Thursday, February 28, 2008

The new beginning...

I think it's weird that I'm suddenly wanting to try new and exciting things. When I say weird, I mean that it wasn't like I made some conscious decision to wake up and smell different roses!

It's just something that's sort of happened. I'm yearning to find new authors, to find new shops, new coffee shops, new roads etc... I'm quite happy in my friends and boyfriend department. Don't need to be changing those, but I guess my sub conscious is trying to tell me to live a little and to widen my blinkers.

I like to think I am healthy, but really I'm just in denial. I do not like to exercise. I have blogged about this too often that I'm bored to tears.
If I am going to exercise I need someone to hold my hand. There is NO WAYS I am getting out of bed on my own accord to go to gym. Hell no. I need to know I have someone meeting me there so that I can curse them, yes but honestly, it appeals to my people pleasing side. I can't handle letting someone down, so I'll go.

Well don't be alarmed if your trumpets blare right now, but Blondie here got up this morning, blew the dust off my trainers, gym pants and sports bra and was out the door at 06h30. WTF? The world exists at this time?
I did not go to my car, instead my water bottle and I went right passed it and I walked (briskly) around my complex. Boy oh boy. I had no idea our complex was so big. It isn't really, but walking it is a whole different story.

I walked until my calves and buttocks were burning and I had enough sweat to fill a small dam!
Ok the sweat part is not hard. I am that unfit!!

I got home and it was only once I had sat down that the realisation of what had just happened sunk in.
No, I didn't sleep walk. I actually did it all on my own.
Ok. I know how totally loco that sounds but seriously. I DO NOT DO EXERCISE ON MY OWN, NOR DOES IT EVER CROSS MY MIND.

This is something new and admittedly exciting.


I had to stop my blog for a phone call! I have just burst into tears. Tears of unbelievable happiness!!

I blogged about donating my labrador puppy to the SA Guide Dogs Association

Well I just got the news that she has been ACCEPTED!! SUMMER IS OFFICIALLY A GUIDE DOG!!

My heart is just singing! I am sobbing my eyes out...pure happiness!
I wrote the title: The New Beginning...
Who would have thought it would be so true in every regard!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

FASHION...something girly! Sorry guys!

Are you the type of person who goes to the shops and in your mind you want to buy new clothes, you know something exciting and something fashionable, but instead, you go for the same things you normally buy?
I do this all the time. I always buy the same style top, same skinny jeans, same colours etc. I also only discover this when I get the parcels home and I put them into my closet, next to the same shirts and jeans.
I admire women who experiment with fashion and try new things. I want to, but I guess I'm stuck in my ways. That's why you need to take a really stylish but realistic and honest friend with you who can pick things out that you ordinarily wouldn't.
So, I have some pics of some things I would love to get. I'd like to get your opinions though.

The floral Maxi dress (admittedly this is only cool for summer)

I love this white dress, although I'd prefer to have this in a less shiny material.

I am absolutely in love with the grey jersey, long or short. Too cute! Love the entire look!

QUESTION: Is this fashionable?? Have I missed the bus somewhere along the way.


I've noticed this trend: Stockings/Leggings cut off past the ankle. It's interesting and I'd like to try it out!

Do I need to explain?

What do you think??

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


This is a diary entry...

I have realized I am not very observant. I like to think I am, but I’m not. This was pointed out to me when my man drove straight passed me. He called me on my cellphone and asked if I had seen him. I hadn’t. I was too busy singing to Fergie’s Big Girls Don’t Cry and watching the traffic ahead. My driving instructor would have been proud (all these years later) because I drive 30 seconds ahead.
Anyway, back to the point.
My man says to me that he was half hanging out the car, waving like a mad man and hooting like crazy. I didn’t see a thing.
I also studied Journalism and got my degree in the 3 years (a miracle really) and that means that I should be observant, by default.

I don’t notice things.

Sure, I notice the obvious things like seasons changing, someone’s new hair cut or if someone’s fly is down; but I want to notice the little things.

