Friday, February 22, 2008

Virgin Diver

Thank you Anna, Chewthecud and KaB! You know what for! Your advice is greatly appreciated - I decided to delete the post though.

Right, something light hearted today.

I'm learning how to scuba dive tomorrow. I'm excited and nervous! I'm claustrophobic but apparently you don't experience it! Thing is, and I know I'm very far from this, but I can't imagine falling backwards out a boat. Are you crazy? What if I happen to hit my head on the side/bottom of the boat and then those weight things drag me to the bottom?

Oh dear. I am positive...seriously, I'm an optimistic person but I do think about the dangers, like looking so intensely at coral and colourful fish that I totally miss Jaw's daddy coming up behind me.

What happens if I forget to breathe because I panic? No blonde jokes should come to mind here, please.
These are valid questions. I'm sure the pro divers are tsk tsking me right now, but I have to admit I'm totally naive when it comes to diving.
Excited as hell though -I can't wait!!
I hope you have an awesome weekend now, ye hear!!


Anna said...

Wow! That sounds incredible. Yes it's slightly scary but what an amazing adventure!!

I don't think you'll feel claustrophobic though, in fact it might feel more like you're surrounded by nothing. Flying :D yay!

Have an incredible time hun x x

Ruby said...

i'm soooooo jealous!!!! i've been wanting to go do my scuba license for ages and ages, but i simply haven't been able to go. Hopefully this year i will also have the oppertunity!

enjoy hun! stop stressing and just enjoy!

Expensive Mistakes and Cheap Thrills said...

so tell us how it went!!!!

ps: want to invite you to join The South African Bloggers Network

sign up and hook up!