Thursday, April 23, 2009

Please sir (universe)...can I have a break

I've realised that I really am a complete workaholic. I love what I do and I'm seriously passionate about my career, but sometimes I just don't know when to stop.

I have really been optimistic and done my best to keep my chin up, a smile on my face and to keep on at it being the treadmill.
I am, however, exhausted.
It's not just about working my ass to the bone, I've had a hectic year so far.

2009 has thrown a lot at me and we're only in April. It's not a "woe-is-me" type of thing, but I do kinda feel like I'm being tested. I'm certainly not testing fate when I say: "What else do you wanna throw at me, huh? Huh? Huh? Huh? Guess what, you've thrown a lot my way and I'm still standing."
I am physically exhausted, emotionally drained and just basically done.
I have decided to do something very un-Blondie like and actually take leave. Even my bosses were shocked and I'm grateful they were so obliging.

I am going down to the coast for an entire week...Knysna to be exact and I'm so excited I might just have an orgasm on the spot.
I'm switching off my phone and I'm going to recharge my batteries and become human again.
I fly down on Monday morning and get back next Saturday.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I've lost my blogging mojo. That really sucks.

So, feeling totally uninspired, I didn't want to leave another mad gap between posts.

Thank you Being Brazen...I totally owe you :-)

1. Thought for the day: I cannot wait to go away to Knysna next week. After the year I've had so far: I. need. a break.
2. Song of the week: Katy Perry's - Waking Up In Vegas
3. Word of the week: Gym... I'm back on the health wagon.
4. Drink of the moment: Kola Tonic and Soda Water
5. Currently enjoying: Twitter and my new winter coat that I can finally wear because it's f*#&ing cold
6. Currently annoyed by: the fact that my camera and wallet got stolen and I'm totally broke.
7. Goal/s for the week: make it to pay day and go to gym every day this week.
8. Last thing you bought: Popcorn

Monday, April 20, 2009

Exercising rays of sunshine

I wish I could say that I haven't blogged because I ate myself into a chocolate induced coma... well, I nearly did and have the spots ot prove it. Argh. Why does chocolate have to cause spots? It's just not fair.

Sugar and I are officially (no more excuses) back at gym. Yes we are. This is it. I was doing so well and lost a lot of weight...that should have been motivating enough but I fell off the wagon and enough is enough.
I actually forgot how much fun we have and how much I laugh at the two of us (afterwards...not during)
We always arrive in our gym attire looking at the gym doors like we're about to enter hell. We basically grunt at each other, give each a half-hearted morning hug, take a deep breath and walk in. Our gym cards are swiped and we look at the equipment like they're aliens who might and probably will hurt us.
Our spinning instructor is waaaay too cheerful in the morning.
"Gooood Moooorning Rays of Sunshine!!"
I made the mistake of once barking out: "What's good about it?"
He then decided it was his mission to "cheer me up" by winking at me, blasting the music, sending smiles of encouragement and basically annoying the crap out of me while he made us sweat on level 9 (standing on the pedals) for 12 frikken minutes - 5 times.
I also "cheerfully" curse Sugar. I tell her how much I hate her for doing this to me. I am really wonderful. In fact I could hire myself out as the "ultimate gym partner... just what you need to get you going...literally...away from me."
We do this one exercise where we lie on a bench and do stomach crunches while Sugar throws a medicine ball at, I mean, to me. I groan, grunt and cause havoc in the gym while everyone throws "shut-the-f*ck-up" looks at me. I need to get through the pain by letting everyone know just hard I am working, even if it means that the people on the opposite side of the gym hear me.

Afterwards, however, is a very different story. I feel those little endorphins buzzing through the bod. I feel exhilirated and I'm ready to face my day as a "ray of sunshine". In fact I'm so chuffed with the fact that I didn't get a hernia and I didn't pass out in a sweaty mess, that Sugar and I congratulate each other on the way out. We hi-5 each other and tell each other how fabulous we are and how we instantly look skinnier than we did when we arrived. We even celebrate across the road with a skinny cupaccino or 3.
Good times.
Good Skinnier Times.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Holidays

It almost feels cruel to make you feel ridiculously jealous. Amost.

My working day officially ends in an just under and hour and a half and then it is the long weekend baby! I am so excited because I really do need a break. I want to party and chill..preferably not at the same time because that would just be weird or interesting. I do want to stuff myself with hot cross buns and chocolate...ooooh...melt chocolate ON hot cross buns. Yeees! Washed down with a glass of red wine.

The only thing that would possibly be better is indulging on a tropical beach somewhere. Next time.

I hope you have a brilliant Easter weekend.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Can't get enough of....

I really can't seem to get enough of some things right now. I have a love affair with coffee at the moment and if it was a possibility I would probably have an intravenous drip from the coffee pot into my veins.

Some of my other addictions that I really really can't seem to get enough are:

  • My mates...I don't know what I would do without them and I'm really glad I don't have to ever find out. I can't wait to see them and endulge in, well, coffee... and plenty of laughter.

  • Lemon meringue pie... Yes, I've only had one slice but it was so more-ish that I really want another slice or 3.

  • James Patterson books. He is my favourite author and I adore his writing, his creativity and his twists and turns.

