Monday, January 21, 2008

Weak end

I was right. The weekend was debaucherous! I got home to the man and our very funny mate Kyle, swigging beers. I joined them by opening a bottle of wine *which by the by, I'm enjoying a again..not-liking-wine must have been a phase* I was half way through the bottle when one of my model friends (we live in the same complex) arrived, much to Kyle's delight.
After we finished off the bottle of wine together we got a call from Special K. FTV Cedar Square was apparently happening and we had to get our little asses over immediately. Now you see, my man isn't a huge fan of FTV and other pretentious places - so when he jumped up and said: "Go get ready, we're going large!" I nearly dropped my half finished glass of wine.
Sometimes beer has it's advantages ;-)

Shooters are evil. They should be banned. I hate that feeling. You know the feeling I'm talking about - the one where you turn your head and wait for the world to catch up with you.
My world was spinning by midnight. We lost Special K and her fiance somewhere on the crowded "dance floor" after the 6th or 10th shooter and by 01h30, the man, T and I wrapped our arms around each other and dragged each other out. What a sorry bunch we were.

I now understand why we shouldn't mix drinks...when those drinks feel they need to resurface, it ain't a pretty colour.

Saturday was also a huge blur and I have to say I feel b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l today...No really. I am on top of the world. Anyone who believes that should be shot.

Anyone got a Grandpa tablet?


Anonymous said...

ooh, that sounds like fun (despite the terrible hangover) I'm longing for a great night out too!

Natalie said...

Talk about having a hang-over Blondie, I thought I was dying of Sunday after several whiskeys on Saturday night! hee hee. Glad you had fun though :-)

High in Dubai said...

Blondie, sounds way too familiar... Friday I did an unlimited champagne brunch that lasted till 3, we then retired to the hotel bar where we were served quite a few tequila's. Can't remember much after and that was only 6pm! Needless to say getting to a house spinning at 12 was so much fun.

The Blonde Blogshell said...

You win High in Dubai!! Gosh...I only had a few hours...I give you an award for staying power!! Sounds like we need to party :-)

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Thanks Nats... gosh it's a bitch isn't it?

The Blonde Blogshell said...

One girl, we need to figure out a way where we can avoid the hangovers! :-)

SheBee said...

Are we feeling better today honey pie?