Monday, February 11, 2008

My weekend in the walls.

What a weekend! I got drunk, I laughed like a hormonal school girl, I head banged and wolf whistled my way through Friday night! It was awesome! Blondie 2, my man and I went to watch a concert that was awesome! Holly & The Woods was fantastic! Wonderboom = outstanding!
I had the best time! Blondie 2 and I danced like morons - we danced a beat too fast. On purpose.
I had too many amarula's and jaegerbombs (there's a charming mix!)

On Saturday morning I woke up to no voice. I didn't scream out the lyrics to the songs so what on earth? It came back later that day.
I also don't know what happened but bloody hell. How do you step down stairs? One foot in front of the other, I would imagine. Like normal people.

Not Blondie, I'm afraid. I managed to trip (again) over my own feet and fell down the stairs. 3 of them to be exact.
I don't think I'll be giving natural child birth, one day. Jeeezuz! The pain that surged through my left arm was unbelievable. I was half expecting to look down and see my bone sticking out my wrist.
It's "slightly sprained" according to the doctor. I am convinced it's broken. It's not. Apparently.

I think I should have just stayed in bed the entire weekend. If anyone has a padded bubble I could borrow, please let me know. I'll happily rent it from you.
Things come in 3's you see and I'm scared.

Tonight I'm filming and I'm very excited! Yeeeehah! Actually, I'm shitting myself. I'm nervous, anxious and I have no more finger nails. Did I mention I am excited though?

Have a great day! x

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