Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fat Day

I am having such a fat day that I feel like blob with legs and arms. In fact I am like one muffin top with a mouth.
Argh. My jeans that fitted yesterday seem to have shrunk overnight. I was yanking and pulling and jumping and huffing and puffing and heaving myself into these jeans and finally managed to close the button. My neighbours must have thought I was having the most amazing sex ever.
If only they knew. LOL.

WTF is going on? Ok, so Special K my amazing mate who has a body to die for and is a fitness guru has very kindly taken me under her wing.
Yes, I lost 10kgs last year. However, I cannot seem to shake the last 10kgs and the thought of having to do this all again is just exhausting. See, I don't function like normal human beings. Normal human beings would be so chuffed and motivated that they had lost 10kgs that they would continue on the journey to lose the last 10kgs. Normal human beings would look at it like: I lost 10kgs, I can do it all over again.
I, on the other hand, am clearly not normal.
I am on a strict, clean eating plan and exercise plan.

I have the worst sinus so gym has fallen by the way side for the time being, which is frustrating me to no ends. I actually want to train. I've been told it's an 80-20 ratio. 80% eating and 20% exercise, so I figured that while I can't exercise I can at least get the 80% right. I have been eating all the right things, cut out fizzy drinks and crisps (my vices) and really thought that by 2 weeks I would feel and see a difference.
Perhaps its because I'm as bloated as a ...I'm not actually sure what...
It's PMS, if you know what I'm saying.
It's lack of endorphines from the lack of gyming.

I've had it. I'm hoping tomorrow will be a gorgeous, skinny, fabulous day and if not. I'm going back to bed.


Anonymous said...

Bread also can make you bloated, just by cutting out bread you can lose weight, it has artificial, synthetic crap to make it last longer and not go stale, those enzymes are not good for your body.
(I eat two slices a day for breakfast though :/ hah hah)

I have those days too, one day you're wearing the jeans no problem, next day put them on and its like HUH, lol I hate that :) But its normal, our bodies change every month going through the cycle.

mamastella said...

Argh I know exactly how you feel! I have about 5 kgs lingering around my thighs, hips and stomach... and i just can't shake it off! Honestly, I recently changed pills and that helped alot with losing some of the weight...

But I still feel majorly uncomfortable some days :(

As you know, getting hot under the covers helps with losing weight too ;) So perhaps you can supplement some of the 20% with more of the Vday fun ;)

xx glad you are doing so well xx

souldose said...

A a very sick person my struggle is putting on the weight, and as a person who has always been skinny I've tried my best to add weight but failed..... My friends who wanted to lose weight would boil water till the electric kettle stopped, then they're use cups to drink that boiling water maybe 3 times a day or more and it worked. but you drink the water while it's very hot.