. I have never seen my mom like this and worry immediately set in."Um, um, um, um.... Where is the portable phone? We need to phone an ambulance immediately!!"

I walked around the corner and nothing could have prepared me for that. It's amazing how many thoughts can run through your mind in a fraction of a second. It looked like a massacre had occurred in my home.
There was blood everywhere, on the walls, puddles of blood on the floor, matter in the blood and just horror. There were two thoughts that entered immediately.
Someone in my family has had a terrible accident or someone has attacked my family and my mom got away.
I had my phone in my hand, already dialing the ambulance and I cancelled it to call the police. My dad had consequently called the ambulance and I cancelled the call to the police when I walked into the other bathroom. Lying in my bathtub was a young 18 year old girl, with her 19 year old boyfriend in the bath hovering over her.Her face was a bloody pulp. It was like something out of a disgusting horror movie. Flaps of skin were hanging down, her face was broken and the blood... The blood.

The two of them had been driving around our estate as Learner Drivers looking for their dog.They had been coming up our road travelling really slowly, when 3 ten year old boys on their bicycles had picked up the dog and were riding down our road looking for the owners.They stopped their car and the boys handed the dog to them through the drivers window. What happened after that is completely a freak accident. The dog jumped down onto the floor and onto the guys foot on the accelerator. They drove full force into a tree and this poor girl went straight into the windshield.

I ran around trying to get towels, but not really being able to use them because we couldn't stop the bleeding by adding a pressure on a broken face and skull. I mixed up sugar water and tried to get them both to drink it. Her parents finally arrived and we tried to warn them not to get a fright (yeah right) when they saw her. They freaked out and rushed her to the hospital before the ambulance got there. There was no point in waiting! We've been feeling guilty, because in the terror and adrenaline of everything, we didn't think to do that ourselves.

The most surreal thing of it all was that half an hour later, I was in my evening dress off to the ball (I was working.)It was crazy.

We've been getting updates of this poor girl and it is just horrific. The flaps of skin? Her eyelid and they had to reconnect that. She broke her eye socket and left side of her face. She lost all the skin and tissue on her face and is going to need 5 or 6 reconstructive surgeries.
She is a model and now her face is never going to be the same again. We hope that the plastic surgeons will do the most amazing job, but she needs so many skin graphs that it's going to be difficult for her face to not have scars.
Her poor boyfriend is riddled with guilt because of the accident; he is in his first year Medical School and he kept saying that he did everything wrong for the situation plus he was wearing his safety belt and he should have ensured that she was too! Poor things!

Life can change so quickly and it's just another reminder that even if you're driving around the block, wear your safety belt!! I was in a horrific car accident in 2001 and the only thing that saved my life was a safety belt (something that I never used to wear - terrible habit that changed very quickly when I got a second chance at life....we'll leave that story for another day!)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Formal vs Casual

I am going to an event tonight at the Westcliff Hotel. The dress code says: Formal.

Dress codes make me nervous because no one ever seems to oblige or obey.

I am very aware that "formal" (in my dictionary) means evening dress and suits for the guys, however, I have been to formal events before in an evening gown and people have been in cocktail dresses or worse, black pants and a smart top. That for me, is semi casual or cocktail attire.I have also rocked up at a "formal" event (having learnt from the above mentioned) in a cocktail dress and people were in evening gowns and ball gowns. Ball gowns.
These days Formal means weird and wonderful things to different people. I have a long black dress with a little diamante detail... I just hope people dress up as well, otherwise I'll just have to target the champagne table in my gown.

What are the chances that I have two formal functions to go to? Apparently good, except I actually do know what to wear on's a Valentines Ball.

I went to JJ Schoeman (a hot SA designer) who is giving me a dress to wear (and return) for Saturday. I have a broad back so zips in that area are always a bit of a mission (as in I need to go up a size. Yay for me.) Designers design for size 0 Fashion Hangers aka Models ; not for the normal woman.Well, I found a dress, after chiffon and silk was thrown around and it is flattering. Alright, honestly I sucked everything in within a cm of my life and was too nervous to exhale, but I did after looking like a smurf and nothing ripped. Phew.

I'll report back tomorrow!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hoax or Reality?

Um... I received this email and I am trying to figure out if it is a hoax or if this may be a reality. I hardly ever use the R200 note so R500 will be an interesting one.

