Thursday, February 14, 2008

Love is in the air...

I am a sucker! Yes, I am. I do believe that showing someone love should continue throughout the year, but having one specific day allocated to love is cute and welcomed :-)

I've dressed in a red top, the toenails are red and I even tried red lipstick today. Still not sure if I suit it, but hey!

When I first met the man, he wasn't big on V day. I figured it was because he hadn't met the right girl. Well, it took a while but eventually he cottoned on to the idea...hmmm...maybe he should have "laced or satined" onto the idea.

So I'm very excited...I call him "love bug" and I've managed to find a soft fluffy toy of a bug that has LOVE BUG written on it's ass. I've made it into a hamper of chocolates and champagne!

He get's that tonight, plus I'm doing a picnic in the park :-)
I've just received an sms to say I'm getting a surprise awesome!! Can't wait!!

I need your help. I'm a bridesmaid for Special K and as there are 4 of us, we've all been allocated tasks for her Bachelorette. It's THIS SATURDAY and the theme is: Victoria's Secret.
I've been made the "Entertainment Manager". I have to come up with fun games for everyone!
I've already asked her fiance to send me Questions and Answers about the two of them and if she gets them wrong she has to down tequila.
Thing is...I need 3 other games. It needs to be something really cool and awesome. Not corny where people are going to "Awwww!!"
We're not doing a stripper, um, let me rephrase...we're not HAVING a stripper, so I have no idea what games to play...and I I only have 1 day left to organise.
You have to been to bachelorettes...what games have you played?
I need serious help! Please!

Right well...I hope you are being loved and spoilt...

Here's something so sickly sweet for you :-) *mwah*


Phantom Hater said...

Your Valentine's Day thing is so sweet and thoughtful. I have a cool hamper-backpack that has holsters for wine bottles that has come in handy a few times for surprise picnics.

As for the bachelorette party, my suggestion would be to keep it tasteful and traditional and just set up a webcam and have group girl-on-girl sex. Or play Scrabble. Scrabble's cool.

Anonymous said...

Never been to a bachelorette party, but once I was at a restaurant and the party came there n the chick had to take photos with as many random guys as possible, you could make a list where she has to take a pic with a blonde, brunette, etc etc as a mission..... i always think of bachelorette n kitchen tea games as ultra corny, just get drunk n have fun...

can't help much but i tried :P

Champagne Heathen said...

GOOD LUCK with the bachelorette silliness. Yeah, as anon says, they pretty much are all corny.

There is the list of 10 tasks for when you guys go out that she must complete: eg. collect 3 condoms from strangers, charm a drink out of a man, drink a body shot off of a man...

There is "Pin The Penis On The Man"...draw a pic of a man, and a penis...and blindfold the get the idea.

Kinky Charades (Sp?) where everyone can play.

The games of "I have never" or "truth or dare". If it's a small party, it helps to let her ask each guest a question - to be fair and all.

Also the games of "make a penis". Apparently some people do this with cake. I've been to a party where each group had to make their version of a penis with balloons...and then one person from each group has to model them.

Each group must make a wedding dress with toilet paper.

All in for ideas.


KaB said...

You need to organise a pole dancing class...hilarious watching or being a part of that! get to learn a few tricks for later :)