Thursday, July 31, 2008

I kissed a girl....

Prime Circle raised the bar for our local bands and musicians! I felt (unbiasedly) as if I was watching an International act!
The stage, visuals, lighting and special affects was world class and they totally outdid themselves!
I didn't throw panties. I did sing along to every song and I rocked out.
We all went to the Protea Hotel for the "After Party" and it was so great to chill out with the guys, catch up with people I haven't seen in ages and get a little raucous with Jaegerbombs.
All my gal pals and I kept singing and dancing to the song: I Kissed a Girl by Katy Perry.
I adore the song. Is that a bad thing? Does it make us lesbians? Nope. I danced and shouted out the lyrics and now I have that song stuck in my head.
"I kissed a girl,and I liked it. The taste of her cherry chapstick. I kissed a girl, just to try it. I hope my boyfriend don't mind it."
la la la la la la la

I am relieved I didn't have a boxing class this morning because I wouldn't have made it! I didn't wake up with a hangover, thank God, but I do feel exhausted. I cannot get to bed at 3am and expect a fresh start in the morning. It's weird how that happens.

I'm seriously craving prawns. I just want to dunk those little buggers in garlic, lemon-butter sauce.
What is up with this? Ever since I started on my get-healthy-by-eating-right-and-exercising-so-you-can't-move regime, I have been craving all things bad. Like the above.
Although, I'd like to meet someone who actually craves brocolli, brussel sprouts, grilled or boiled chicken etc.
I'll hate them instantly. There will be a serious injustice in the universe.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Number One Fan! Yes. I. am!

The day has arrived. I am so excited that I just can't contain myself. I am jumping up and down like a school girl, I have even curled me hair.

It is the Prime Circle CD Launch tonight and I am going. Oh yes I am.
Here's the thing. A little embarrassing... I feel like such a groupie. I have listened to their new album over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over ...well, you get the idea.
I know every single lyric. Every one.
I am going to outsing everyone. I. cannot. wait.
I am very proud to be a supporter don't get me wrong, but these guys are my mates. My drinking pals, my braai buddies and for me to be jumping up and down screaming like a crazed fan, is not, well, cool.
I am even thinking of throwing a pair of knickers...clean ones... maybe crotchless, onto the stage and then I'll look behind me as if I'm wondering who threw them.
Ooooh, maybe I should throw granny panties onto the cream or beige. How about a maternity bra? Sexy.

Anyways, back to Prime Circle. I know I'm going to embarrass myself, but hey, I'll blame it on being a really really GREAT friend by being such a loyal supporter!

I am going to go crazy. I'm going to jump up and down with my fingers in that rock position, my wolf-whistle/concert whistle is ready and I'm going to annoy everyone around me by pulling on their hair and clothes or I'll be tapping them on the arm in absolute urgency, declaring that:
a) "This is my favourite song!"
b) "No wait...THIS is my favourite song!"
c) "Oh. My. God!!!! I looooove this song!!!"

Good times ahead!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A list about me...aren't you lucky? Haha! *Kidding*

I haven't really had anything to post about. Sorry. I've been boring, what can I say?

Still don't have anything exciting to post.
Went to look at a new car's gorgeous and has that lovely new smell. It's a french, I adore it and they've given me a great deal. It freaks me out. My original, first car is completely paid off and I have not had car repayments in years. To add that to my monthly budget is crazy.
BUT...I deserve it! I do.
I'm going to see if my bank manager will allow me to break the bank.

I am working my ass to the bone at work and in the boxing ring. I feel great. Healthy, full of energy and my muscles are definitely letting me know they exist!
I think that's why I'm also not blogging as much. I'm working seriously hard at work and haven't had much time to blog!
I saw Ruby's blog and decided I too should do this for my lack of exciting things to write about!