It wouldn't be too terrible considering it would still be half the value of a $100 bill. Just saying.

Are we going the same way Zimbabwe is? Nah.

I guess we'll find out with the Budget Speech from the newly wed Trevor Manual.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Birthday Weekend

On Friday night I had my Twenty Sexy Birthday Party at Cedar Square. I hired out a private dining room and bar and had all my good friends there for dinner and drinks. It was absolutely fantastic. I had to drink so many birthday drinks that I am surprised I lasted as long as I actually did!
We landed up at FTV and eventually left at 3am. It was a total blast, even if I didn’t feel the same the next day.

I spent most of the day trying to recover for Sugar’s Twenty Sexy birthday party. It was at Colony Arms for the karaoke. I was warned that we would probably be the oldest there and not to expect too much. Um. Ok.
Well I felt as if I was surrounded by twelve year olds and I was back in my student days with drinks costing the bare minimum. It was great fun. I owned Britney Spears’ One More Time in karaoke. I even did some of the dance moves. Yes I did. What? The drinks were cheap. I met all of Sugars friends...great group of people... especially a certain someone;someone that caught my eye. But, *sigh* they left early so there went that idea! Haha! Just kidding!

I eventually went home at 1am and avoided the road blocks. Metro Cops had stopped striking so I think they were making up for lost time.

Sunday morning was spent driving to Hartebeespoort Dam with my family to a place called The Windmill. It sells organic fruit, vegetables, freshly baked bread, homemade jams and cheeses, amazing meat selections and so on. We love going there, stocking up on gorgeous foods and enjoying the drive with the roof down of the car and taking in the fresh air.

I got back just in time to get ready for the twins 30th birthday party at Longmeadow’s. Tables were set out in the garden and it was really beautiful... speeches were made, the most delicious food was served...don’t get me started on the chocolate brownie and white chocolate birthday cake. I went to spinning today and I think I just worked off the cake.
The Twins cutting their birthday cake!

Right so, after a hectic weekend, Monday night was spent in bed. Nope. It was spent at very good friends home. Survivor and his fiancé cooked Burmese chicken with a coriander and pear salad. Chocolate Soufflé was served for desert with chocolate tot glasses, Bailey’s Irish Cream and champagne. I laughed and laughed and had the best night. I only got home after midnight.

The single life is great… I’m doing whatever I like, how I like it and according to my style. Selfish? Not at all. I’m connecting with all the people I really love and never got a chance to spend as much time with as I liked. It’s not to say that I didn’t spend time with my friends, it’s just that I’m getting to spend MORE time with them. It’s wonderful.

I'll be back.

Apologies.... I have been recovering from 3 birthday parties.

Mine on Friday night, Sugar on Saturday and the Twins on Sunday.

I promise to BLOG about all as soon as I get a is manic and life is great. Whoop whoop!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I'm TWENTY SEXY today!! Yes I am.

I have had one of the most special birthdays and have felt like a billion (not Zim) dollars today! I have been completely spoilt!

My family gave me the most beautiful gifts... I received a satin pencil skirt from my sister, Thomas Sabo star charm with small diamonds for my Thomas Sabo bracelet and a phenomenal 3 piece luggage set for my travelling.

My mom, dad and sister took me out for a delicious birthday breakfast.

I got home and then Special K took me to Byzance for lunch. It was perfect. We overlooked the lake, watched the rain and ate mushrooms with artichoke pesto & halloumi croutons and choux with goats cheese and spiced figs.

To end it off we drank warm Irish coffees and had the most amazing chat about love, life and friendship. It was so special. She gave me the most beautiful BVLGARI necklace. SPOILT!!

The messages of love have poured in and I'm feeling so incredibly special!

Tonight I am going home to have a delicious home cooked meal with champagne with the family!

Friday night is my birthday party! I. am. so. so. so. excited!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Last day of my Mid Twenties

It is my last day of my quarter life crisis. Tomorrow I turn Twenty Sexy.

I am normally soooo excited about my birthday but I don't know if it's because of what's been going on or if I'm just blergh about being on the wrong side of 25.
Yes, yes...I'm still 4 years from 30, but seriously. These past 6 years flew

I'm sure that tomorrow will be all very lovely. Nothing a big fat piece of chocolate cake can't sort out.

