Monday, March 9, 2009

Loving life

Well, who knew that I would have actually had fun last Thursday night at the ex's event. Sugar was unbelievable on stage. It was my first time seeing her perform live with her Hip Hop band. Move over Black Eyed Peas! WOW!
I saw the ex, he didn't greet me at all and didn't greet any of my friends. I found it weird considering that they all phoned him when we broke up to say they were sorry and that there was no animosity from their side. Anyway, who is judging. Oh and the gf/fling/whatever and the ex were all over each other like a rash. I actually wasn't bothered at all. It was a test for me personally and sure it was hard and weird seeing him kissing someone else, but I didn't have a pang of missing, hurt ot anything like that. In fact that night, just confirmed everything for me and I felt relieved and happy to not be with him anymore. I felt that in the first week of the break up but seeing him with someone new really affirmed everything.
I had fun, we danced and drank and was close to throwing my bra on stage for Sugar. I saw European Boy too and I’m glad that I did. I didn’t think he would pitch, but he has been full of surprises.

This weekend was too much fun! Friday night I chilled out and on Saturday I had brunch with my friends from Varsity, JB and K. I felt like I had walked into Sex and The City. K was telling us about all her single escapades... she makes single life seem fun (as I am finding out myself) I had my jaw on the floor most of the time. I loved it. She is our very own Samantha from SATC. Wow - she has stories that could make anyone blush!
That night, I literally dragged myself out. I'm so glad I did. Sugar and I met up with European Boy. We had so much fun that we only got home in the early hours of the morning.
Let me just say that E.B is an amazing kisser. Another surprise.

Just saying.

I stayed over at Sugar and we literally stayed in bed the entire day, groaning and moaning. We drew straws to see who would get up and make toasted cheese and tea. She drew the short straw. Haha.

Single life is proving to be so much fun!


Being Brazen said...

So glad you didnt let the ex affect you (he isnt worthy of causing a reaction in you anymore)

Super duper glad you are enjoying single life.


po said...

I'm glad it turned out ok and you didn't get too hurt. Sounds real cool, your friend's band.

Tay said...

So glad the evening turned out well! Yay!

boldly benny said...

Wow congrats - sounds like you handled yourself very well! As you say - onward and upward!
As Dita von Teese said: The best revenge is to live well :)

Anonymous said...

Glad everything worked out well, yeah kissing european boys rocks! you go blondie! *smooooooooooooch*

Your ex is an asshole, lol like most of ours turn out to be, whateverrrrr right. But whats the new chick look like????

Peas on Toast said...

Nice babe! Europeans really are just so....full of sesual sexy like sex like sex. ;)

Well done on seeing the ex and holding your head high xx