I am.....Weasel! Haha! I amuse myself.
I know......what E=MC2 means. Kidding.
I incredibly sexy, toned and fabulous, fit and healthy body.
I wish.......I could take a pill that would get me the above instantly.
I apple shaped bod.
I granny!
I fear........being raped and I'm not a fan of the dark or large hairy spiders either.
I feel.........the keyboard keys under my fingertips
I perfume.
I radio playing adverts.
I crave..........prawns.
I search.....on google.
I wonder......why I never landed up with Paris Hilton's bank balance
I regret......
I man, my friends, my family and prawns.
I ache.......all over. Damn exercise...just wait...Paris Hilton is going to wish she had my bank account after I create that pill that will give me an instantaneous fabulously toned body.
I am not.......going to eat the last sour worm, Blondie 2. I promise!
I my car. I'm amazing at it and I'm just waiting for people to catch up and dance along. We could create our own musical on the roads.
I the shower and in the car. I AM Mariah Carey.
I cried last........week...but you should have seen the other guy.
I the ring. You really should see the other guy.
I write....blogs, gift cards and grocery lists.
I win.....very rarely. Although I did win BACK my very own raffle cake when I was in primary school at our Cake and Bake sale. I bought one ticket and won. My poor mother thought no one had bought tickets and that was why I was bringing it back!
I car keys and things I need in a hurry when I'm late.
I am never.........too busy for someone in need.
I always.....wear matching underwear.
I listen....properly. There is nothing worse than talking and having no one really HEAR you!
I can usually be work, out partying, in coffee shops or curled up on the couch.
I, light and laughter.
I am happy.......most of the time. I am a very positive person, but I'm human and have my bad days too.
I imagine....a world with no crime. Yes, sure. Scoff at me. I am serious. Imagine it.

Friday, July 25, 2008

I am mad at...ME!

Why is it that we get 20 compliments and one negative comment, that one remark can cross out the 20 and make you feel like jumping off a building.
Just an arb little thing there...Love and hate fan mail. I truly piss myself off sometimes.

I have a hangover and not even a greasy Wimpy breakfast could act as my white surrender flag.
I also overslept and missed my boxing class, hence the greasy Wimpy breakfast. That made me feel even worse. All my agony and effort went down the drain in form of eggs, bacon and hashbrowns.
Annoyed with myself. I am mad that I drank last night (although I literally only had 4 kidding...and I'm hungover...go figure!) and mad I missed boxed and mad I ate greasy food.

As a result of feeling oh-so-chipper and happier than Bill Gates on pay day, I am so over excited about entertaining tonight.
My dad and my man's mom is coming over for drinks tonight. My mom would join, but she's in bed with a really bad ear infection (well, it's worse than that, but I don't know the proper term.)
My idea of the perfect night would be to change into my pj's as soon as I get home, curl up in front of the TV, watch the Series channel's reality TV shows, make cups of hot chocolate and feel sorry for myself.
No such luck. He thought it would be a great idea for them to come around tonight. Great. I love seeing them, sure. Tonight? Not so much.
I now have to play hostess, be domesticated and the chances of me putting on my pj's before midnight is slim. I also have to entertain. I can't exactly sit there with a long face and mumble. Oh no. I will have to make conversation and the man and I will take turns in filling up glasses of wine, checking on food and making sure everyone is happy.
Yay for me.

I can't stop yawning either and it's really not helping me at work. *Yawn*
My head is pounding and I feel a little nauseous.

I'm having a bad day, can you tell?

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ow part 2 and assholes

I really apologise for going on about this, but seriously...for most of you who do exercise you had to have gone through this once before!
This is all completely new for me. 1 word: AGONY.
Ok, let's be realisitic 2 words: FUCKING AGONY!!
Apparently, day 2 is the worst day for lactic acid and I am the billboard for that!
If you see someone in pain, hobbling around (sans bandages) , it's probably me.
It's not a nice pain, it's not an itchy pain, it's fucking agony.
BUT...I clearly am sadistic...I'm back to boxing tomorrow!
No pain; no gain.

The excitement of the day? I got some excellent news career wise, but it means that I am going to have to go back to blonde. I was "sold" as a blonde and now the brunette thing won't work.
No. I am not standing on street corners. Although...with this economy of ours, it is tempting!
I have some time to get back to blonde which is great. I'm going to do it gradually so that I'm not bald by 30.

Last night Special K, Springchicken and I went for some dinner. We were literally kicked out and weren't quite ready to go, so we went to Cubana.
I saw these 2 oldish yucky men standing at the bar. They were perving. Seriously disgusting. I held my breath as the one guy started to approach our table and then walked straight past!
As he walked past again he poked Special K on the head, quite hard. She spun around and glared at him. "What are you doing?"
"Just trying to get your attention gorgeous." He had serious attitude and his eyes were creepy.
"Well that was very sore. Don't poke my head!"
"You know? There are some things I like about you and some things I don't."
"Great! Now could you please leave us alone!"
"You have a serious sense of humour failure!"
"I don't care what you think. Now leave."
"You know? With an attitude like that you are going to be a very lonely woman!"
"My husband doesn't seem to think so."
Guy even checks to see if she is wearing a wedding ring.
"Oh, well then all I can say is," he puts his hands together (like a prayer) and looks to the ceiling, "I'm so grateful to God that I'm not married to a bitch like you!"
When he said this, I stood up and immediately called the bouncers. He was duly escorted out!
What an absolute asshole. I couldn't believe it!

