Monday, June 2, 2008

Can you fix it? Yes or No.

I have been doing admin today. Admin as in: Get LG out to fix my dishwasher - this is so urgent - I can't handle it anymore; phone DSTV to see why I can't pick up certain channels; and tidy up after our weekend braai.

How is it possible that 6 people can be so unbelievably messy? I was even tidying (sort of) as we went along. Argh. It's the dishes that freak me out. Hence the reason, I called LG.

It really annoys me when repair men seem sweet over the phone, promise they'll be there at a certain time and then you sit around waiting and waiting (ok, well, I tidied and carried on writing my book). I needed the guy to arrive before 1pm as I had already put most of day on hold as far as meetings and strat sessions went.
12h30 arrived and he still hadn't arrived. I tried calling them and got the lovely: "Your call is important to us..." for twenty minutes.

At 13h30 he arrived. Now, when I logged my call I explained what was wrong. The wheels had fallen off of the trays so that when I tried to pull the trays out, the tray would just fall to the bottom. I explained this and the fact that the door wasn't closing properly.
That means: Bring the parts.
Right? Am I asking too much?

He arrives only to tell me exactly what I had explained over the phone (he used the jargon though) and then told me he would have to come back as he didn't have the parts.

The good part? I wrote quite a bit today. I felt like Carrie Bradshaw on my laptop today.

My life is a little boring at the moment. I mean, seriously....dishwashers? WOW!

I am actually a little annoyed and upset about something personal. I think it's affecting my mood and blogging mood too. I'm hoping to sort it out soon so that Blondie can return to normal. Sorry about these posts lately.

Do you hate people who like to interfere (even though they say: we really don't want to cause shit or interfere) and are evasive about things, but when it comes down to the crunch and you try and figure out what they're trying to tell you, they clam up?

I'm getting annoyed. Seriously annoyed.


The Chronicles of a Fashionista in PDX said...

Sorry that you're so annoyed. I'm quite perturbed myself. It's just one of those days for me...

Nevertheless, I finally saw Sex and The City!!! :) It was great! :)

sweets said...

you should have called Bob the builder... :)~

KaB said...

You should have slapped him silly with your dirty spatula!

And people who interfere are annoying...those that clam up are annoying too...everyone is pretty annoying really!

I too get annoyed!

Pucker up :)

Tamara said...

Contemplate murder with me - my washing machine is also not working.

Mickey said...

Why are you annoyed?Share,we all have something in common...

There is this irritating lady at work,and i just want to punch her!

The Divine Miss M said...

I'm also really annoyed with someone in a personal matter. It really can affect your mood can't it?

Hope you're feeling better honey!