Thursday, March 5, 2009

Onwards and Upwards

Right so... If you haven't seen the movie "Seven Pounds" on circuit at the moment, with Will Smith, YOU HAVE TO! Be prepared to cry...alot...but MY GOD...what a movie! I haven't seen something that thought and emotion prevoking in years.

Tonight is certainly going to be interesting. Sugar is performing in an event with her band and I am going to support her...thing is, my ex is putting on the event. I haven't seen him since our break up. Oh, did I mention he has a new girlfriend?
Anyway... He can't affect me anymore, onwards and upwards. I am excited to see her perform live and I'm going to have fun with my friends. Special K, Bambi and I are going through to support her. European Boy is coming through too with all of Sugars friends...that should be interesting. Haha.

Oh and drum roll please. I have lost 7 kgs. Yes I have. All thanks to no more emotional/comfort eating, my gym routine and a far healthier lifestyle and eating habit! Gosh I'm chuffed!
It's weird though, because I can feel that I'm lighter, the scale certainly says as much but I don't really see it. Perhaps that's because this body is with me all the time that it's like: "Oh, you again!" LOL

Life is positive.


Anonymous said...

OMG good luck with the ex part, hope you pull through okay, thank goodness you'll have friends with you to help. I think it must be super awkward especially since he has a new gf. WTF man it hasn't even been that long since you guys broke up, what an asshole. Well at least you have kissed a guy since him!

Goooooooooood luck! Be strong BS. And congrats on the 7kg you must be looking mighty fine coz you were so pretty before.

Being Brazen said...

AWESOME....HOORAY!!! (yes, i have to cheer you again)

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Hey Anon... You know what, I was feeling a little awkward about tonight but he cannot affect me anymore. Ja, 6 weeks after 6 years. Who am I to judge? LOL

Thanks so much Anon - I'd like to know who you are actually! Hmmm?

The Blonde Blogshell said...

BB, I'm lucky to have a "cheerleader" like you! Thank you missy! xx

po said...

Wow, that is a lot of kgs. Impressive.

Good luck with the performance, just have fun!

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Thanks Po...I must say, I've shocked myself considering I have NEVER EVER been this motivated before so I'm going to ride this wave!! Hoooraaaaaah!!

mylifescape said...

CONGRATS on the 7kilos!! WOW! PHEN.OM.EN.AL!!

Have loads of fun as a groupie x

Tay said...

Jeepers... 7kg!! Think I should hire you as my personal diet expert :-) Have a fabulous time tonight and as for Mr Ex, you will be looking and feeling awesome - his loss! Enjoy it!!

Peas on Toast said...

Well done my friend - am very proud of you. :) Also good luck for tonight, it may be no easy feat - and revel in the fact that you're looking gorgeous!

Tamara said...

Well done on the weight loss. And have a great weekend.

If you need me to get my white trash cousins to break the ex's kneecaps, just shout ;-)

And good on you for handling yourself so well.

Ruby said...

Good luck. Don't even look his way. Keep your head up and your glass full ;)

Your attitude rocks! xx

boldly benny said...

Congrats - that is super impressive! I hope you had a fun night out.