Tonight is the night I'm going to watch 1st Project. They're the most incredible band that only plays drums! They are excellent!
Can't wait!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I have no idea why this has affected me so much but it just has. I shouldn't care, but *sigh*

When I was at university I shared classes with two girls that I became quite friendly with. We were as thick as thieves and unfortunately due to different lifestyles etc...we haven't been able to see each other as often as we'd like. Hooray for Facebook.
I remember sitting around having conversations about where our lives were going, what we thought lay ahead and who out of the 3 of us would get married and have little sprogs first.
We were in no way ready for that, but being girly girls, it was fun to sit around and daydream, wishing we could find that magic crystal ball.

We all thought that friend 1 would marry first, friend 2 would marry second and that I'd probably be last. That pissed me off a little, but whatever.

They were right. Friend 1 got married first, friend 2 got married second and NOW, I have just found out that they are both pregnant. I am so excited for both of them -this is such an incredible journey.
The worst? Getting it rubbed in my face and then being asked: "So... when are you going to get married?" and "We were right! You are the last to get married!"

It's not what I be pregnant now, etc... but it's made me feel really shit. I feel bad, because I'm really pleased for them, don't get me wrong...
I don't know why this has affected me, I can't explain it, I guess my sensitivity hasn't changed! I'll get over it.

In other news, I cannot fucking walk. I look like a moron hobbling around. I cannot lower myself onto the toilet without holding onto the walls. I cannot handle the stairs that are around; there are shit loads.
I went to a boxing class this morning and guess what we were supposed to train? Legs. Fuck.
I couldn't, not from going to gym yesterday. I tried to do as much as I could before my legs let me know they were officially on strike.
We eventually hit the punching bags and did the "Magic 50".
We hit the bag once, then 1,2...then, 1,2,3 ...all the way up to 50.
We worked out that we hit the bag 1275 times. I can feel it...oooh, can I feel it! Typing this post is painful.


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Fairytales and Muffins (hopefully no more muffin tops in my jeans.)

Special K dragged me kicking and screaming, caveman style to the gym today. Have I mentioned I hate gym. No seriously. I hate the smell, I hate the sound of the circuit beep, I hate the clinking of the machines and weights. BUT, I hate the wobbly bits on my stomach that could rival a bakery with the amount of rolls I have accumulated! I hate the cellulite that could rival an orange peel and the dress sizes that seem to increasing. Argh.
Nevertheless, Blogshell here sweated her ass off (well let's hope) and worked legs. My muscles are shaking and I never really realised how many stairs there are in the world until today.
I have felt every one.
Do I feel good? Yes. Am I going to keep this up? Let's hope so. I really want to and I just need to stay motivated!
I go again tomorrow, to a class though (much better.)

I received this email, maybe you've seen it, maybe you haven't. I had to share it.
The Fairytale every woman should read: You need to click on it ( to see it I'm afraid but it's worth it.

Oh and this was too good not to share:

Last week I bought assorted muffins. I just saw what was supposed to be assorted muffins on the label and went on my merry way. It was only when I got home that my man got all googly eyed at the purchase. “Yummy! Can I have one? What type are they?”
“No you can’t, they’re for breakfast. They’re assorted.”
“Oh my God! You bought ass muffins.”
“You bought ass muffins. Oh my God! That’s hilarious. I’m not sure I want to have one now.”
“What on earth are you talking about?”
“They say ass muffins on the box.”
“They do not.”
“They do! You gotta love Pick n Pay! Look!”
I bought ass muffins.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Sick of being sick.

The reason I have been quiet on the blog front is because I have been sick and let me tell you I'm sick of being sick. It's infected sinus' actually. I suffer throughout winter and generally in Spring. Summer is my saving grace. Another reason I love the season.

If only you could have seen me. I was in bed with 3 great, sexy and amazing....blankets. I also scattered hundreds of snotty tissues around the bed like delicate germ land mines.
I have also marinated myself in lemon, ginger and honey tea. I'm feeling much better but I still have the post nasal drip. It's so annoying, I could tear my own throat out. I wont. It would be messy.