I want to notice a new birds nest, I want to notice the fresh coat of paint the old house down the road has, a new smile. I want to notice things, the little things.
I think I need to discover new things too.
I always knew what I wanted to do, so when I matriculated I went straight to University to study in the field I wished. I got incredible jobs and started building and continue to build my career. I feel incredibly lucky (although I’ve worked my ass off) and I feel wonderfully blessed but there is only one regret I have. The fact I don’t necessarily get to discover new things like towns, countries etc. Hell, I don’t even get the chance to discover my own country, my own town, my own neighbourhood. I want to find quaint little bakeries, vintage stores, flower markets, small meandering roads in our wonderful countries country side.
Perhaps I should discover things around me first, like things immediately around me and in my neighbourhood, secret doors, small details in jackets, new sites, a back road, a new way to wear a dress, a new colour combo, new words, new ways to wrap gifts, new places to shop for gifts and so forth.

I want to stop being so self absorbed and start experiencing this wonderful place I live in and experience this wonderful thing called life.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Don't read if you're eating!

Don't read if you're feeling nauseous or you're eating. It's a little graphic:

Well, I didn't get to go diving. Shit, I was annoyed.

I happened to get a beautiful little thing called A Bug. Apparently there is a stomach bug going around. Luckily I wasn't visited by the bottom end of the bug, but the top end of the bug. Let's just say I was bullimic for the weekend. Good grief. It's horrible!
It started early on Saturday morning with a migraine. Oooh *shudder* they are fucking horrible. Let me describe it: Dizzy, nauseous, have to be in a dark, quiet area and basically I feel like my head is going to explode.
I begged my boyfriend: "Baby, pleeease cut off my head."
BF: "What?"
Me: "Cut off my head. Seriously. I think it will be less painful."
BF: "What am I supposed to cut your head off with."
Me: "A chain saw. That will be quick."
BF perplexed: "We don't have a chain saw. Besides, as much as I love Quinten Tarantino that's gross."
Me: "Seriously? Why don't you have a chainsaw? C'mon! Ok. Just kill me then."

I had to go out to drop something off for a friend. It wasn't far and I thought it would be alright. It was until I had to drive home again. Well those waves of naseous are fun, aren't they? It's amazing. My breathing started to deepen, my mind was screaming: "Don't do it, don't do it!!"
I managed to get home, pulled into my driveway but as I climbed out, whoops! The wave dumped me... I vomitted and vomitted and...well you get the revolting picture.
I wish that was it. Oh no, Murphy's Law and I are good 'friends' remember? Our neighbours were having a party/braai and their guests all just happened to be arriving.
I cannot tell you how mortified I was. There are no words.

The whole day carried on like that. If I put a morsel or drop in my mouth it came straight back up.
Sunday was another tamer version of Saturday. Today my stomach feels a little sensitive from all the hurling. Hmm, charming.

My boyfriend is absolutely delighted. I know you're thinking I should dump the insensitive bastard then, but he's delighted because he thinks I have morning sickness.
"I'm not ok?"
BF: "But you could be! I hope it's a boy!"
My turn to look perplexed: "Have you hit your head? Don't be ridiculous."
BF rubs my tummy, crouches down and talks to tummy: "Hellooooo little one!"
Me: "Oh my God! Stop it! You're being silly. You should be worried I'm bullimic, not pregnant!!"
BF whispers to tummy: "Oooh, she's already moody!"
Me: "Oh fuck it! I'm too tired for this crap. Get away from my stomach before I throw up all over you."

It was an, um, interesting weekend!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Virgin Diver

Thank you Anna, Chewthecud and KaB! You know what for! Your advice is greatly appreciated - I decided to delete the post though.

Right, something light hearted today.

I'm learning how to scuba dive tomorrow. I'm excited and nervous! I'm claustrophobic but apparently you don't experience it! Thing is, and I know I'm very far from this, but I can't imagine falling backwards out a boat. Are you crazy? What if I happen to hit my head on the side/bottom of the boat and then those weight things drag me to the bottom?

Oh dear. I am positive...seriously, I'm an optimistic person but I do think about the dangers, like looking so intensely at coral and colourful fish that I totally miss Jaw's daddy coming up behind me.

What happens if I forget to breathe because I panic? No blonde jokes should come to mind here, please.
These are valid questions. I'm sure the pro divers are tsk tsking me right now, but I have to admit I'm totally naive when it comes to diving.
Excited as hell though -I can't wait!!
I hope you have an awesome weekend now, ye hear!!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

I promise I'm really good on computers...but....

