Wednesday, February 13, 2008

What YOU looking at?

Women are funny creatures. We are. We have our own hang ups about things that people have never or would never notice (we think however, they are highlighted in neon flashing signs for the world to see) and we have our insecurities that can eat us alive. Even Cindy Crawford had insecurities. That says something.

I arrived early to a meeting today and I fell into the "try look busy" mode - why do we do this? I checked my cellphone a few hundred times, I looked through my bag as if I was looking for something so important the world could stop if I didn't find "it." I rearranged the sugar packets about 20 times and when I couldn't find anything else to do, I kind of just stared ahead and people watched. (One of my favourite past times)
I was staring off into space and I could see a couple walking hand in hand towards me. It was one of those things where I looked through people and objects.
As they came into focus I looked at the ladies outfit. It was gorgeous. I was looking at her beautiful dress and jewelled ballerina pumps. She looked lovely. As they got closer I heard her mutter loudly to her boyfriend: "God! Could she skiff us out any more?"
I was so shocked and I turned around to tell her that I wasn't actually giving her dirty looks, I just liked her outfit, but they had raced off.
It just made me think. I have often noticed women looking at me and instantly thought: What's she looking at?
It's silly, because 9/10 it's one woman admiring another woman's shoes or bag or hair or something nice.
We are strange little creatures!

I bought my Valentine's a gift today. God, but the shops know how to rip off. Jeez Louise! Um...chocolates don't normally cost R30!
But it's cute and I'm a sucker for romance!

Kab and Ruby, I'll do the meme's shortly! I've gotta think and that's hard for a blonde ;-) haha!


The Divine Miss M said...

Hehehe, they must have thought that you were 1) stalking them 2) she must have thought you were jealous 3) a total freak


Now if I'm staring at someone's clothing I always say how much I like it and where they got it from. Plus they always sound so happy when they answer :)

The Blonde Blogshell said...

No I agree Miss M...I have no problems asking and I normally do, but I was so busy day dreaming that I didn't realise I was staring until they came into focus and when I was going to be nice, she was a bitch. Bitchy people don't deserve to be complimented! LOL!!
You made me laugh Miss M, with your latest blog! hahahah!! PS> Voted for you!!

The Divine Miss M said...

Yet for voting for me :) I vote for you too