Monday, June 9, 2008


What a weekend it was... Friday night consisted of wine, wine and more wine oh and a fight with Black Steer.
I wanted to juicy cheeseburger and chips. I'd been so good the whole week, that I decided that would be my cheat!
We decided not to order from Mr. Delivery (especially on a Friday night) as we would wait for at least an hour and a half and I wanted my cheeseburger in 20 minutes.
I also was as lazy as anything so we ordered directly (free delivery = bonus.)

I should have known things were going to be a nightmare when ordering took 10 minutes alone.
"Here is my address: 193.... No.... ONE 93.... No..... One hundred and ninety three.....
I'd like a cheeseburger please..... Yes, I'd like cheese, that's why I said a cheeseburger......
Oh alright, make it the combo.
Make it a Coke Lite please..... Lite....Coke Lite....No.....Coke Lite.....

We ordered at 19.30.
At 20.30 we called Black Steer back.
"Hi there, um, we ordered an hour ago and we just wanted to find out how long it's going to be as you said it would be 45 minutes?"
"Are you the lady who ordered the T-bone and fillet of steak?"
"No, I ordered the cheeseburger combo and T-bone."
"So, you didn't order the fillet of steak?"
"Oh. Um. Hold on."
5 minutes pass.
"Ok, we're sending your food to you straight away."
"Great. Thank you!"
Stomach growls on cue.

21h00 comes and goes and eventually I phone back.
"Excuse me, I'm phoning from address and I ordered my food at 19h30. You told me you were sending the food half an hour ago and we only leave 10 minutes down the road."
I suppose that showed how lazy I was, but I was drinking wine and it was cold. (Spoilt brat)
"The driver is on his wy."

21h30 came and went and eventually at 21h40 I phoned and blasted them. I blasted them!! I actually felt quite bad afterwards, but shit. I had been starving at 19h30 and had been salivating for a cheeseburger. We didn't order Mr. Delivery because we knew it would take longer.

I ate at 22h15. It was wrong too (go figure), but at that stage I was so ravenous that I ate the cold burger.

Saturday was better, we had mates over for a braai and then went to my longest, closest friends birthday, Jay Babe. It was so great...really chilled and loungy but naughty. We did things properly. We didn't order shots, we ordered bottles. We didn't dance on the dance floor, we danced on the bar and tables, like any good classy gal does.

I got home at about 4am. Sunday was pretty. ahem!


sweets said...

i never order food for delivery... exactly for that reason!!

sounds look a wild weekend hehe :)

boldly benny said...

Oh my word, I would have blasted them after one hour! When my stomach takes over I can be rather impatient! Waiting for food like that is my worst!

The Divine Miss M said...

5 minutes down the road? You lazy cow! :P

Let that be a lesson, next time actually go there ;)