Friday, May 2, 2008

Weekend ahead

The South African Music Awards (SAMA's) are happening tonight at Sun City and this is the first year in four that I am not going. I'm pretty bummed about it, to be completely honest. I loved being put up in the main Sun City hotel, I, personally, loved the hamper basket we got with nuts, biltong, champagne, dried fruit etc. Yes, I know. Nerd.
I especially loved getting dressed up in a designer gown, having the hair and make-up done and feeling all very Hollywood for an evening. The ceremony is admittedly, a little boring, but I enjoy watching the performances.
It's the After Party that is always sensational. Last year was a sit down dinner on the Friday evening and then on the Saturday (night of the awards) we all party.
We aren't going because we were supposed to be going down to the coast for the long weekend and then I ended up having to work.

I personally hope: Karen Zoid, Freshly Ground, Flat Stanley, Koldproduk, Loyiso and Niemand win awards! They really deserve it!

I, on the other hand, have found something to do for Sunday. I am rather excited about this.
I have found a cute spa called Rose Well Spa. It's out in Magaliesberg and it looks absolutely gorgeous!
I have decided to surprise the man. I have told him that he needs to be up at 8am on Sunday because I'm taking him somewhere special.
I have booked this for the 2 of us:
  • Steam room.
  • Herbal milk and roses aromatherapy foam bath including dry exfoliation and scalp and foot rub.
  • Hot stone back, neck and shoulders massage.
  • Pamper Facial.

After that I am taking him for lunch. I have no idea where, but we'll be in the country and I'm looking forward to just taking a drive out and finding something quaint and relaxing! I can't wait.

I really hope the weather warms up. So much for the sunshine, today is cold, drizzling and grey.

I am happy it's the weekend though! Wooohoo!


Lopz said...

Wow girl, I want your weekend! Sounds like heaven. How come you've always gone to the SAMAs, I have to know. Isn't it invite only?

Len said...

Ohhhh I'd love to be your man ;)))

The Divine Miss M said...

Awww that sounds fantastic :)

Blondie, what is it exactly that you do for a living whilst we're all sharing?

The Chronicles of a Fashionista in PDX said...

That sounds like a great weekend!! I want your weekend, too! I long for a spa...

sweets said...

i'm so glad HHP won!!
bummer that you couldn't go tho
can't wait to hear how the pampering went :)

Anonymous said...

i went to the south african music awards,i was someones date,needlesss to say,i hardly knew anyone,but i was so blown away,it was smoking!partied till dawn!seeing all the music stars and celebs was amazing.oh the men!but ladies first,miss sa looked shocking!nicole fox's looked really gorg,but dress her was unusual(pregnant perhaps?),pretty lee-anne liebenberg,hot & sexy,louise carver,stunning and was visibly upset after losing to karen ziod,cristy panagio shouldnt open her mouth,and that plain outfit,no no no girl.hhp rocked the superbowl,the rockers,parlotones were mighty fine,danny k,hot,loyiso,damn as usual,and kabelo was amazing!as for song of the year?no comment.album of the year,well done Freshly Ground!really touching tribute to lucky dube.the night belonged to hhp and freshly ground.cant wait for next year

happy snapper said...

Aaah that sounds awesome! I've never been to a spa....its something I definately have to do before I die. ha ha.
hope you both had an absolute blast! Im sure you're man must feel super loved and special after that. He's got a keeper :)