Friday, July 4, 2008

My findings...

Is it possible that changing your hair colour changes how people treat you? For F sakes, it's just hair dye! (Sorry to go on, but this is so new for me)

I have noticed that some girls at work are treating me differently. It's not that they've ever been horrible to me, but it's always been a polite hello and a few pleasantries and that's about it.
All of a sudden, they're super friendly, cracking jokes and complimenting me.
I think it's "racist" towards blondes! Haha!

Before I say this...I'd like it to be noted that: I do not notice often unless it's BLATANT and I do not thrive on it either.
Good. With that out the way; I have noticed that men do not "check me out" as much. The ones that do are all mediterranean though. Weird.

People still don't recognise me and I've noticed how fickle my industry is.
I arrived at a venue for a birthday dinner. They had comedians there and the entrance fee was R50. Perfect.
I opened my wallet and noticed I only had R40 and not enough coins to make up the other R10.
As I looked up to ask if they had a debit card facility, I noticed the owner of the comedy club standing behind the door lady. I know him quite well, so obviously I smiled at him and greeted him. He looked at me as if to say: "Sweetheart, you can smile all you like but that's not getting you in for free."
It was so blatant and I started laughing, "Oi!'s me! Blondie!"
He did such a double take and immediately changed his attitude, "Oh!! Blondie!!! I didn't recognise you...come in; come in!!"

Being brunette has been fascinating. I am still having more blonde moments than ever before.
This morning I walked into work. The same door I have walked through for years now. It wouldn't open. Is it locked? I knock on the door and I am struggling to open it. I look at people who are seriously amused. WTF is going on here? Am I being Punk'd? Is Ashton Kutcher going to pop out from a taxi and rush at me with 5 camera men? And if that is the case, thanks Murphy's for not allowing me to look fucking know, blow waved hair, perfect make-up artist applied make-up, dressed in a cute, sexy and slimming outfit.
No camera men or Ashton. Pity.
Just Blogshell pushing and pushing on the door...pushing on a door for 1 minute...pushing on a door that had the largest PULL sign on it.

I'm going to the Jozi Comedy Festival at Monte Casino tonight and I'm super excited! Hooray!

I'm also going to party my weekend away with Blondie 2 (or does she become Blondie 1 now?) and Special K, my man and my twin.
Oh yes and I'm loving Wimbledon tennis!! I am so excited for the weekend!

Have a wicked one!


Expensive Mistakes and Cheap Thrills said...

haha. i noticed the same thing when i did'nt have blonde hair.

being blonde has so many perks. which is why i have vowed never to change again.

there's nothing quite like having lots of men check you out, and it sucks when that stops just because you've changed your hair colour!

hell, men even checked me out when i was pregnant. guess the blonde hair and amazing knockers had something to do with it!

Being Brazen said...

Sadly, it seems to be true that blonde and brunette might give off different first impressions. people tend to think blonde hair makes you look a bit more unintelligent, fun and easy.. and brown hair makes you look more classy and down to earth...


Tamara said...

Wow... I go away from your blog for a few days and Blondie becomes unBlondie?! Hectic, lady. Btw... I kept my side of the bargain. Where's your reply?!

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Cheap is really amazing to see the difference!!
No's not your being ARE that HOT!! ;-)

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Hey Being Brazen... Haha!! It's definitely different!
I think I'll awlays be "blonde" as it's my natural...but what a great change!!

Thanks for popping in! x

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Ah Tamara, sorry man!!! I totally forgot to check it!! I'll get onto that now!!

Haha -yip -things change fast around here!!