I'm still new to blogging and learn something new everyday...I'd like to know how you, hmm, not sure how to explain this.

If I want to refer back to a past blog or to a blogger, how do I do that, so that you can click on that word/name and it takes you directly there.
God, does that make any sense?

E.g. I was reading "XYZs" blog and it reminded me of something I wrote about hearts.

Now how would I link "XYZ" and "hearts" to the blogger and post respectively.

Oh dear.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Chopstick drama

Sushi is a wonderful thing, isn't it? I mean if your food arrives first you don't need to be worried about it getting cold, it's bite size and filling! YUMMY!

I must admit though, I am a loser when it comes to using chop sticks. I can't do it. I break out into a cold sweat when everyone picks them up, breaks them apart and expertly folds their fingers over them so they make a clicking sound. They also manage to keep the sushi perfectly together without any mess or fuss.
I on the other hand, am lucky to get one piece into my mouth at all, I either drop it (with soya sauce) on my lap before it enters my mouth or I lose grip while it's in the soya sauce and then it makes it even harder to pick up when it's all soggy and falling apart.

I think my use of chopsticks made me stress on the night of my Matric Dance. The Grade 11's (Std. 9's) were responsible for the theme of ours, decorating the hall etc etc. It was a beautiful theme: Night of the Rising Sun. It was symbollic too, as matrics, we would go out into the real world and rise in success! Sweet, right?

Not when the food was served. Now a lot of girls don't eat at their matric dance, firstly some dresses are skin tight and the idea of eating and bloating isn't pretty. Secondly, if you're messy/clumsy like I am, it's not a good idea to eat when you know half of it is going to land on your gorgeous, stain-attracting dress!

The food (keeping with the theme) was chinese. There were no knives and forks, just those lovely pieces of wood. Well, the food looked so good and I admittedly was starving so I attempted to eat the food with chopsticks. Not clever.

Today I was invited to lunch at a sushi place. The Rainbow rolls, california rolls and fashion sandwiches came out and I wanted to see if UV would use hers. Of course she did!
I unwrapped the paper, snapped them apart and mixed my wasabi into my soya sauce. I picked up a California roll and impressed myself. After a while though, I couldn't keep it together. Eventually I put them down and just used my fingers. Bad move. Do not sit next to an Asian family and use your fingers. Apparently it is a sign of disrespect and let's just say I should be a pile of ashes right now from the burning looks I received.

It was yummy though. Mmmm!
PS> Still loving the Laptop!
PPS> I do realise how absolutely random this post is, but life is a little boring at the moment so I have to find things to amuse me! I go to stalk your blogs! ;-)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Shiny Rectangle

I am super excited!! I'm sure many people take it for granted, but I finally got my very first laptop!
It's beautiful, shiny silver and has an LCD screen! I'm in love.

I was sitting in the News Cafe, feeling all important with my laptop out. It was amusing though. There is only one power point so all laptop owners need to sit relatively close to each other. I was sitting amongst men clad in business suits, their Excel Spreadsheets open, cups of cuppaccino's, and Blackberry's suitably placed on the table. I felt like I should be receiving an important phone call where I could bark down the phone: "Sell it! No. I said sell! No you can't move my 3 billion dollars around. Invest!"
Instead, I sat downloading photo's and playing Spider Solitaire.

I went to watch some comedy last night! It was open mic with 2 headline acts. Some was excellent and some was just embarrassingly painful.
I felt so bad for some of the "comedians" but I couldn't even muster a sympathetic laugh for them. Still, at least they had the guts/balls to get up there in the first place. You wouldn't catch me doing Stand Up. Just cos my mom and friends think I'm funny, it doesn't mean I'm stand up funny! Ha!
Al Progers and Chris Forrest (2 amazing SA Comedians) were the headline acts and they were hysterical!

Tonight I'd like to veg! I'd like to get into my pajama's, drink wine and see if I can turn my eyes into squares from watching too much TV!

Monday, February 18, 2008

What I did this weekend ;-)

Do you remember writing about what you did on your weekend every Monday, in Primary School? For example:
I went to the movies with my mom, dad and sister. We had ice-cream. We had lots of fun.

