Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hopp Schwiiz Hopp and SA Tourism board should pay me

My friends and family have been keeping me so busy I actually don't know what the inside of my apartment looks like, except when I need to shower.
I'm not complaining. Being broken hearted is a bitch, but it's so much easier with amazing friends, wine and my new Personal Trainer who is honestly...AH-MAZING!!

Soooo chuffed for Switzerland! Whoop!! HOPP SCHWIITZ HOPP!! My family dressed in red, my dad had his Switzerland Makarapa hat on and we set out to the Monte Casino Fan park, where we discovered we were the only Swiss supporters in a sea of Spaniards.
Well I can tell you that Spain and Switzerland are completely surprised ... for 2 very different reasons.
We were the only ones shouting and jumping up and down while shocked Spaniards looked on.
Honestly, I wish the Swiss luck had rubbed off on Bafana Bafana. *sigh*
Well, I'm still flying my SA flag with proud.

One of the things I loved at the fan park, was seeing all the foreigners. There were Mexicans, Brits, Argentinians and Americans - all very festive.
Sitting at the table next to us were 3 American dudes playing cards (as you do) ... my family and I got chatting to them and asked them the most original questions ever.
Me: "So... Is this your first time to South Africa?"
USA: "It's our first time to Africa, Yeah!"
Me: "And?? Whaddya think?"
USA: "Oh it's great, just great! So friendly."
Me: "Ja, it's cool hey? It's not as bad as the international media make out. So, are you surprised we don't have pet lions?"
USA laugh: "Yeah totally. It's like a whole city and everything."
....and so the convo continued. We discovered that they had discovered we really don't have a great public transport system, so they are literally cooped up in their hotel. They haven't seen anything!
Unacceptable. Before I realised what I was doing I invited them to join my friends and I at a restaurant where we were going to watch Bafana Bafana vs Uruguay.
Me: "You have to join me! It's going to be such a jol!"
USA: "A what?"
Me: "Oh. Right. A jol... a party ... We call it a jol!"
USA: "Cool. Let's go!"
Clearly they hadn't been out because they were so excited they practically led me to my car.
Me: "I'm just putting my bag in the boot of my car."
USA: "The what?"
Me: "Oh. Um. The trunk of my car."
We start driving...
Me: "Aw man, we're catching every red robot. I hope we don't lose our table."
USA: "Every red what??"
Me: "Traffic light."

Funny how South African we really are. It was fun.

My mates, true troopers, welcomed the 3 with open arms and we showed them a LEKKER SOUTH AFRICAN JOL! We also discovered it was one of the guys 29th birthday so we gave him the sparkler stuck in ice-cream and Happy Birthday into Shosholoza birthday song!

It's a day I don't think they'll ever forget and they can now confidently say: Howzit! Lekker! Boet! Boerewors! and Sherbet (don't ask.) I feel that SA Tourism should pay me.

They're leaving next week, so I've offered to take them to the Lion Park, Lesedi Cultural village and Apartheid Museum.
The best part? I get to be a tourist in my own country ... I don't know who is more excited.


SwissTwist said...

oh, how totally awesome! Being in Switzerland last week was an amazing feeling, the whole country celebrated as noisily as possible (the Swiss? noisy? I know!)

Did/do you ever go to the Swiss club in JHB? We were there often, exp for Aug 1st celebrations... small world :-)

Hope you're wearing red for today's match! Hopp Schwiiz!!!!!!

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Hey Swiss Twist!

I love the Swiss Club, my family is going on Friday to watch the game ;-) Bring on the Gluhwein and Fondue!

I miss Switzerland so much - my family all live there. I'm actualy hoping to visit in August sometime... but we'll see!

Hop Schweiz!

Anonymous said...

small world. And I sit in Switzerland reading your Blog. Funny. I might extend my time here with my Mom until August, so I could celebrate the 1st. I love the Fireworks display. Its so pretty over the Rhine. I will call myself SwissMiss. So far 'almost a group' Swiss Twist - B'B and moi. nice. Ole ole ole ole... X

Anonymous said...

Oh - fondue, must be a cheesy one - stinks - but tastes soooo gooood. SM X

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Hey Swiss Miss ... Thanks for the message and for visiting my blog ;-)
Where are you from originally? Are you just on Holiday in CH?

Anonymous said...

Basel is my second home. X

SwissTwist said...

Hoi Swiss Miss! Hope you made your way to Art Basel, I can't go this year (Hopefully 'Brad' doesn't miss me too much ;-) )

BB, have a fab time on Friday, fingers crossed that Switzerland wins, CH was a sad place to be yesterday after we lost.

ZüriFäscht is happening the beginning of July, fireworks, bratwurst and fun fun fun... also a good time to visit :-)

Anonymous said...

Salu - SwissTwist. Indeed i did, Brad gave me a huge hug, as usual.... ;) I go every year. There are always loads of Americans. And I went to Basquiat's art in Beyeler. Very very interesting. Are you from Zurich ST. Oi, BB enjoy your family during this visit - when are they leaving? i will send you tons of strength (always sad) and we will be watching on Friday!! And today was a lovely summers day - FINALLY. Adeiu x

Anonymous said...

Thanks for showing my comment, i'd thought you lost me in you mail box.

Anonymous said...

Very Interesting!
Thank You!