Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I started my boxing classes yesterday. Yup. I took the plunge or is it lunge? I have postponed going because I know that once I start, I wont allow myself to stop.
Well...they say that your body has muscle memory right? Every one of my muscles who has had a lovely long vacation screamed: "Present!" "I'm here!!" "I'm here too!" "Forget about me? I'm also present!"
I am in such pain. In fact, the only piece of anatomy that isn't in agony is my hands, feet and face.
I'm glad I started though. I'm determined to get sexy for Summer. I was actually thinking about taking a headless photo of myself before and then taking a headless pic after 3 months! You know, for motivation!
I didn't want to scare people away though. I might crack the camera lens.
BUT, I'm feeling good!

It is my sister's birthday tomorrow and we're going for a family birthday breakfast at 9am. The thing is my boxing class only ends at 9am and I could give tomorrow a miss, but I'm afraid that's how it starts! If I miss classes in my first 2 weeks, that's it...I'm a gonner!
I'm gonna be late tomorrow and I'm going to arrive all sweaty! Sexy!
Oh and my man's mom lives far away so I suggested she come through tonight, sleep over and then we go to the breakfast. It will save her so much time with the traffic. Thing is, my man has a function to go to tonight. We could go, but she doesn't really want to so I suggested we go out for some dinner and a movie.
Aren't I nice? Haha!

Speaking of movies, I have no idea how this came up but a bunch of my mates and I were chatting about various movies that are dubbed as: Classics.
They're the type of movies where people chat about them or quote a famous movie line. I normally look at them blankly and say: "Never seen it."
I always get the: drop-jaw, gasped "You haven't seen it?? Noooo!!!! Oh you have to see it!"
I clearly missed the very important movie-watching boat. I haven't seen movies like: Gone with the Wind; Reservoir Dogs and now I can't remember the others (damn Murphy's Law)... but if it's a classic; there's a 90% chance I haven't seen it!

Speaking of my "friend" Murphy's Law, I washed my white car today for the first time in months!! I'd actually forgotten it was white...it was a lovely brown-grey...I'm surprised I didn't have the words: WASH ME scratched out.
I washed it today thinking: The chances of rain in Winter are slim, so there! I can wash it today. Maybe it will snow and in that case, AWESOME! I missed the snow when it fell last year. Yup. It fell everywhere except at my house.
So sure...let it snow!
But nooooo...I wash my car and it's lovely and fragrant, sparkly, it's actually white and what happens? I have to drive through a road that has a water pipe leak. Awesome. 3 cars flew into the puddle splashing icky mud water all over my lovely "clean" car!


The Chronicles of a Fashionista in PDX said...

OOooooh!! Boxing! That would be so much fun to take! I must find a place around here to see if they have a women's gym for that...

Anonymous said...

Please do take the before n after pics! would be great to see the difference.

Lol totally shocked you havent watched Gone with the Wind, its a masterpiece, seriously, you must make a point of watching it, one sunday afternoon when you have nothing else to do, it'll fill up 4 hours, perfect!

boldly benny said...

Good for you on starting boxing. I used to do Muay Thai in CT and it had an incredible effect on my body. I started it in JHB but the classes started at 5pm and it was near impossible to get out of the office to make my class. So now, I do pilates twice a week and try to run. Not sure exactly what it is doing to my bod, but I know I feel great and that's all that counts I guess.
Re classics, I think it's fun catching up with films and I only watched 'Gone with the Wind' because I studied film.
Hope the sweaty breakfast was fun ;-)

sweets said...

boxing! what a great idea, does your nails break in the gloves? omg i'm such a girl...

Len said...

I'm impressed you took up boxing. Wow.

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Chronicles it is the ABSOLUTE best form of a workout!!! Go for it!!

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Anonymous... thanks for popping in!!

You see?? I need to have a movie fest and desperately!!

Seriously?? OK...I'll do photo's but it wont be pretty so brace yourself!!

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Wassup Boldly Benny?

Muay Thai?? Huh?? Sounds dangerous!! I LIKE!! hahahahaha!!

I'm glad I'm back to my exercising! It's about damn time!*

*My ass said that!

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Sweets...you are hysterical...I'm laughing because it was the first thing I asked!!

I have long(not-gross-long) manicured nails and they get wrapped up quite nicely in snug wraps and the way you make a fist doesn't really affect the nails!! :-)

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Len so am I! Trust me!! Self-defense AND a work out! BONUS!!

Lopz said...

I rate I must have been on the same boat as you when we missed the Important Movies cruise. Maybe we were on that How To Be a Drunken Party Girl yacht instead.

Lopz said...

PS Read Gone with the Wind, and then watched the movie. The book is spectacular - the movie sucked. Sorry anonymous, maybe it's just me, but I hated it!

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Lopz...I thought I knew you from somewhere!! Wasn't that yacht amazing???

Lopz said...

Totally - you were that chick dancing on the bar, weren't you? I was the one passing you tequila shots ;-)