Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ow part 2 and assholes

I really apologise for going on about this, but seriously...for most of you who do exercise you had to have gone through this once before!
This is all completely new for me. 1 word: AGONY.
Ok, let's be realisitic 2 words: FUCKING AGONY!!
Apparently, day 2 is the worst day for lactic acid and I am the billboard for that!
If you see someone in pain, hobbling around (sans bandages) , it's probably me.
It's not a nice pain, it's not an itchy pain, it's fucking agony.
BUT...I clearly am sadistic...I'm back to boxing tomorrow!
No pain; no gain.

The excitement of the day? I got some excellent news career wise, but it means that I am going to have to go back to blonde. I was "sold" as a blonde and now the brunette thing won't work.
No. I am not standing on street corners. Although...with this economy of ours, it is tempting!
I have some time to get back to blonde which is great. I'm going to do it gradually so that I'm not bald by 30.

Last night Special K, Springchicken and I went for some dinner. We were literally kicked out and weren't quite ready to go, so we went to Cubana.
I saw these 2 oldish yucky men standing at the bar. They were perving. Seriously disgusting. I held my breath as the one guy started to approach our table and then walked straight past!
As he walked past again he poked Special K on the head, quite hard. She spun around and glared at him. "What are you doing?"
"Just trying to get your attention gorgeous." He had serious attitude and his eyes were creepy.
"Well that was very sore. Don't poke my head!"
"You know? There are some things I like about you and some things I don't."
"Great! Now could you please leave us alone!"
"You have a serious sense of humour failure!"
"I don't care what you think. Now leave."
"You know? With an attitude like that you are going to be a very lonely woman!"
"My husband doesn't seem to think so."
Guy even checks to see if she is wearing a wedding ring.
"Oh, well then all I can say is," he puts his hands together (like a prayer) and looks to the ceiling, "I'm so grateful to God that I'm not married to a bitch like you!"
When he said this, I stood up and immediately called the bouncers. He was duly escorted out!
What an absolute asshole. I couldn't believe it!

Tonight is the night I'm going to watch 1st Project. They're the most incredible band that only plays drums! They are excellent!
Can't wait!


Prixie said...

guys and bars - bad combination. on monday my house mate and i just walked past a bar and we heard cat calls coming from within and some perv actually walked out to scream something ineligible. too much slurring. how revolting! Can girls just go anywhere and not get this kind of attention? it is so annoying! where are all the gentlemen gone?

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Prixie -too true! Can I not just have a bloody drink with my girlfriends?

phillygirl said...

what a shocker and well done on calling the bouncer's over. I just can't believe someone would be so presumptuous ...

I always wonder if there are actually girls out there who respond to this sort of "pick-up" and that's why these "men" continue to act so ridiculously (esp re: the cat calls!). I mean surely if it never ever works for them, they would've got the message by now? Surely ... sigh.

boldly benny said...

HE POKED HER IN HER HEAD! That is hilarious! And THEN he insulted - such a charmer!

I'm worried because I'm not feeling much pain post pilates. The stomach is getting flater but I'm not in real pain. But I guess it's not cardio vascular, I'm planning to pick up my skipping rope again and then I think I'll be hobbling with you! Have a great weekend ;-)

sweets said...

stupid old man, you should have asked him if he maybe drank too many salusa 45's that morning :)

Charmskool said...

Argh I hate those A#$%holes in bars that think any woman would be grateful to put up with their inane spoutings because, after all, they are men and all women are soooo grateful when any man notices her!

KaB said...

Sweet are just pathetic at times!

Why is it that whenever a girl says that they're not interested (in a manner of different ways) that the first thing a guy will jump at saying is 'you're going to be so lonely blah blah no man will ever handle you blah blah blah' that the only comeback that they have?!?



A waste of perfectly valuable time!

I'm impressed you ladies handled yourselves so well...unfortunately I become an irrate bitch with too much to say! I blame the tequilas!

Len said...

Sounds like French men.

That's why I loved living in Italy. Every guy will be hitting on you and making you compliments, but if you act uninterested, they'll just be nice and try their luck with another lady instead!