Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A random post...

Thanks for your advice on FB - greatly appreciate it :-)

There is something magical about being at home in the evenings, snuggled on the couch with a warm blanket and hearing a thunderstorm boom outside. It is weird to hear in winter, especially in Johannesburg. It hardly ever rains.

I love cold days for completely shallow reasons. It's for the fashion. I love scarves, hats, warm jackets and stylish boots.

Oh and another one bites the dust. One of my friends, Skinny girl has got engaged. We're all a little shocked but happy (don't get me wrong) for her. She's known this dude for 2 months and broke up with her last boyfriend of 2 years in February.
I am now officially the last girl in my group of friends to not have a sparkly piece of bling on my finger.
Am I upset? Nope. I know my time will come when the timing is right and I'm very content in that.

However, the thing with society that annoys the crap out of me is that when you're in a serious relationship the standard question is: "So, when are you two getting married?"
When you eventually do get married, your honeymoon isn't even a distant memory and people start asking: "So, when are you going to have babies?"
Your first born will still be a little bundle and people will ask: "So, when are you going to have the second one?"
Good grief.
Does it ever end?

The other thing I have decided I am going to start doing, or stop doing, is this: "We must get together..."
I have a tendency to bump into people I haven't seen in a while and at the end of the conversation I always say: "Great to see you again, we really must get together!"
I have the best intentions, but let's be honest, we both know it probably wont happen.
I'm going to stop putting myself in those pressurised situations so that when I bump into that person again and we haven't got together, it's ok.
So there, I've decided to do that.

I've been given extra work to do, which is great. Very glad about that. Yes, it sounds a little ridiculous, but I am happy. More work = more pay!

Oh and I love it when it's someones birthday in the office, especially in winter. It means cake and cupcakes and getting to really enjoy it because I can just hide that "moment on the lips; forever on the hips" under a big warm, large jacket.


KaB said...

Ooh what about my all-time favourite (not) things are getting serious between you two then?!?

My family ask me that whenever I see a guy (which is not often!)

It freaks me 'seeing' someone for 2 months means it's serious!

Seriously, it really, really annoys the crap out of me!

KaB said...

Oh...and take your time!

You'll more than likely end up being the one who makes it all the way with the guy!

And you're not shallow...isn't that what winter is all about?!?

The Blonde Blogshell said...

That's another one Kab! Argh! It's also the way people ask with that keen eager look on their face!

Thanks doll...yes, I think so, besides the timing has to be right not because it's been 5 years and society says so!

Oh glad winter really IS about the fashion! LOL ;-)

boldly benny said...

My boyfriend and I have just tipped a year and everyone is asking us when we're going to move in together... is there some kind of universal relationship timeline that I'm not aware of? It's nutty!

I'm going to take a page out of your book and also stop saying we must get together... puts way too much pressure on me and totally freaks me out!

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Ooooh Boldly Benny, if they're already starting and it's a year...GOOD LUCK!!
I'm surprised people haven't gotten tired of asking's been 5 years for us!

It's funny how we all say it, but hardly ever act on it!~
Thanks for popping by

The Divine Miss M said...

My parents are so completely different. My mother would murder me if I married anyone before my 30's. She has this whole thing about really living your life first and not thinking that relationships are the be all and end all as getting married isn't the most important thing ever.

She wants me to explore the world and who I am before I settle down. Wonder advice I think :)

I mean seriously, I'm 25 and still feel like a kid! I can't imagine even wanting to settle down in 3 years let alone 5!

It's scary.

The Blonde Blogshell said...

It is great advice Miss M...I am just glad I am 25 and not married yet...there are a lot of my friends who are married already...however, if he had to ask, I would be over the moon!!!
We've been together long enough and we've discussed it so it is in the cards...the nice thing is that there's no rush or pressure!!

Supanova said...

LMAO - what a funny, funny post! I'm going to Cape Town next week... to a wedding.... I'm the Maid of Honour! You know the saying 'always a bridesmaid, never the bride'? I'm sure that's become my middle name! Funny thing is I don't get the 'when are you getting married?' questions. i get the 'when are you getting a boyfriend' questions! LMAO! Same difference coz that's followed by 'You know your biological clock is ticking away rite?'
But I totally understand what you and Miss M mean... Also 25...not planning on venturing into this marriage thing before I hit 30! Yey! Glad I'm not alone in this! lol