I'm annoyed too because just as I start my exercise regime, this happens. It has taken me over a year to motivate myself to get my wobbly ass to the gym and when I do, I fall sick. Now, I could take it is a sign, but I wont. I am determined this time to actually be toned and fabulous. I have been given a challenge. I need to get myself into a super tight and sexy mini for a mates birthday in October. I scoffed at this obviously, but she seems to think this will motivate me. She's picking the dress out too. Crap.
I had better get my post nasal drip to the punching bags immediately or scare everyone away in October.

This weekend really was chilled. I had been in bed for Thursday and Friday so I was literally climbing the walls in my cabin fever state. I had to work Saturday and Sunday, so I took the opportunity to see some girl friends on Sunday. We had brunch at Atholl Square and it was absolutely fantastic. Poached eggs, coffee and winter sunshine; that's what I'm talking about!
I literally felt like I was having my very own Sex in the City moment. We chatted about everything, everything!
I needed that!

In other news, I bought Pepper Spray today. It was a spontaneous moment. Well, kind of. I've been wanting to get something after my smash and grab for a while now . I've never really gotten round to it, but today I happened to walk past a security store. Ultimately I have wanted to get a tazer. Shock his criminal ass, you know?
R5000? I think not. I bought a R95 pepper spray.
I'm rather scared of it though. I would be the type of person who in a moment of panic would spray the nozzle into my own face. We all know how Murphy's Law adores me.
It does make me feel better to have it though. I really hope I never have to use it.

I've decided to make a delicious stuffed roast chicken tonight - I'm still learning how to cook, you see, so this is all experimental. I'm setting the table and lighting candles. I even bought a new table cloth. Blogshell is putting out all the stops! Hold me back! ;-) Haha!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

You too can be cool like me! That's what BFF's do!

Seriously! What is up with Hollywood? OK, let me rephrase.

What is up with Victoria Beckham, Katie Holmes and now Eva Longoria?

Besides the obvious.... and the fact that they're all BFF's...I honestly think that there has to be some sort of code, a friendship code.

I can picture it:

VB: Daahlink, if you want to be my fwend, you haff to cut your hair like mine.

KH: But I dont wanna. I so wanna keep my Dawson's Creek hairstyle. Tom looooves it!

EL: But like, my Desperate Housewives character would sooo not agree. I can't. I mean after all, I shake my hair around in L'Oreal hair adverts. Because I'm worth it.

VB: Well, if you don't, I won't be your fwend.

KH: Let's face it. You need us. You wanna be famous and you wanna be a film star like us. Ok, like me.

EL: What? I've done some movies. What have you done? Dawson's Creek? Ha!

KH: Desperate Housewives is not all it's cracked up to be OK? I've done that Money movie. Besides. Tom says I'm special in my own way.

VB: Hello? Back to me?? Cut your hair. C'mon. Haven' you watched Mean Girls? They all wore pink on Tuesday's. We too could be cool.

Victoria Beckham left; Eva Longoria below

Katie Holmes (left)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Sorry I haven't blogged in a while... just been a little crazy! So, the man is not leaving suitcases are being packed just's been postponed for a month so I can sweep it under the carpet until then.

Speaking of suitcases...
I went to the Sinful and Affliction Launch at Movida on Saturday evening. It was amazing and I had the biggest party ever. I have not danced that much, laughed that much and DRANK that much in a very long time. I got paraletic. It's not something I'm proud of, sure...but damn -I got rat faced.
I didn't realise how drunk I actually was until it was time to go home. We went to the coat counter and I suddenly realised that I couldn't stand straight or on my own. By the time we got home, the bumpy road had obviously really shaken the alcohol around. I couldn't get out of the car. I was slurring and my man had to steer me into the house, up the stairs towards the bathroom. I remember sitting on the loo and the next time I remember my man was scooping me off the bedroom floor and putting me to bed. I obviously got half way to my bed and passed out.


Sunday was marvelous. I don't think I have ever experienced a hangover like I did on Sunday. I wanted to die.
I felt like I had grown two heads and had been gobbling sand.

I went to my man's car in the afternoon to get my shoes. It looked as if it had snowed in his car. There was popcorn all over the passenger seat and floor.
Apparently they had a huge popcorn machine at the coat counter and I ordered some. Apparently.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hold the bus....or should that be plane ticket??