Well, here's my adult version:

Special K's bachelorette was a TOTAL success!!! God, we partied up a storm!

The four of us (bridesmaids) decided on the theme: Victoria's Secret and we'd dress her up as a VS model in the lingerie with feathered wings, suspenders...uber sexy! Special K looked UNBELIEVABLE!!
The house party was fantabulous! We played games, we drank shot after shot, we danced to Nelly and Justin and laughed, ALOT!

Just as the party was about to get out of control, the limo arrived. Imagine 10 girls drinking champagne and dancing in a limo. We did that the whole way to Latinova.
The only downside? Thinking the bottles of champagne at the club were complimentary. Ahem...We got slapped with a champagne bill of R2500. Fuck, I was annoyed (the understatement of the night.)

All in all though, the night was amazing!! I woke up yesterday feeling awfully sorry for myself, when my man told me to get showered and get ready. We joined some mates at Central Grill for a lovely lunch while listening to a jazz band. It was the perfect Sunday afternoon.
It was an excellent weekend.
The end.

Friday, February 15, 2008


I'm very hurt and upset.

I don't understand peoples jealousy. I hope it makes you happy. I hope you're happy that your trying to ruin things for me seems to be working for you. It's been a year!! Get over it! I cannot believe you are STILL putting all your energy into trying to ruin me. WTF? Are you serious? Didn't you get bored? We had our fallout and I got over it within a month. Sure it sucked, but things weren't supposed to be so volatile but c'est la vie!

I also want you to know you're going to have to try harder than this. Yes. It hurts fucking bad,because I would NEVER EVER FUCKING DO THAT TO YOU!!
But...sorry for you doll! I'm still standing.

Have you heard about a thing called Karma? Let me spell it out for you: K-A-R-M-A.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Love is in the air...

I am a sucker! Yes, I am. I do believe that showing someone love should continue throughout the year, but having one specific day allocated to love is cute and welcomed :-)

I've dressed in a red top, the toenails are red and I even tried red lipstick today. Still not sure if I suit it, but hey!

When I first met the man, he wasn't big on V day. I figured it was because he hadn't met the right girl. Well, it took a while but eventually he cottoned on to the idea...hmmm...maybe he should have "laced or satined" onto the idea.

So I'm very excited...I call him "love bug" and I've managed to find a soft fluffy toy of a bug that has LOVE BUG written on it's ass. I've made it into a hamper of chocolates and champagne!

He get's that tonight, plus I'm doing a picnic in the park :-)
I've just received an sms to say I'm getting a surprise awesome!! Can't wait!!

I need your help. I'm a bridesmaid for Special K and as there are 4 of us, we've all been allocated tasks for her Bachelorette. It's THIS SATURDAY and the theme is: Victoria's Secret.
I've been made the "Entertainment Manager". I have to come up with fun games for everyone!
I've already asked her fiance to send me Questions and Answers about the two of them and if she gets them wrong she has to down tequila.
Thing is...I need 3 other games. It needs to be something really cool and awesome. Not corny where people are going to "Awwww!!"
We're not doing a stripper, um, let me rephrase...we're not HAVING a stripper, so I have no idea what games to play...and I I only have 1 day left to organise.
You have to been to bachelorettes...what games have you played?
I need serious help! Please!

Right well...I hope you are being loved and spoilt...

Here's something so sickly sweet for you :-) *mwah*

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A meme (my second blog of the day - happy reading;-)

I feel all warm and fuzzy after being tagged by Ruby and KaB! Thank you gals :-)

So here we go... I must say it was harder than I thought it would be. I am grateful the meme is just to list SEVEN Weird and Wonderful things about myself.

Well here we go...

7 Weird and Wonderful things about The Blonde Blogshell:

1.) I like even numbers. I like to park in parking bays with even numbers, like 32, 34, 36 etc… and I love the number 4. When I was a teen getting up for school, I would watch my alarm clock next my bed. If it read 06:03 or 06:05, I would wait for the minute to become an even number, like 06:04 or 06:06. I’m not overly compulsive with it, I mean if there are no parking bays with even numbers, I’m not going to fall apart -hahaha. It is a little game I play. Yes. I am strange.

