Wednesday, January 30, 2008

T.M.I nervous symptoms.

Alright so, I forget that some of my mates are bored enough to read my blog. They don't blog they just read mine. I am now being dragged to gym tomorrow morning with a mate. We're going at 9am. ARGH!
I guess it's the one way I'm sure to go. Shit.

Now, if you follow my blog, I am very excited about some incredible news (I'm sorry, I still can't reveal it yet, but I will...soon!)
Thing is, I thought it was a 100% done deal. Turns out that the deal is 95% done with a few worrying factors.
I am so nervous that I have a million and two butterflies flying around in my tummy. Problem: This could prove to be a case of T.M.I, so if you're squemish, read no further...)
When I get nervous I vomit.
It's attractive. I mean I'd settle for sweating, shaking, babbling like an know, all the normal signs of nerves.
Oh no, I vomit. Beautiful hey?

I was sitting at the breakfast meeting today discussing things. I got the excited nervous feeling. Yes, there is such an emotion. I suddenly had the overwhelming nauseous feeling. Oh. Dear. Not. Now.

"Excuse me please." I squeaked, trying to keep my composure.
Thing is, with that nauseous feeling it has a "mind/stomach?" of it's own. It just kinda comes, doesn't it? You can only control yourself for so long, like breathing deeply and willing with all your might, but that ends quickly too.
So there I am, trying to remain calm as I make my way around the tables and chairs. Nope. Too strong, I had to hold my mouth and run.

They now think I'm pregnant with morning sickness and "delicately" asked me if this is going to be a problem with our new deal. Lovely.

Why oh why does this happen to me? It's a cruel joke.


Anonymous said...

Last year I think I vomitted +/- 12 times, it happens when I get very sad & stressed at the same time, so the sobbing leads to vomitting. Look on the bright side, you said you want to lose 10kg, it helps!

10kg in two months is too much though, must take it a bit slower, nothing too extreme, n then it'll stay off.

Is your big news a job? a promotion? ya i know, wait n read about it sometime.

The Divine Miss M said...

That is horrid! I giggle when I get nervous and anxious - not always the best thing ever let me tell you. I once got the hysterical giggles at my good friends mother's funeral. That was terrible!

Let us know the big news!!!

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Oooh Miss M, I also giggle in uncomfortable situations! I got into MORE trouble when I was shouted at by teachers, just cos I'd laugh and they thought I was being fascetious.
Haha!! Still I'd rather giggle than vomit! LOL

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Thanks for popping by Anon :-)

You're right, although I'd like to it the right way than vomit my way through -LOL!
No, you're right...the goal is 10 kilos...I have to lose a lot by April, but hey, being healthy is more important!
Thanks for the great advice x

Ruby said...

gosh...i think i might be more blessed than i thought!

I don't vomit and i certainly don't giggle...but i do become very serious...and can only concentrate on the task at hand. Plus, i become don't mess with me when i'm stressed ok?