Life is funny isn't it? I'm not laughing at the moment, because I feel like a bomb was just dropped, but you get the idea.

I am still trying to process this. It could be life changing. I don't do well with change. Some thrive on it, I get nauseous.
I am also the type of person who allows her imagination to run away with her. I'm already at the very end before anything has actually happened.
It could amount to nothing, but this change is happening because it should amount to something. Something I'm not sure whether I want or not. Is my fear of change clouding whether I want this or not?

My man spoke to me about this at the beginning of the year and I kind of put it off and put it to the farthest place in my mind. Surely it wouldn't happen! Don't think about it and it will go away.
3 weeks ago he brought it up again as something definite had come up and yet again, I didn't really take it seriously because the honest fact is I didn't want to take it seriously.

My man might be leaving the country. He's going for an incredible job opportunity and the interview is overseas.
The conversation went like this:
"Baby, I might be leaving this Tuesday for that European Country."
Choke on coffee. "What? Which Tuesday?"
"This Tuesday."
"You're kidding!! You must be kidding. This Tuesday?" My eyes start welling up. "How long are you gone for?"
"10 days. The application date ends on Friday so I need to go. If I get the job, if I get the job, I'll come home and then have to make arrangements to go for a year or however long the contract is."

I understand. The money is un-fucking-believable and we've discussed everything in detail. It all makes sense, but it doesn't make it easier. I do not want to be one of those girls who holds her man back and then later on he resents me. I selfishly want him to stay but I want him to progress in life. He's brilliant and he needs to do this. If I could go with it would be a bonus, because he would probably be gone for a year. If I don't go he'll be earning shit loads of euros that he could send home as savings so that we could get married and move home when he gets back. Besides...if I look at how quickly this year is flying by, it might be OK PLUS..I'd just have to visit 4 times a year! How dreadful :-)
We discussed everything, everything and he doesn't expect me to give everything up here immediately. I have a career that is really taking off, my friends and family and so much more. He's going to see how things are and then we'll discuss whether I should move too. We spoke about moving together at the beginning of the year, but I put it out of my mind; not because I don't want to, but because it freaks me out. I get weepy at the thought.

The place he's moving to (we could be moving to) is absolutely breathtaking and the ironic thing is I have dreamt of living there, imagined it and longed for it. The idea of change is overwhelming.

I'm trying to adjust.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My life is so awesome...

It's my little sisters birthday today. She has turned the double trouble terrible 2's! ;-)
Happy Birthday darling!!
You are the most incredible sister I could have ever hoped for. You are kind, considerate, thoughtful and so generous. I wish there were more people in the world like you.

The birthday breakfast was delicious. Early, but delicious. The service was really really slow. Isn't that annoying? I've decided I'm going to refuse eating at an empty restaurant. Have you noticed this? If the place is empty, the service is painfully slow. If the place is pumping you get service almost immediately. I suppose the saying of 'when you're busy, you get more things done' is true!
The poor birthday girl was the last to receive her food and it was wrong.
She got spoilt. Oh yes she did!
I personally gave her the new Jodi Picoult Book, La Senza pink fluffy slippers and I made her a beautiful red Swarovski necklace and matching earrings.
Yup...made them.

Last night went better than I thought. The hopefully-soon-to-be-mom-in-law and I went to dinner and a movie last night. It was really great and lovely but when the 10pm movie came around I could NOT keep my eyes open. This. has. never. happened. to. me. before!! How embarrassing! The big question was: Did I snore?
I wasn't sure if I should throw my slush puppy over my head, take my jacket off so that I wasn't too snug and kept trying to change position (difficult in those movie seats) so that I looked like someone had put itching powder on my seat.
My eyes were watering at a stage and the worst part was that afterwards she kept saying: Oh and remember this part, when he was standing in a tree, what was his name again, the actor?
In my head: Oh. my. God! There was a man in a tree?
Out loud: "Ah hahaha!! That was funny, eh? is his name? Um...."
In my head: Oh shit. Did she know I was sleeping? Maybe there wasn't a man in a tree. Why would a man be in a tree? Oh fuck. She bust me!
Out loud: Great movie! Every scene was just hilarious!! Hilarious!!
There. My bases are covered.