2.) I’m very passionate about my job! My career is something I worked very hard for and I love it! I’m also in the public eye and it’s nice to be anonymous with my blogging. It gives me an opportunity to write and express myself without being judged harshly (not that I think you would…oh dear…I better stop before I dig a bigger hole.)

3.) I hate people cracking their knuckles. Give me nails on a chalk board anyday.

4.) I had a beautiful little Golden Labrador puppy who got sick with Parvo Virus. I had to make the most horrific decision. Do I put her to sleep or do everything I can to treat the horrific disease that needs to be treated with bloody expensive antibiotics? I am a HUGE animal lover…animals are like my children! I decided to save her. I did, R13 500 later. She came back to me but I slowly started realizing that she was uber intelligent and with my life style I couldn’t give her enough attention. The attention I gave just wasn’t enough stimulation. It was the second hardest decision I had to make with her. I decided to see if The South African Guide Dogs Association would accept her. They did and she is now being trained as a Guide Dog - I feel like a proud mama. It was incredibly bitter sweet for me though. I now know there was a reason I had to save her…so she could save someone else.

5.) No one is allowed to touch my belly button. No one! It makes my blood curdle and my eyes water.

6.) I am a closet singer…I’m quite good too. If I wasn’t doing what I was doing, I’d be a singer…in America. Bring on the Grammy’s! Hahaha –just teasing.

7.) I hate water. I don’t like the taste of it. I know!!! I know it’s important for weight loss, clearing out all bodily toxins blah blah blah! I’ve also tried the lemon thing, putting a strawberry in etc…I’ve tried all the tricks of the trade. I. do. Not. Like. Water.

Well there we go. As meme's go, I need to tag people.

Miss M.
One Girls Thoughts.
High in Dubai.
Champagne Heathen.
Blonde as a Brunette.
The Woman I am...Nats :-)

Happy thinking xxx

What YOU looking at?

Women are funny creatures. We are. We have our own hang ups about things that people have never or would never notice (we think however, they are highlighted in neon flashing signs for the world to see) and we have our insecurities that can eat us alive. Even Cindy Crawford had insecurities. That says something.

I arrived early to a meeting today and I fell into the "try look busy" mode - why do we do this? I checked my cellphone a few hundred times, I looked through my bag as if I was looking for something so important the world could stop if I didn't find "it." I rearranged the sugar packets about 20 times and when I couldn't find anything else to do, I kind of just stared ahead and people watched. (One of my favourite past times)
I was staring off into space and I could see a couple walking hand in hand towards me. It was one of those things where I looked through people and objects.
As they came into focus I looked at the ladies outfit. It was gorgeous. I was looking at her beautiful dress and jewelled ballerina pumps. She looked lovely. As they got closer I heard her mutter loudly to her boyfriend: "God! Could she skiff us out any more?"
I was so shocked and I turned around to tell her that I wasn't actually giving her dirty looks, I just liked her outfit, but they had raced off.
It just made me think. I have often noticed women looking at me and instantly thought: What's she looking at?
It's silly, because 9/10 it's one woman admiring another woman's shoes or bag or hair or something nice.
We are strange little creatures!

I bought my Valentine's a gift today. God, but the shops know how to rip off. Jeez Louise! Um...chocolates don't normally cost R30!
But it's cute and I'm a sucker for romance!

Kab and Ruby, I'll do the meme's shortly! I've gotta think and that's hard for a blonde ;-) haha!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Guilty pleasures.

I absolutely love book stores and stationary shops. I'm like a pig in shit when I enter them.

Today I had some time before a meeting and I walked into my little piece of heaven. Estoril Books. There's nothing like the smell of fresh pages, the cracking of the spine when you open a book for the first time and the new words and world it invites you into. I really love reading. Admittedly I prefer fiction as it's my way to escape from the world. I create pictures in my mind of the characters and basically create my own mental movie. I love it.
I heard about a book called: Skinny Bitch by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin. It's a "no-nonsense, tough-love guide for savvy girls who want to stop eating crap and start looking fabulous!"
I put that in the basket along with 2 James Patterson best sellers.
I could have stayed in the store for hours, but my stomach started growling.

I stopped at a quaint little coffee shop, complete with the lovely coffee bean aroma and fairy lights. I ordered my latte and blueberry cheesecake and started going through my book selection.

