Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Fits of flabbiness

I really tried to keep fit , ok no, let's be honest.I really tried to start exercising in winter so that by the time summer arrived I'd have no winter flab. No muffin top. *the roll of fat over the jeans that looks like the lip of the muffin...a yummy choc chip muffin*What a disaster! I am queen at procrastination and excuse making - it was too cold or I was too busy or I had no energy from the party the night before or I had just had my hair done and didn't want to get it all sweaty (that's the kugel excuse) etc etc etc.

It's almost like Mother Nature snapped her fingers and we have gone from having weather out of the freezer to the oven. It almost feels like we skipped spring all together and rocketed straight into Summer.With all of this said, we reach disaster number 2: I can no longer get away with covering the white wobbly bits in several warm layers of vests, jerseys and jackets. Oh no! Gone are the days of hiding. Now I have to peel the layers off and expose the evidence I call Winter Insulation!I have thought about keeping the layers on so that I can sweat so badly I will literally melt away and be thin! That could also be incredibly revolting and something I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy!

At least the weather is (warmer) BOILING HOT, so it's not like I'm exactly craving the Hot chocolates, slap chips, stews and copious amounts of bread! I want to eat salad and sushi *yummy*I have also decided I want to go on a sabbatical for a month from alcohol! I have heard it is an incredible way to get rid of 3 or 4 kgs! EXCELLENT! It's a start!I know it can be done, but it will be a challenge. There are too many parties and events to attend, so I have a game plan *every smart girl has one*

I am going to drink a long drink of Appletizer. It's sugar free (great because I'm sugar intolerant), it's delicious and it has that golden colour that makes people think it's alcohol.Excellent.So I think I'm going to blog this now...and see how I do! I promise to be honest!

Ok. Back to the exercise issue. I have tried every fad from spinning to gym, to pole-dancing *yes you read that correctly - my girlfriends and I decided to do a 3 month course and if nothing came from it at least we would have a 6-pack tummy from all the laughing* and Bikram Yoga nearly killed me. I also can't imagine doing it now in this heat, in a 40 degree room.My favourite form of exercise is Boxing. No, not kick boxing! I would have said that then.
I do Boxing, with the strapped hands, gloves, punching bag, skipping for 10 minutes etc etc etc...It is the only thing that really works for me! I love it...problem is.. I do not have the time. I literally don't. No excuse this time, I just cannot make the set classes in the morning or the evening so I'm literally screwed!Shitty shit shit!

Any suggestions? HELP!

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