Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Farewell Naughty.

What excellent news! I was just reading La Sapphire Fliteur's blog and she just said that JIMMY CHOO is coming to the country! My size 7 feet are doing a little jig all on their own - it's amazing! God, I'm such a little consumers dream/bank acounts nightmare!

It's never great finding out how much your car is worth in a trade-in. I have a lovely little car, her name is Naughty and she's my very first car. We've had some exciting journeys together, like going to university everyday, bunking class and driving to the movies, going to the Drive-in, getting lost A LOT, going to job interviews etc... Naughty has also seen a lot, like my dancing in the car, turning her radio up loudly and being the singer, that's right...I have been Christina Aguilera and Guns n Roses. She's seen me,getting changed in the car and other things too...ahem.

She is getting old though, 7 years to be exact and she's starting to fall apart. She still "goes" but not as smoothly as she used to.
Thing that really irks me? She's paid off completely. I'll now have to finance another baby. Yuck.

I think I might just sell it privately. It will be a mission but hopefully I'll get 10k more.

I'm going to a movie premier tonight. It's called: PS. I love you
How romantic and sweet. Should be good! I'm a real sucker for romantic, girly movies!


The Divine Miss M said...

Aw I've read the book and it is really sweet ;)

I had a car just like that, her name was Fredwina and she was my baby. She's also also done/seen all of the above. hehehe

Luckily my Daddy bought her off of me to fund my move to London so whenever I go home she is waiting for me there. She is slowly starting to fall apart though and it saddens me. *sighs*

Jimmy Choos!!!!! I LOVE SHOES!

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Divine Miss M, I hear you gal! Shoes....glorious shoes!!!

Awww!!! My poor little baby!!

Vimbai said...

Jimmy Choo, where, when, how? Facts darling, i need cold hard facts. Do you think if i beg and sell him the, "i grew up in the african wilderness and have always dreamt of owning your shoes" story, he'll buy it?

Tell me what you think of the movie PS I Love You, i swear, the film market is currently flooded with romantic comedies, dramas etc all to do with death. I sniffled a little into my kleenex only after watching the preview, so i know its a real tear jerker!

La Sapphire Fliteur said...

Maybe if you tell them what all your car has seen and done it will fetch that much more money :)

High in Dubai said...

Hey blondie, watched the movie with some friends like a week ago or so... One of my friends started crying from 15 minutes in until the end - I kid you not. Her excuse "I can't help it if I'm sensitive" - ag shame.

KaB said...

I love Gerard Butler...he can ps me anytime!

As for the car...what you want next?!?

And Jimmpy Choos is going to be the fishizzle...I'm itching for the doors to open wide & engulf each of my gorgeous shoe memories!


The Blonde Blogshell said...

I know Vimbai, that's what I want...cold hard Jimmy Choos facts...oh and a pair of shoes or 10 would be awesome!!

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Hmmm...good idea L.S.F :-) I'm sure the car dealerships would probably be more freaked out than anything else :-) hahaha

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Agreed Kab! God he's gorgeous and charming and sexy and ooooh la la!!

Anything under R140 000...ha! Thing I could be kidding myself!

I'm dreaming of Jimmy Choos already!!

The Blonde Blogshell said...

High in D, I was crying one minute and laughing the was exhausting! I'm also sensitive! Shame x

The Blonde Blogshell said...

High in D, I was crying one minute and laughing the was exhausting! I'm also sensitive! Shame x