Thursday, April 15, 2010

Autumn Clean

Seriously need to Spring Clean.. Autumn Clean?

Problem? I'm a hoarder.
I luuuurve my things and I always feel like I might just need that purple sweater, that movie ticket stub (memories for that scrapbook I'll eventually get around to making) and that costume jewellry that's seen better days, but I have the best intensions to turn it into a brooch.
I need to be ruthless, but actually I need someone to do it for me and they need to be stern.
I need my own Sex and The City scene where we can sit in my apartment with Moet and my girls can say "Chuck" or "Keep."
Problem is, we would just chat too much, drink too much and before long we'd be wearing the Chuck pile and prance around to a blaring i-Pod.

I need a company like Clean House but in South Africa and preferably without the camera crew.
Don't get me wrong ... my place is clean and in an order, it's just that there is far too much of everything (in order.)

Are there companies out there? Seriously?
Blondie here is officially waving a white flag of hoarding surrender


SwissTwist said...

oh dear, sorry to say, but I'm so glad I am not the only one!! I have boxes of 'good intentions' all over the apartment and don't have the heart to throw anything out, though I know I should. I'm attmepting now, one room (shelf/cupboard) at a time and 'trying' to be ruthless... its tough!

Good luck to you!!

kyknoord said...

You could always take the Iceland route: declare bankruptcy and set everything on fire.