Friday, June 27, 2008

Exercise (Yuck), shopping (Yay) and the weekend (Whoop-whoop)

Things have been a little crazy at work at the moment. I'm sorry I've been a little slack
with my blog.

I can't help myself. I can't stop it. I went into a shopping frenzy again! I bought a pair of snglasses, a black Nine West handbag, cute tops and I bought my man a pair of really funky rock-star jeans! They were all on SALE!!!
It was necessary, you see?
I hang my head in shopping shame.

Tonight I am completely chilling. I don't want to do anything but watch TV, eat and sleep. In no particular order.

Tomorrow we're going to Special K's place for sundowners. I've had enough of functions. I'm tired of dressing up all the time, making small talk and stuffing myself with hors de ouvres. How am I ever going to lose this horrible weight if I carry on like this?

I hate exercise. I hate gyms. Gyms freak me out. I hate the smell, the sound of the circuit, the sounds of clanking metal from the weights and the general atmosphere.
I really want to go back to my boxing, but I'm putting it off. The only reason I'm putting it off is because I know that once I start, I know I'll have to carry on.
I am putting it off completely. I go into a panic when I think about it! Seriously. My chest starts to close, I can't breathe properly and my heart starts beating...hmmm...maybe I should just panic instead of doing cardio ;-) No. Seriously. I panic at the thought of exercise.

I feel silly blogging about this because I know most gals love it and enjoy it and do it for fun! I hate you girls. Haha.
Ok, I do a little. I want to have the same mindset. I want to be motivated and I should be because I am not loving my body at the moment. I have got the eating right side down, but I can't seem to incorporate exercise now.

You would think that if I'm unhappy with the extra weight, I would WANT TO get into an exercise class.
Noooo...not blondie. I almost rebel against it and order a fat slice of cheesecake instead.

How do you girls do it? "They" say you should do something you enjoy...I thoroughly enjoy boxing but I'm still dragging myself into the ring.
I am so unfit that it scares me and I just cannot bring myself to do it.

Something has to change and quickly.
How do you do it?

See?? This makes me feel even better....look at this woman...I'm 25 and I can't get my ass into gear? Argh!


The Chronicles of a Fashionista in PDX said...

No, I feel you. I suspended my gym account until December hahaha. Once I get into the groove, then I love going to the gym. But when I stop, I stop. I become so unmotivated to go and awkward and feel uncomfortable going to the gym.

I, too, want to get rid of some extra weight. I wish I can have another flu to lose weight! LOL Minus the medical bills, etc. I just want to stop eating! Such it goes...

Anonymous said...

I'm not at all into going to the gym either. Walking around shopping centres is the only physical exercise i do (in heels). Just eat healthily 6 days a week and then have one cheat day - your body gets used to it really quickly and after a while you stop craving junk food. Have a filling low-GI breakfast like oats or wholewheat toast (1 slice) with an egg. Something healthy for lunch and no carbs (potatoes included) at dinner. And fruit for snacks. Really easy and that Saturday afternoon coffee and cheesecake become guiltfree! You should read "french women dont get fat' - i battled with an extra 10kg all my life until i read it. Changes your life.

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Thanks Anonymous... Great advice...I've read the book Skinny Bitch
and while that was great, I can't really become a vegetarian!

I'm pretty good with my eating, but I could be better!!
10kgs is what I need to lose and trust me, with the industry I work in...10kgs might as well be's considered morbidly obese!
So sad....I just want to be healthy...easier said than done!!!!

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Chronicles...I have no excuse...I have a gym membership I pay every month and NEVER use...I don't know why I ever signed up!!
Wasted money!
Aaarrghhhh....I need some major motivation!! More than just NEEDING to lose weight!
I'm hopeless.

The Divine Miss M said...

Dude I hate the gym too. Nothing worse!

I just enjoy climbing cause it's climbing - not for the exercise!

The Blonde Blogshell said...

I know you do Miss M... I'd love to but I'm petrified of heights. I once climbed up a cliff that was 20 meters high (school trip) and had to abseil down...I cried all the way up and screamed all the way down.
I think I need to give climbing a skip!

phillygirl said...

Oh I'm so with you on the struggling to drag myself to gym thing. I also wish I could find something outside of gym that really got me excited. But alas, the search is still on! Sigh.

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Phillygirl...that's what makes it even worse...I've actually found something I ENJOY AND I STILL can't get motivated! Bad!!

sweets said...

boxing sounds like fun!!! i have no assvice for you... enjoying going fat tho... *evil laugh* go do something you enjoy blondy, go hiking, jogging ANYTHING...

you went shopping... what a shocker :)~

The Blonde Blogshell said...

I know're so right!!
*Hangs her head in shame*
Thanks for popping by...hope the w/e went well!

Charmskool said...

I swear you are channeling me! I know exactly how you feel about the shopping thing I do it myself and as for gym I hate it with a passion. It's sooo boring and repetitive and smells funny. I also have the eating thing down fairly well but unless I exercise I know I can't shift those excess kilos (5kg).

boldly benny said...

Hello blondie, don't feel bad I think most people really struggle to exercise ESPECIALLY in this icey weather.

I HATE GYMS! I've never liked them. I feel like a hamster in a cage at those places. I loved Muay Thai when I lived in CT and struggled to find a replacement when I moved to JHB. I hopped between a number of activities and for now I'm enjoying pilates - but I'm largely motivated to do this because I have back problems.

My favourtie form of exercising in CT was running, I can't handle it up here because the air is too thin so I've defaulted into walking. How do I get movitvated? I walk with my mates and sometimes my man. With my mates, we use it as an opportunity to catch up. We do a 5km walk and tell each other about what's happening in our lives. It's a GREAT way to exercise and it's a cost-effective way to socialise ;-)

As for the shopping, good on you for finding such bargains. I always pine for payday and when it comes I forget what it's like to be broke and then go on a shopping spree... it's a cycle ;-)

J said...

I hate gyms....

They are evil places...

Im trying to go , but i have to bribe Ok if you go, you can have that chocolate as soon as you get back...


Lopz said...

Ok, don't hate me, but I've finally got to the point where I'm ok with going to gym. I don't LOVE it, you understand, as in OMG I can't frikkin WAIT to go to gym tonight. No. I just like the feeling of pushing myself and knowing I can handle it, cos I'm fit. But when I'm unfit? Gym can reduce me to tears too.

How about dancing? Salsa, street, pole dancing even.... anything where you work up a bit of a sweat but you're really enjoying learning something new at the same time?