Monday, January 14, 2008

I'm BACK!!

I'm back from a well deserved holiday! It was a time for firsts! My first holiday in Cape Town and the first time I have been ready to come back home and start the year. Normally I leave and I wish I could have a few extra days of holiday!

Today is my first day back at work too and I have a good feeling about this year :-)

So, bare with me if you live in Cape Town *bastards* but as it was my first time and I just have to share what I discovered.

1.) The sun only sets at 20h30 or later, so it feels like 3pm for hours! What an incredible thing.
2.) Everything, I mean everything surrounds the Mowwwntain (said just like that.)
3.) The wind hurt my ears. It blows a gale there. The only time I've felt wind like that is back in Joburg when a freak storm is about to hit.
4.) It is absolutely beautiful. Every single place has an amazing view.
5.) Beaches are incredible with white sand that look like white ribbons twisting off in the distance.
6.) Waters are turquoise but if you pop a toe or limb in you will get frostbite. I learnt this the hard way.
7.) I never understood this thing about "cliques" in CT. Boy oh boy I got a tasted of a big way. We were invited to a braai by some mates of ours down on holiday too. They were the only ones who spoke to us. Interesting.
8.) On the flipside, service staff were so friendly and helpful, my man and I eyed them out suspiciously for the first few days.
9.) We ate breakfast, lunch and dinner at a different restaurant for 10 days and didn't make a dent in the Culinary World that is Cape Town.
10.) Kite Surfing is HUGE in Blouberg.
11.) Cape Point is breath taking.
12.) Table Mountain (Mowwwntain) really is flat on top. Yeah, go ahead, laugh at me.
13.) I visited Sandy Bay (the nudist beach) ..... TWICE! How invigorating and free! Very different to what I expected. I was expecting to walk onto a beach that looked as packed as Clifton/ Camps Bay with nude people everywhere. There were maybe 7 people at a time. I oggled ALOT! I couldn't help it.
14.) Long Street is awesome and edutainment.
15.) It feels very European in an African kind of way. Does that make sense?

I could go on and on! I put on 4kgs or more and I have a tan! Can I get a WHOOP WHOOP?
It was an incredible holiday!

I have to say though. It's good to be back! I've missed blogging *don't tell anyone, or I might fall into the Blogger Nerd Category*

Right, it's time to catch up on all your blogs :-)

Ciao for now!


Ruby said...

Welcome back sweety! so glad you enjoyed the time off. and yes.....the mountain really is flat on top:)

The Blonde Blogshell said...

LOL! Thanks Ruby! Good to be back! *Never thought I'd say that!*

Natalie said...

Glad you are back Blondie! Thanks for your comment on my blog! Missed you stacks, sound like you had an amazing holiday!x

Sheena Gates said...


Whats wrong with being a blogger nerd, huh? huh? huh?

And I'm in Cape Town now - nannanana nana naaaaaaaa :)

High in Dubai said...

CT, is amazing... Worked there for a month in August (1st time there in my adult form) and it really is just a great place!

Welcome back!!!!

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Listen here my little Sheena Nerd... I am sticking my tongue out at you for being in CT right now!! Wave hello to the mowwwntain for me please ;-)

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Yay yay Nats thanks doll!! x

The Blonde Blogshell said...

High in Dubai... you rock! x

Vimbai said...

Glad to have you back missy! I HEART Cape Town..i have a love and hate relationship with that mowwwwwtain, lol.