I was annoyed though. 1 word: MEN!
I wanted to try out my new boxing punch on him. I call to find out if he bought milk, bread and sugar (BASICS) and he says he hasn't but not to worry because he'll get some.
Now...his mom is staying over at us and even though it is not expected, I want to show that I am a good home maker, you know, as in Martha Stewart without the criminal record!
I really need to, considering the fact that our ancient (no, not antique) lounge suite's springs gave way so now we have to pile pillows on top to actually see over the coffee table.
Obviously we were out for the evening so we would only need this items in the morning. Did he get the items??
What do you think?
Fuck. She got black unsweetened coffee with no toast! The woman who always has LOTS of milky coffee with LOTS of sugar!
I'm hoping my charm is still a winner and that she thinks snoring and wriggling in a movie house is cute.

My life is just so awesome.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I started my boxing classes yesterday. Yup. I took the plunge or is it lunge? I have postponed going because I know that once I start, I wont allow myself to stop.
Well...they say that your body has muscle memory right? Every one of my muscles who has had a lovely long vacation screamed: "Present!" "I'm here!!" "I'm here too!" "Forget about me? I'm also present!"
I am in such pain. In fact, the only piece of anatomy that isn't in agony is my hands, feet and face.
I'm glad I started though. I'm determined to get sexy for Summer. I was actually thinking about taking a headless photo of myself before and then taking a headless pic after 3 months! You know, for motivation!
I didn't want to scare people away though. I might crack the camera lens.
BUT, I'm feeling good!

It is my sister's birthday tomorrow and we're going for a family birthday breakfast at 9am. The thing is my boxing class only ends at 9am and I could give tomorrow a miss, but I'm afraid that's how it starts! If I miss classes in my first 2 weeks, that's it...I'm a gonner!
I'm gonna be late tomorrow and I'm going to arrive all sweaty! Sexy!
Oh and my man's mom lives far away so I suggested she come through tonight, sleep over and then we go to the breakfast. It will save her so much time with the traffic. Thing is, my man has a function to go to tonight. We could go, but she doesn't really want to so I suggested we go out for some dinner and a movie.
Aren't I nice? Haha!

Speaking of movies, I have no idea how this came up but a bunch of my mates and I were chatting about various movies that are dubbed as: Classics.
They're the type of movies where people chat about them or quote a famous movie line. I normally look at them blankly and say: "Never seen it."
I always get the: drop-jaw, gasped "You haven't seen it?? Noooo!!!! Oh you have to see it!"
I clearly missed the very important movie-watching boat. I haven't seen movies like: Gone with the Wind; Reservoir Dogs and now I can't remember the others (damn Murphy's Law)... but if it's a classic; there's a 90% chance I haven't seen it!

Speaking of my "friend" Murphy's Law, I washed my white car today for the first time in months!! I'd actually forgotten it was was a lovely brown-grey...I'm surprised I didn't have the words: WASH ME scratched out.
I washed it today thinking: The chances of rain in Winter are slim, so there! I can wash it today. Maybe it will snow and in that case, AWESOME! I missed the snow when it fell last year. Yup. It fell everywhere except at my house.
So sure...let it snow!
But nooooo...I wash my car and it's lovely and fragrant, sparkly, it's actually white and what happens? I have to drive through a road that has a water pipe leak. Awesome. 3 cars flew into the puddle splashing icky mud water all over my lovely "clean" car!

Monday, July 7, 2008


What a weekend! Oh. My. God!

Where to start?

Friday night I went to the Jozi Comedy Festival. I laughed so much that I cried and I haven't done that in a long time! I don't know if maybe I'm just*don't answer that*, but I laughed so hard that it caused me to sneeze. My laughter kept tickling something that made me have sneezing fits!!

Saturday was the awfully weird and wonderful evening. It was a mate of our's(The Rock Star) birthday parties. It started off all very know, at a restaurant with cutlery and actual wine glasses as opposed to any old glass for your box wine! You know how it is!!
It went down hill from there. We ordered 27 Jaegermeisters for the birthday boy...yeah right!! We distributed them between the group and all of a sudden 27 shots doubled before we knew it!
I am still unsure how we landed up where we did, but it came up and all of a sudden we were all screaming the likes of: YAY!! Let's do it!! What fun!! We're going to have such a jol!!!
We ended up (about 8 of us -guys and gals) at...Teazers
I had to write it in small because seriously... dont judge. I still cannot believe we went!! It wasn't as bad as I was expecting. I was expecting to sit there and not know where to look, but it was actually so mild. wasn't so mild when a table dance was ordered...that was ahem...ewww!!
You was what it was: group of mates having a right old giggle, blushing and laughing. The best was the men looking awkward as if they don't want to look because we (the girlfriends) were sitting right next to them. That was fun.
Sure, if I had to analyze, it is's disgusting and oh so wrong...but hey!
It was what it was.