  • Sleep -I really haven't been sleeping well and since my good news with my results being all good, I have been hitting my head on the pillow and passing out instantaneously. WWIII could happen and I wouldn't be any the wiser, however, I have only been managing to get four hours of sleep a night thanks to my schedule

  • Prawns - European Boy and I want to see if we can outdo each other in an "All-you-can-eat" special. He doesn't believe that I am embarrassing to be around. I will eat him under the table. I have no shame. Just give me the prawns and a bucket of lemon butter and I'm good to go. I'll deal with the cholestrol later.

  • Hats - it's my winter thing. I adore hats. I don't wear them as often as I'd like to, but there is nothing sexier or funkier than completing a fun outfit.

  • Chocolate - I've indulged my taste buds with dark chocolate and it's been decadent and heavely

  • Twitter - Yes. Who would have thought? I seem to be "getting it" finally and I'm ashamed to admit I find it fascinating following the likes of John Mayer, Ashton Kutcher and Nicole Ritchie etc...

      Photography - I hardly have any printed photographs because of the fact that digitally they're all on my laptop. I can't seem to get enough of choosing my favourite ones, printing them out and placing them in interesting frames. I adore Black and White photo's too.

      Monday, April 6, 2009

      Hit on

      I went to the pharmacy to get medicine. I hate pharmacies on Saturday mornings. It's like people only get sick on Saturdays. Long queues lined with sick people, screaming feverish children and pensioners with the worst coughs ever. I had this one little old "dear" behind me that insisted she had to be in my personal space and sniff, cough and splutter. I found myself involuntarily arching my back everytime she coughed. I don't really know why I arched my back, it was more like a mind thing that made me feel better like I had stopped her germs from spraying onto me. *Shudder*
      I waited and waited and waited for the pharmacists to fill everyone elses scripts and when I finally got to the counter myself, they suddenly disappeared.
      The one pointed at the phone she was talking on and the others looked at me as if I was interrupting something terribly important. Finally I had the one guy come over to me as if he was doing me a favour and finally (slowly) started to fill my script. I felt this burning sensation - the sensation that you're being stared at and looked up to see who was looking at me. There was a pharmacist standing there smiling at me and giving me those looks. I would have been flattered had it been some hunky McDreamy pharmacist, except that this pharmacist was a "hunky" woman. Hold the bus. She licked her lips at me, gave the "the look" and we all know "the look" and asked me if she could help me.
      "Um no thanks. I'm good."
      "Well you just call if you need anything...and I do mean anything at all!"

      I'm throwing my perfume away. I don't know what happened this weekend, but I seemed to be hit on and hit on in the most random of places. Now being hit on is normally rather flattering and welcoming, let's be honest. However, being hit on by girls is just outright scary. I was hit on again on Sunday by another girl. Seriously. Am I putting out some vibe? How do I make it stop? If I was that way inclined, happy days, but I'm not and while I have several gay friends and I adore them, but being hit on by girls is somewhat surprising.

      Sunday was awesome... I ended up going to European Boy's moms 50th at Casalinga. It was awesome! We were put at a table that was so entertaining. I definitely think that we were the loudest there and it was hilarious. We had a waiter who was a little comedian. He came to take drink orders and when EB's brother order a coke the waiter didn't miss a beat. "How many grams?"
      We all stopped talking. "Wh-what?"

      Yesterday I was a complete lady of leisure...I had breakfast with my best guy friend The Converter, coffee with Sugar, a FIVE HOUR lunch with EB's brother and then drinks with EB's brother and Special K. Now that's the life!

      Wednesday, April 1, 2009

      April Fools Day

      I got pranked. Not once, but twice. Wow. I got a message from Special K this morning (in my defence I had just woken up and didn't know the date yet, let alone what day it was) saying that she was pregnant. I called her immediately, my mind already planning her baby shower only to hear a chuckle and a hearty: "April Fools!!!"

      I thought I was done for the day, now being completely aware, when I got a call from this woman.
      "Hi, is this Miss Blogshell?"
      "Yes it is."
      "Hi there, I'm phoning from Vodacom. I've been calling all our Blackberry clients today. Unfortunately the monthly fee that you pay which allows you unlimited access to internet, email and BB chat/IM is no longer feasible. We are alerting all our clients to the fact that we are going to start charging you for every email, IM and minute used on internet. We're having to disconnect your services until a payment is made upfront. We've had a look at your usage and I'm afraid that you are going to need to pay R5000."
      "What?? You're kidding me. R5000? I know I am on my Blackberry all the time but R5000? Is this an April Fools Joke?"
      "I'm so sorry about this...I've been getting that question all day, but I'm afraid it's no joke. We'll be sending you a letter to explain everything."

      I put the phone down, completely seething. What the hell is the point of having a BB then? I know that R5000 seems ridiculous, but with the amount of time I spend using those facilites, nothing would surprise me.

      10 minutes later, my dad called me saying that he had just received a phone call from Vodacom. When I originally got my contract back in the day, I wasn't able to sign surety, so my dad did. He told me that they had called him asking him if he was good for R5000. I started to explain everything when he stopped me and said... "April Fools!!!"
      I just hear the office pack out laughing. His bloody naughty secretary had been the "lady from Vodacom" and they got me good and proper. Little shits!!

      My Blackberry is fondly called my Crackberry because it's my addiction. I might as well superglue it to my hand. It's ridiculous, I know. I can't help it though.

      Well bloody done! Dad - you got me good!!