Monday, May 31, 2010

Heart Broken

Heart broken. European Boy broke up with me and to be honest, I NEVER saw it coming.

We had what most people search for their whole lives and some never find it. We never stopped having fun together, never stopped laughing, we were supportive and kind and loving. Amazing chemistry, I can go on and on .... So where did it all go wrong?

I'm not entirely sure. Feel pretty shattered.

He says that he just can't make a relationship a priority and that he should have taken the time and space when he got out of his last serious relationship - he's been in one serious relationship since 19 (married at 21 and divorced at 25) and that he needs space ... that it's not fair I love him so much and make him my number 1 priority when he just can't make me his.... he says he just is not in the space where he knows who he is and what he wants in life and he doesn't know if he ever wants to get married again and that he'd be stringing me along.

The first thought and first question from most people is: Is there someone else?
And I can honestly say that it's a NO.

I think he is just incredibly confused and is throwing the best thing to ever happen to him away...

I deserve better.

I am strong, but I've taken it hard. Well, I have to carry on, put a smile on my face - can't exactly be weepy in the job I have ... and just be blessed that I have the most amazing friends and family :)


mamastella said...

:'( nooooo I can't believe it babe!
I thought everything was so perfect like you describe.

I know it's not what you'd like to hear but it makes sense that he needs time to heal :(

I'm glad you have great friends and family to help you keep things together *again*...


Anonymous said...

What the fuck! Excuse my language but this sucks! And his reason is such bullshit, why didnt he think of that before getting into a serious relationship with you, why let it go on and on and then be like oh wait, I need space and to figure myself out. He sounds like an immature ass, obviously he has good traits and is a nice guy too because you loved him so much but in this instance he sucks.

Although I always say, people make the bigest mistake getting into serious relationships young, and he got married sooooooooo young it's crazy, people do not know who they are until later and I think people are stupid to get seriously involved before the age of 24 or 25, and marriage should come at least after 28. And only now he realises it, I know too many guys who cheat because they got married too young. It is good he wants to figure himself out etc but really stupid to not have decided that before letting someone else get their heart broken.

You are so pretty B.S and your personality on this blog is warm and adorable, I'm sorry you have to go through this, especially when you're not well. People are jerks, that is life :/ Plus I saw a pic of you guys in the YOU, you're way better looking than he is......


The Blonde Blogshell said...

Thanks Anon ... would still love to know who you are :)

Yes - he already this to me in December and I gave him a second chance and TRUSTED him because he led me to believe that he figured things out etc ... so it really is awful that he played with my heart when all I gave him was support, love, kindness and room to grow as a person ... he still said: "You've made me a better person, you never held me back from anything..."

SwissTwist said...

oh! I am SO sorry to hear this, so sorry for the pain you're feeling.

Let me know if you'd like me to send re-inforcements, I've lots of swiss chocolate to help you through this!

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Thanks Mamastella ... One day at a time ... Just hard to go from a wonderful happy world, to having that ripped out from underneath you ... sucks

Being Brazen said...

that sucks. *big hugs*

Its horrible going through a break up , but more so when you dont see it coming.

BE strong and remember that everything happens for a reason.

Thinking of you

Peas on Toast said...

Babe I am so so sorry to hear this.
I am as surprised as you are! Can't believe it, and sending so much love your way.
Call me if you need to chat, anytime.

Anonymous said...

Hey B.S :) You dont know me dear, but to ease your curiosity I just poked you on facebook :P

Oh god, my ex said the same thing to me, that I made him a better person, and he also said if it doesnt work with me he doesnt want to be with anyone else - when he broke up with me - cut to a year or so later look whos married lol. And from the sounds of it his new gf/wife made him a worse person heh.

Not much I can say now, hang in there, be strong, blah blah, you know how it is, but you also know that when one relationship ends, someone else, who you'll fall in love with, will come along as it happened to you before :) But definitely wait until you're totally over this guy to move on, and if he figures himself out all of a sudden and wants you back, I'd think twice about it.



WontDieWondering said...

Sorry to hear the news, guys are weird - sounded very left field.

po said...

Blondie that's devestating! Bizarre. Just bizarre circumstances.

phillygirl said...

OMG. I only just read this now and am so so surprised ... it really did sound like you two had found something amazing together. I know that you are strong and you will get thru this, but it still *sucks* :( Thinking of you.

Anonymous said...

It will take time - and then you will look back with a grin - say to yourself "Gees - what did I see in him. I have been through it with my daughter.The movie Rebound was sooo nice. Things do eventually work out, its just SHIT to have to go through that time first. HEAD UP CHIKKA. I will send some strength your way.XXX