We then went to the Red Room. It's not my scene at all but I had a blast. Non-commercial music with lots of people wearing black with on-purpose-holy-stockings, docmartins and sporting piercings in weird places. I have vowed, just for shits and giggles, that if I ever do go back there, I'm going to dress like Paris Hilton. In stiletto's, a pink sparkly dress and a tiara! As you do there. Classic.

Sunday was hang-over day. My favourite!
I had the best intentions of eating Strawberries and Cream in support of the most incredible Wimbledon Men's Final I have ever seen, but I just couldn't stomach it!
Oh and I adore him and I'm glad Rafael Nadal is the champion (even though I should've been supporting Federer)
He's Mowgli from the Jungle Book:

Friday, July 4, 2008

My findings...

Is it possible that changing your hair colour changes how people treat you? For F sakes, it's just hair dye! (Sorry to go on, but this is so new for me)

I have noticed that some girls at work are treating me differently. It's not that they've ever been horrible to me, but it's always been a polite hello and a few pleasantries and that's about it.
All of a sudden, they're super friendly, cracking jokes and complimenting me.
I think it's "racist" towards blondes! Haha!

Before I say this...I'd like it to be noted that: I do not notice often unless it's BLATANT and I do not thrive on it either.
Good. With that out the way; I have noticed that men do not "check me out" as much. The ones that do are all mediterranean though. Weird.

People still don't recognise me and I've noticed how fickle my industry is.
I arrived at a venue for a birthday dinner. They had comedians there and the entrance fee was R50. Perfect.
I opened my wallet and noticed I only had R40 and not enough coins to make up the other R10.
As I looked up to ask if they had a debit card facility, I noticed the owner of the comedy club standing behind the door lady. I know him quite well, so obviously I smiled at him and greeted him. He looked at me as if to say: "Sweetheart, you can smile all you like but that's not getting you in for free."
It was so blatant and I started laughing, "Oi!'s me! Blondie!"
He did such a double take and immediately changed his attitude, "Oh!! Blondie!!! I didn't recognise you...come in; come in!!"

Being brunette has been fascinating. I am still having more blonde moments than ever before.
This morning I walked into work. The same door I have walked through for years now. It wouldn't open. Is it locked? I knock on the door and I am struggling to open it. I look at people who are seriously amused. WTF is going on here? Am I being Punk'd? Is Ashton Kutcher going to pop out from a taxi and rush at me with 5 camera men? And if that is the case, thanks Murphy's for not allowing me to look fucking know, blow waved hair, perfect make-up artist applied make-up, dressed in a cute, sexy and slimming outfit.
No camera men or Ashton. Pity.
Just Blogshell pushing and pushing on the door...pushing on a door for 1 minute...pushing on a door that had the largest PULL sign on it.

I'm going to the Jozi Comedy Festival at Monte Casino tonight and I'm super excited! Hooray!

I'm also going to party my weekend away with Blondie 2 (or does she become Blondie 1 now?) and Special K, my man and my twin.
Oh yes and I'm loving Wimbledon tennis!! I am so excited for the weekend!

Have a wicked one!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

2nd blog of the day -aren't you lucky? Ha!

Well, it seems I am having MORE blonde moments than ever before. Is that possible? A-ha! I have just uncovered a conspiracy theory. It's the BRUNETTES who are actually the ones palming off their silliness on blondes. I'm onto you!
Seriously, is it possible?
The funny thing is that mentally I am still blonde, right, so there I am doing silly things and shouting out: "Oh well, I'm blonde!"
People who haven't known me before look at me like I'm a little strange...or colour blind.

I finished work this morning and went up to visit the gals in marketing. They're brilliant, fun, quirky and a bag of laughs! I have great relationships with them and we all speak to each other fabulously, like: "What's happenin' sexy biatches?"
As you do.

I eventually got out of work and went home. As I got home my phone rang and it stated that it was Private Number (I never answer these, well, hardly ever.)
BB:"Blogshell hello?"
Redd: "Hi Blogshell, it's Redd!"
BB: "Hey you sexy lady!"
BB: "What's up biatch?"
BB: "Hello?"
Redd: "I think you have the wrong person. This is Redd....your boss."
They share the same bloody name and I had Redd from marketing on the brain.
I wanted to die. I wanted to cancel the call and hope like hell Groundhogs day actually exists.

