Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Fairytales and Muffins (hopefully no more muffin tops in my jeans.)

Special K dragged me kicking and screaming, caveman style to the gym today. Have I mentioned I hate gym. No seriously. I hate the smell, I hate the sound of the circuit beep, I hate the clinking of the machines and weights. BUT, I hate the wobbly bits on my stomach that could rival a bakery with the amount of rolls I have accumulated! I hate the cellulite that could rival an orange peel and the dress sizes that seem to increasing. Argh.
Nevertheless, Blogshell here sweated her ass off (well let's hope) and worked legs. My muscles are shaking and I never really realised how many stairs there are in the world until today.
I have felt every one.
Do I feel good? Yes. Am I going to keep this up? Let's hope so. I really want to and I just need to stay motivated!
I go again tomorrow, to a class though (much better.)

I received this email, maybe you've seen it, maybe you haven't. I had to share it.
The Fairytale every woman should read: You need to click on it ( to see it I'm afraid but it's worth it.

Oh and this was too good not to share:

Last week I bought assorted muffins. I just saw what was supposed to be assorted muffins on the label and went on my merry way. It was only when I got home that my man got all googly eyed at the purchase. “Yummy! Can I have one? What type are they?”
“No you can’t, they’re for breakfast. They’re assorted.”
“Oh my God! You bought ass muffins.”
“You bought ass muffins. Oh my God! That’s hilarious. I’m not sure I want to have one now.”
“What on earth are you talking about?”
“They say ass muffins on the box.”
“They do not.”
“They do! You gotta love Pick n Pay! Look!”
I bought ass muffins.


Prixie said...

ass muffins kick, well, ass! ;p

The Divine Miss M said...


Though honey if you're trying to lose weight eating muffins for brekkie isn't the best idea? ;)

The Blonde Blogshell said...

That was last week Miss M! Haha! You don't miss a beat hun! Good keep me on my toes! :-)

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Prixie too right! Bahaha!!

The Divine Miss M said...

Waahahhahaha that's me ;)

The Blonde Blogshell said...


Miss M, I'll bill you for the advertising later! LOL

The Divine Miss M said...


Len said...

I can't enlarge the pics :'(

phillygirl said...

pahahahaha, that's hysterical ;)

Tamara said...

I also can't enlarge the pics. And you STILL haven't replied to my email, which is not very nice. Ass muffins.

boldly benny said...

Probably named as such because my ass definitely feels the wrath of muffins!
Good on you for hitting the gym. My pilates instructor is KEEEELING me at the moment. It's as if she can see me in a bikini and knows how much work I have to do!

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Sorry Tamara, I'm shy! Weird, I wonder why the pic wont enlarge! Hmmm?

The Blonde Blogshell said...

I'll figure it out -thanks Len :-)

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Boldly Benny, that is a scary thought for me...me in a bikini! Oh God No!!!
OK...that's it...I'm working doubly hard now! Yikes!
How many more months til summer?

Being Brazen said...

Ha ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

They also sell Ass Cheese at PnP. Mmm, delish.