Friday, December 10, 2010

Cougar Town ......

Wow it's been an interesting time. The saying "Careful what you wish for..." is very very true.

I had a date with the guy I went to varsity with. We went to the Throbbing Strawberry - they make good pizza and cocktails. The Throbbing Strawberry. I know. I really can't make this stuff up. I feel like I've entered a comedy.
Well, it was awesome. We caught up after all these years, we chatted about the past, about what's been happening and it was like I had seen him yesterday. He really is a phenomenal guy and actually one of the last few good guys around.
Problem: *why does everything have to be so complicated?* .... While he is a really good guy, we get on like a house on fire, laugh, joke around... He's just a friend. I really can't see past that. Such a pity, in a way, but better. I do not want to string him along at all.

I was then supposed to see the hottie but I never heard from him. Just as I was about to strike him out, he called me to make plans. So... I'm kind of excited, but the big question mark is... Is this a date? Or a catch up?
My very good friend, Twin, happens to be one of his best mates. We had such a laugh...
Twin: If he takes you to the Brazen Head or any other pub, it's a catch up. If he takes you else where, it's a date. with that knowledge in hand...I was interested to see what the suggestion would be.
When he called to make plans, he asked me where I'd like to go... I then said: "I don't mind, where would you like to go?"
Gosh. That is such a typical girly thing, isn't it?
So, he said there are so many great places to go to and he'll think about it and let me know closer to the time.
Sounds promising, right? Unless of course, he's talking about there being so many great pubs to go to. Time will tell.

Bachelor #3 (the one that I met at a braai) ... I don't really feel a connection with and rather than string him along, I'd rather just not entertain it. There have been mixed reviews amongst my girlfriends ... who, by the way... are living vicariously through me. My friends are married or in serious relationships heading towards the chapel, that I am really one of the last few single mates. I think they are secretly/not so secretly LOVING my apparently exciting single life.
Anyway, the mixed reviews are that I should go on the date because "you just never know" and then some agree with me, saying that they know this guy really likes me and if I don't feel anything, why entertain it?

So yes... this is an interesting time. I'm having fun.

Speaking of ... I entered Cougar Town over this past weekend ... ahem... I made out with a guy 6 years my junior.
Good grief.

This isn't really anything I've ever done before. I am seriously the girl who is a relationship type of girl... I've never done the flings, never had a one night stand and certainly do not hook up with guys at clubs.
I guess, I've done things the other way around. While everyone in their teens and early twenties were doing that, I was in the serious relationship.
So yes ... This is all lots of fun and the best part of going through what I have, is that I now know EXACTLY what I want and what I don't want. I'm not going to settle. Simple.

Happy Friday everyone!
Tomorrow is a Christmas Party with all my mates. We're each bringing a dish and a secret santa gift. My friends and I tend to go all out on things, so I am super excited!


SheBee said...

Omg, lol. From zero (dates) to hero!

Okay, first off, haaaaai! Haven't commented in AGES!

Secondly, GO ON THE DATE WITH THE DUDE YOU'RE NOT SURE OF. My awesome live-in Jewboyf and I met in a social setting and I wasn't sure what I thought when he suggested we go to a movie. We went, had a great time, and I wrote it off as a friends only thing. A few weeks later we ended up taking a road trip to Durbs together (long story) and WOW. It honestly changed my entire perseption of him. It's amazing what 9 hours in a car with no breaks and minimal personal space can do to people. Suddenly the chemistry was there, the awkward shy moments, the sharing...

We've not spent more than a few days apart since then and that's only because I'm away for work every now and again. I love my Jew with my whole heart.

So I agree with your friends - you never know!

Lastly, we hosted a Christmas party with our friends recently and did the exact same thing. Except I decorated the table and limited gifts to R10 to make things interesting. What a fab evening!

Good luck my friend, let us know how it goes with the dating!

SheBee said...

Bloody comment follow up thinger forgot to click itself!

The Blonde Blogshell said...

SheBee!!!! Aw man - so good to hear from you ;-)

Hmmm... that's what some of my friends have said ... Argh, why not? Nothing to lose and I DID say that I wanted to go on a date ... Twilight zone gave me 3, so I think I'll go!

Glad to hear things are so well with you!
Happy Festive Season doll face xxx