Thursday, May 29, 2008

I have such a headache. Hate headaches, because they normally end in a migraine. Argh, I suffer badly from migraines.

Why do we do this? Why do we always say: "Don't tell anyone, but ...."
Does it make us feel better? I don't know why we say this, when we know that that person is going to tell their mate and start it with: "Don't tell anyone, but ...."
It's dreadful. I sound like a real gossip queen, don't I?
I don't mean to be, but some things are just tooo good. For the record, I never talk about anything that is detrimental or harmful or a serious secret. I am a very good secret keeper.

Human beings are weird creatures. We are.

I don't have much to blog about - it's the headache. Perhaps I shouldn't have even wasted a post. Everyone yawn with me.


The Divine Miss M said...

Oh honey that sucks :(


Hope that your headache is better!

What were you or something else gossiping about???

sweets said...

i suffer from the same... i have found a pharmacy that sells a migraine cocktail that actually works... but i can't get it to you cause i'm not allowed to know who you are!!!!


good luck, i know that pain :)

MidniteGem said...

Damn I hate Migraines! I can get them for days! I so miss Myprodol - those painkillers kicked ass! In the UK they are not alowed to combine codine, ibuprophen and paracetamol together in one pill! and they discourage you at the counter to buy separatly to take together, Even tho after speaking to the doctor I found out that they all work in different ways and effect different things so it isnt a problem taking them together. Still havent found the right combo here that matches Myprodol. And I cant even bring any back with me to the uk when i come to visit in Dec cause i'm going via Doha and codine is an illegal drug there and you can get jailed :(

ChewTheCud said...

You can squeeze your ears - that normally works for small headaches. Otherwise if you get migraines all the time there's an operation they can do so you'll never get headaches again. The Headache clinic - it's there by med school ;)

I thought of something relevant to yesterdays post - it's here. Now I know you girls all watch it for the fashion and gossip and whatnot, but I wouldn't manage an episode if it wasn't for the brunette ;)

The Chronicles of a Fashionista in PDX said...

Gah! Migraines! Hateful! Get better soon!

Tamara said...

Love the cartoon ;-)