It was only when I took my first mouthful of the scrumptious cheesecake that I realised how ironic life can be sometimes. Here I am (and I'm convinced I'm the only one in the world who has this done this) eating cheesecake reading: Skinny Bitch.

I felt guilty! I immediately dropped the book down on the table so no one else could see the cover and looked like a fugitive suddenly crouching down low, scoffing the cheesecake (every. last. crumb) and shifting my eyes around the room to see if anyone else picked up on the irony.

Good grief! The book is excellent though! In half an hour I'd read 59 pages and I feel shit scared to drink soda (liquid Satan, as they call it), sugar or sweetners and milk. I'm scared to go on, but honestly it's excellent and it makes A LOT of sense.

I felt so guilty, I blew the dust off my gym card and entered through the daunting doors. I have officially signed up for 4 personal training sessions to get me started and so that I can learn what I need to do with all that scary equipment.

PS. I ordered the cheesecake as the last bit of crap I shovel into my mouth for a while, until I get down to the weight I'd like, then I can spoil myself every now and then.
(This was actually more for me than you, to justify my guilty little pleasure.)

Monday, February 11, 2008

My weekend in the walls.

What a weekend! I got drunk, I laughed like a hormonal school girl, I head banged and wolf whistled my way through Friday night! It was awesome! Blondie 2, my man and I went to watch a concert that was awesome! Holly & The Woods was fantastic! Wonderboom = outstanding!
I had the best time! Blondie 2 and I danced like morons - we danced a beat too fast. On purpose.
I had too many amarula's and jaegerbombs (there's a charming mix!)

On Saturday morning I woke up to no voice. I didn't scream out the lyrics to the songs so what on earth? It came back later that day.
I also don't know what happened but bloody hell. How do you step down stairs? One foot in front of the other, I would imagine. Like normal people.

Not Blondie, I'm afraid. I managed to trip (again) over my own feet and fell down the stairs. 3 of them to be exact.
I don't think I'll be giving natural child birth, one day. Jeeezuz! The pain that surged through my left arm was unbelievable. I was half expecting to look down and see my bone sticking out my wrist.
It's "slightly sprained" according to the doctor. I am convinced it's broken. It's not. Apparently.

I think I should have just stayed in bed the entire weekend. If anyone has a padded bubble I could borrow, please let me know. I'll happily rent it from you.
Things come in 3's you see and I'm scared.

Tonight I'm filming and I'm very excited! Yeeeehah! Actually, I'm shitting myself. I'm nervous, anxious and I have no more finger nails. Did I mention I am excited though?

Have a great day! x

Friday, February 8, 2008

My morning in the mall...

How is it that I manage to trip UP stairs? How is that I manage to trip over my own feet? I am so clumsy, it's embarrassing. I was walking in the mall today and all of a sudden my one foot stepping out caught my other heel and I stumbled and lost a shoe. This shoe went flying across the tiled floor and I had to have someone pick it up for me and walk 2 meters to give it to me. I wanted to sink into the floor. I immediately looked at the shoe as if to say: "Damn heels! The heels broken!" It wasn't, but I needed some excuse!

I am also a sucker for twins! Baby twins. If I see a double pram strolling along I immediately stop the mom crouch down and coo! If they're identical I'm even worse! I have no idea what it is about twins. Secretly (hmm...does this "secret" still count now that I've said this on my blog?) I hope I have twins one day, despite the hard bloody work it involves! Today I saw this mom with twin daughters. Beautiful little things with big blue eyes, curly blonde hair and dimples. Well I startled the mom by rushing over. I did my"Awww-ing and Ooooh-ing" when the girls instantly started crying. I got the dirtiest look from the mom, which was quite right, I guess. I just can't help myself. I'm an embarrassment to all my friends around me.

I sat down to have a quick coffee and to rest my sore feet. I am going to sound like an insensitive bitch. I'm not.The waiter came over and I didn't know which eye to look at. His one eye was staring out to the left. I was so uncomfortable because I kept shifting my eyes from the one to the other and all I could think of is: "Which eye do I look at? Oh shit. Now he knows I'm looking at his bad eye. Crap. Oh shit this is so uncomfortable and now I'm most likely making him uncomfortable by making him aware that I'm aware! Oh shit!"So I looked at his lips but he had a huge wet pimple on his top lip and then I felt even more uncomfortable because he was probably aware of his huge, yellow zit and now I had to make it even more obvious by looking/staring at his zit. Shit!

