Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I had a good sob...2 days ago it was a month since the breakup. They say it gets easier, but I'm still waiting for that.

One thing I have done is kept busy, good grief! I have been out every single night for dinners and coffees and more dinners. I still feel a little empty, but as long as I keep moving and keep seeing my incredible friends, I'm OK.

I sat on my bed having a good sob about it being a month and then realised that next month will be 2 months, BUT I will be on a flight to Europe and I will most certainly be enjoying a good wine or 2 on the plane.

I've booked my airtickets and I'm going to be jetting off to Europe next month for 2 beautiful weeks. In fact, in exactly one month from today I will be experiencing Europe in the Summer for the first time. I've only ever been in Winter, where I tend to look like the Michelin man thanks to all the layers of jerseys and snow jackets.
I have 6 flights to 6 different airports in 2 weeks. A little crazy.

Special K and 4 other girlfriends are jetting off a few days before I can- it's a pity I can't fly there with them but they will be fetching me from Dubrovnik - all very Sex and The City style and then it's off to the most incredible villa we'll be staying it. It is on an island off of Croatia and apparently it is just absolutely BREATH TAKING.

In fact, let me just post some pictures from the website :)

Looks awful, hey?

After the 8 days with them, I will be flying to Switzerland to visit my family. I can't wait to spend some time with my gran. I hardly know her so I'm looking forward to finding out about my heritage and hearing the stories she has to offer about her experiences.
I really really need this break. I love travelling. I love experiencing the sounds, sights, cultures, music, dishes, people etc and I plan to take it all in.
I can't wait to be going overseas with my amazing girlfriends ... what amazing FUN we're going to have. Special K and I have never been overseas together so this is really special for us.
I'm grateful for the distraction - it gives me something to look forward to.

Speaking of distractions, there is a very gorgeous man that has been flirting with me and I think I have been flirting back. I say this because I am actually ridiculously bad at it and it probably isn't flirting at all. Still ... .
It's fun though...and a little weird, but nice. It is very innocent from my side.
The reality is, I still feel very heart sore but I know it will get better ... that's what everyone and every bloody cliche says.
I'm just going through the motions. I'm going out, I'm meeting new people all the time, I'm crying alot and I'm laughing too.

I'm certainly trying this Single Life on and while I feel very out of my depth, I have survived - with plenty of scrapes and bruises, yes, but my heart is still beating - even if it is a different beat.


Being Brazen said...

*hugs *

Enjoy your trip - it looks and sounds like it will be amazing.


Anonymous said...

You got me worried! i checked your blog almost everyday. Glad your back Chikka. You are not going to want to leave when you get here CH! trust me. Why only 2 weeks? AND make sure you take 'only' the things you 'REALLY' need for your trip. you want to fill your bag/s with all of lifes delights in CH. I am Always over weight - u-huh - i do it E- VERYTIME and I am here E- VERY YEAR.. shoes weigh - ST will back me up. Choc's weigh, sweeties weigh,clothes weigh, you get me? ... This time I brought with me 3 pairs of knickers - ;0 a sock, and a hand full of dresses :) i will update you.X
SwissMiss X

Anonymous said...

dont post this because it has nothing to do with your distraction post, but i cannot, simply cannot figure out who you are... its fun that way. SM X

BTW...i did check out SwissTwist. Yip.

Peas on Toast said...

Sounds FABULOUS! I am soooo chuffed that you're going away and with some awesome mates - reminds me of my holiday to Berlin with Dove - it's the best distraction for heartbreak ever, so you're TOTALLY doing the right thing.

The trip and villa looks amazing!

Ruby said...


The trip sounds awesome..and i'm sure it will prove a good distraction. Break ups suck..but you're a tough cookie... *hugs*

Kitty Cat said...

Hey Blondie, long time no chat or comment! I'm still alive and well - my little baby is now nearly 11 months old!

Kitty Cat said...

Hey Blondie, long time no comment! I'm still alive and well - just very busy with a baby!!!!