Speaking of cake (or the lack of) I am down 5kgs so far. See? A break up can be a good thing.
Just kidding.

No seriously, I have always done boxing and as much as I love it, I haven't really seen as many results as I'd like to...perhaps it's just my body shape. Must be, because the women in my class all turned into buff goddesses. I was tired of being the blob in the class and so I decided to actually use my Virgin Active account - something I payed for every month and never used.
I started on the 5th January and although I've been pretty good, I didn't get a chance to go at all last week. I am doing shit loads of cardio, pilates and today I did my very first spinning class. Mother of ...
I was so stiff and sore five minutes after the class that I'm sure I'm going wake up tomorrow feeling like an old lady and no, it's not because I'm a year older.
The burn is all worth it. I will get down to my goal weight and I must be honest, I am feeling fantastic seeing the results.
It also helps being back at home... my family is amazingly healthy and I have been eating 3 meals a day, which to some is normal; to me it really was pure laziness.
Take today for instance... a fresh salad with tomatos and yellow peppers, fresh asparagus and tuna. Delicious, easy and healthy.

Tomorrow I will cheat and have lots and lots of cake. Hooray!

Oh and on a completely different note...Monte Casino is holding the SA Tennis Open. I went to watch last night. It was my first live tennis match and I loved every minute of it. I loved it so much that I bought tickets to go again tonight. Last night I watched Doubles of Kevin Anderson (SA) and Tsonga (French) play against two Spaniards. We then watched the single match between Cypriot Marcos Baghdatis and our very own Andrew Anderson. I loved the "challenges" when a player doesn't agree with the umpire. They turn to the electronic device that shows us where the ball lands. It's the small things you see? I loved it when the crowd went: Oooooooooh in the big build up to see where it lands and then everyone either goes: Yay! or Awww!
It was great.
Tonight I'm going to watch Tsonga and a SA dude. Fun.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Yes She Can!

Apologies for Friday. I literally LOST IT and I wrote in the very thick of my emotions, which strangely enough was rather comforting to get out.

I'm much better now. I know this may seem a little "bi-polar" from one post to another but...
I have decided that I am going to change my attitude to things. Is this going to be easy? Nope, but I have to do this for my own sanity.

I am going to be positive from hereon out and try my hardest to not let things affect me. Yes, the stories will come, but instead of being sucked into them and sinking into a deep- hard-to-get-out-of-black-hole, I'm going to try and not let them affect me, by remembering that I left for a very good reason and that I've done the right thing. These stories affirm things for me.

I am going to focus on my future that I just know is going to be bright - positivity, you see? I'm going to focus on my dreams, my goals and I'm going to surround myself with amazing, true human beings.

One day at a time.

I had a fun weekend. I went to a very sophisticated dinner party on Friday night. I was invited by my dear gay friend and his boyfriend.
I think I may have just stepped into a Top Billing episode. It was a mansion in Bryanston. A Mansion. I got lost trying to find my way back from the bathroom and had to use the internal intercom system they have in every room.
The cuisine (not food) was exquisite, tasty and would have made Jamie Oliver weep.
Good God - these gay boys are (dare I say) fabulous!
I nearly gave the one guy a very dramatic heart attack when I told him that I love sweet wine like St. Anna. It's lovely and cheap. R20 a bottle I think. R16 in my bottle store ;-)
Apparently, this is not the type of thing you tell a wine connoisseur and collector. He wouldn't have any of it and opened a bottle of fine Australian wine for me. I felt terrible that he had opened up a R500 bottle and didn't drink any. I finished the bottle all on my own. Good grief.
I finally went home at 2am and felt like a million dollars. They loved my hair, my shoes and we discussed our beauty regimes in detail. It was great.

Saturday was spent lounging around watched Janice Dickinson, The Bachelor and The Moment of Truth (these are my guilty pleasures and I really can't get enough.)
I had a Hollywood Themed Birthday party to attend and she had hired a Kareoke Machine. The birthday girl dressed as Tina Turner and gave us the best show with back up dancers and everything.
I had a jol. I dressed as Charlie Chaplin.
Cute, yes. Not so cute when you're driving in the traffic with a drawn on mustache and a bowler hat. I had the sexiest guy sidle up next to me in his car (giving me the look) and as I looked over (ever so seductively - I think) I suddenly remembered what I was wearing and went beetroot red. It was attractive. I'm sure.