I then decided I need to buy myself some new clothes, maybe just a new skirt and pair of pants. What the hell has happened to the sizes? I'm not the tiniest of girls, I mean I'm no rival for Size 0 Victoria Beckham, but I'm not a "Fuller sized" woman either. I'm in the middle. I picked up my standard 12 and I had to triple check the tag because I was convinced I had picked up an 8. It was the tiniest thing I've ever seen. I then looked at the 14, it looked like a 10. The 16 looked all right, except when it came to trying it on the most awful change room, I could barely get the pants passed my hips. WTF is going???? Depressing.

I'm so looking forward to the weekend. I need to chill! Tonight I'm going to watch the 2 bands, Wonderboom and Holly and the Woods. Should be awesome! I'm getting hassled to have a birthday party tomorrow night, but I haven't planned anything. If I do, I'll be sure to let you know all about it on Monday!

Have a wicked weekend

Thursday, February 7, 2008

I'm a sucker!

PS. I love you...WHAT A MOVIE!! Aw jeez, I sobbed my little heart out! What an incredible movie! Everyone needs to see it, including the lads! One minute I was laughing and the next minute I was sobbing. There wasn't a dry eye in the house! I'm just such a sucker for romance!
I'm also totally impressed with the actor Gerard Butler! Oooh la la! Sexy, charming and manly. Kab put it perfectly: "Gerard Butler can PS. me anytime!" Classic.

So, I seem to be in a shopping mode at the moment! Yes, I'm a sucker for lovely, beautiful things, but really, who isn't?
Jessica Simpson and her celebrity hairstylist Ken Pave came up with hair extensions that clip into your hair. It gives your hair volume and length. I have to be honest, I was skeptical about how real it would look, but I had to try it to see for myself! I feel like I could audition for Pantene :-) LOL!

My bank balance is not loving me at the moment. I heard it shrink and cringe at the Jimmy Choo mention. Shit.
It's just not fair that lovely things are expensive. I mean, I think the world should be different.
Food that's apparently good for you (tastes like shit), like Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts and Spinach should be bad for you. Chocolate and sour worms should be nutritional and healthy - the perfect weight solution.
Amazing and gorgeous handbags, shoes, jewellry and pretty dresses should be permanently on 50% discounts and we should be born old and go backwards, so that by the time we've made our fortunes, we'll be in our twenties enjoying life to the fullest.
Blondie for President. Awesome.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Farewell Naughty.

What excellent news! I was just reading La Sapphire Fliteur's blog and she just said that JIMMY CHOO is coming to the country! My size 7 feet are doing a little jig all on their own - it's amazing! God, I'm such a little consumers dream/bank acounts nightmare!

It's never great finding out how much your car is worth in a trade-in. I have a lovely little car, her name is Naughty and she's my very first car. We've had some exciting journeys together, like going to university everyday, bunking class and driving to the movies, going to the Drive-in, getting lost A LOT, going to job interviews etc... Naughty has also seen a lot, like my dancing in the car, turning her radio up loudly and being the singer, that's right...I have been Christina Aguilera and Guns n Roses. She's seen me,getting changed in the car and other things too...ahem.

She is getting old though, 7 years to be exact and she's starting to fall apart. She still "goes" but not as smoothly as she used to.
Thing that really irks me? She's paid off completely. I'll now have to finance another baby. Yuck.

I think I might just sell it privately. It will be a mission but hopefully I'll get 10k more.

I'm going to a movie premier tonight. It's called: PS. I love you
How romantic and sweet. Should be good! I'm a real sucker for romantic, girly movies!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Oh what a night!

Well, what a birthday indeed! I've had a problem with my car for some time now. I'm just in denial and out of pocket to even think about getting a new one, as necessary as it is.

My indicator stick that has my on/off light switch attached has come loose. The indicator works but the headlights do not. My car was scheduled to go into the shop this morning.

Last night I'm driving home in that horrific storm when my windscreen wipers stopped working. There they were stuck midway on my windscreen.