I'm back at work now and have a birthday party to go to tonight. I can't drink though because I'm back at work tomorrow at 04h30.
I cannot tell you how fun that is in winter!

Poke me...I dare ya!

I'm getting used to this brunette hair (don't tell anyone) and I'm getting quite a thrill when people do a double take! I'm just going to take it as a good sign. I'm also giggling to myself when I walk down the corridors and people walk straight past me. I'll greet them, they'll greet back super politely as if I'm a client. In my head I count: 5-4-3-2-1 and they turn around: "Blogshell!! Oh my God!!!"
Oh how I amuse myself.
This change was exactly what I needed.

Oh and while I said I was going to close down my Facebook site...we all know that I really wasn't going to. I had every intention of it, but seriously... let's face it (pun intended.) Do I want to really cut myself off from the world? Do I really want to stop being a part-time voyeur? I think not.
Even though there was cyber-bullying going on, I'm not allowing "them" to affect me anymore and quite frankly I'm learning *slowly* that people will do and say what they want anyway.
It annoys me but I'm over it.
So... I want to ask a question that most people will probably scoff at, like: "Oh my word! She doesn't know what that is?? How far behind is she???"
What the HELL is the facebook poke?
Are you poking me as in...nudge; nudge or is it rude? Are you poking me as in...grrrr and light up a ciggie after the awesome experience??
WTF is the facebook poke?
All I can say is it's ANNOYING. So-and-so has poked you. Would you like to poke back?
Sure. Why not.
Did it make my day? Did it make yours?
I doubt it. Send me a bloody message, write on my wall, give me a free gift, give me a growing gift even...but bloody wanna poke me?
So that's something I was wondering.

Oh and my new word is: ADORABLE!
I can't seem to use it enough. It's just...adorable! You're adorable. world is super exciting, isn't it? I thought being brunette would make me smarter! Go figure!

OK, so that's what my post was for about an hour and I just couldn't leave it like that. Disgusting.
So, I got this email and thought I would share it:

1. You can ONLY answer Yes or No to the questions below!
2. You are NOT ALLOWED to explain ANYTHING unless someone EMAILS you and Asks!

Kissed someone on your email list?
Had feelings for someone who didn't have them back?
Been arrested?
Kissed someone you didn't like?
Ever got your heart broken?
Fallen asleep at work/school?
Held a snake?
Been suspended from school?
Broke any bones?
Did karaoke?
Did something you told yourself you wouldn't?
Laughed until something you were drinking came out your nose?
Been in love?
Kissed in the rain?
Sang in the bath.
Sat on a rooftop
Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes?
Shaved your head?
Blacked out from drinking?
Played a prank on someone?
Felt like killing someone
Made your girlfriend/boyfriend or husband/wife cry?
Was in a band?
Shot a gun?
Ever slapped anyone?
Donated Blood?
Proposed to someone?
Still love someone you shouldn't?
Think about the future?
Believe in love?
Sleep on a certain side of the bed?

There! I feel much better now!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Blondie is Brownie

I don't know if I'm allowed to be the Blonde Blogshell anymore. I went to the hairdresser yesterday to basically touch up my blonde highlights and walked out a brunette. A deep dark chocolate brunette. I was quiet the entire time the dye was being applied. My stomach was a knot, but I kept reminding myself it's just hair colour.
I will never touch my length ever again and I've been a little bored of my blonde...and yet...I've never been brave enough.
I bit the bullet and did it. I mean it's not like I'm going all Britney Spears and shaving my head or chopping the lot off... it's just brunette.
I sobbed. Oh did I cry. I cried when I tried so hard not to. I had my hairdresser looking at me, his assistant and the other patrons all looking at me, while my lip quivered, the lump in my throat rose and my eyes watered. Eventually my face just crumpled and I ended up crying! It was such a shock to see and it's not that I don't like it, I just have to get used to it. I'm so used to seeing light blonde hair around my face...for 25 years...that seeing dark was...WEIRD!!

I really have to get used to it.

Don't have much to blog at the moment... no real news... but hey... here's my rivetting post!!

Love Brownie

PS> I'm finally going to find out: Do Blondes really have more fun??