All the electrics in my car packed up. I was stranded on the side of the road and called my dad to come follow me home. He arrived and off we went really, really slowly. There 2 cars in between my dad and I. I went around a corner and waited and waited for my dad to follow. Nothing.

I call him and I get voicemail. Ok, this is weird.

10 minutes later, stuck in the emergency lane, my dad calls me: "I just had a car accident. I was so busy watching you, I didn't see the car in front of me stop so I went into the back of her."

Luckily, there is no damage on either of the cars. Sometimes bumper-to-bumper traffic can be a blessing. Kind of.

We eventually arrived at the restaurant at 8pm and had an awesome time, BUT I have never come across such BAD SERVICE. It's just getting worse! We got our dinner at 11pm. 11PM!!!

It was a great evening though. I got a free bottle of wine and a discount as an apology. It just proves that it's the people who can make or break a night!

Today, I finally got my car fixed but that just scratches one of the twenty problems off the list.

Oh and my best? As I drive out of the service area, I drive straight into a hailstorm. Hail the size of small pebbles came crashing down and chipped my windscreen, so now my list is back to square one.

I'm sitting eating grapes now, that are slightly warm from the car, browsing through car websites...lovely huh? *Sigh*


Monday, February 4, 2008

It's my Quarter Life Crisis...and I'll cry if I want to...


How lovely! I woke up at 6am, like an excited little child, only I'm not. I'm 25.

It's the first birthday I really do feel a little different. When you're 22, 23, 24 years old, you are still in your early twenties. I felt like I was testing out my twenties, I could still be stupid and crazy and "young".

Now, I'm 25 and I feel like I need to be an "adult", no more messing up and making irresponsible decisions, you know?

Yikes. No pressure. Ha ha ha! *she laughs nervously*

I have had breakfast with me mate Special K...except we ate poached eggs. Ha!

Lunch with my mom and sister and tonight, my entire family joins me for a yummy prawn dinner. Can't wait!

I also get to open pressies tonight - yeeehah!!! Let the spoiling continue ;-)

I brought cake into work today and as soon as I put the trays down, the cake was gone. Crumbs are the only reminder that there was cake. Yummy chocolate, caramel cake and granadilla cake - GONE. Bloody vultures ;-)

Mmmmm.... There goes the diet for a day!

I have been so spoilt today and I feel every single person should feel special and wonderful on their birthday.

I wished my mom Happy Birth-giving day and she blushed -it was very sweet! She can't believe she has a 25 year old daughter.

Seriously though, didn't I just enter my twenties? Where did the past 5 years go?

AND... *shudder* if the past 5 years flew by, that means I'll be 30 next week!


Ok, one step at a time! Time to EAT CAKE!!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Boredom and a Bottled Friend

It's my birthday on Monday. I'm excited and I'm not! Don't have anything planned yet, but I think I'm gonna have to celebrate next weekend.

Anyways, I was sitting having my favourite salmon and cottage cheese salad with my mate Special K when I noticed a couple, in their late 30's, sitting having lunch. In the hour and a half Special K and I were there, they didn't utter a word to each other, not even "pass the salt please."
They sat eating there lunch staring off into space. After they were finished they lit a cigarette and both got out their books and starting reading.
It was so bizarre to me. All I could think of was, if they're like this now, what will they be like at 60?
Maybe they have amazing sex and are so exhausted, they can't speak. Shit, I don't know!

I'm having after work drinks with Blondie 2 tonight...we always say we'll just have one drink. I don't know who we're trying to kid.
She is just so quirky and fun. The only thing is, I may have to "fire" her as a mate. I should have a six pack tummy by now, from all the laughing we do. God she's funny. I want to bottle her and sell her. I'd make a fortune.
I can see the advert now:

Are you a miserable sod? Are you having a bad day? Are you struggling to turn that frown upside down?
Well be prepared to smile, even chuckle and roar with laughter.
Introducing the new and improved 100ml Bottle Blondie 2!
Just open the lid and feel your funny bones shake off the ol' dust.
But wait..there's more! If you call now, we'll throw in the 50ml bottle absolutely free!

Ok, I know! That's why we have copywriters out there, because I just CAN'T write adverts and slogans.
But you get the idea!

Ok, I'm off...have a wicked weekend!
Blog again on my birthday!! Byeee!!