Thursday, June 19, 2008

So much Month at the end of the Money!

When I've said I've been broke before, I've normally had a little money to tide me over for the few days until pay day.

I'm six days away and I am actually wanting to sit down and cry. I put R14 into my car today. I got a whopping 1.4 litres. Holy shit! My petrol light didn't even go off and the needle didn't even move. I pray every time I need to get into my car that if I do break down, I don't break down in some dodgy area. I'm also driving at 40kms. So if you see a blonde girl driving really really's me! Sorry for the hold up.

So while I was filling up...haha... I asked the petrol attendant (who was extremely amused by my question) how much taxi's cost from Fourways to Sandton.
He told me that I would need to get 2 taxi's just to get to the place and 2 taxi's to get back.
1 taxi is R9. So I'm too poor for a taxi.
How fantastic is that?


The reason this has happened is because I am completely sick and tired of chasing people for my money. It's the one thing I hate about freelancing. People want me to do the voice over or the job or whatever it is immediately! They don't pay immediately though.

It's also really "weird" how I can't seem to get hold of them either...their phones aren't answered and they didn't "get" the emails.
It's so bloody frustrating. I cannot believe I have to chase my own money! I need a manager to do this for me. Haha! How very Hollywood!

People need to pay me. It's simple. I don't know where the new concept came out where people think I work for free?
Even Paris Hilton get's paid and let's face it...she sooo doesn't need it.

So. I decided to draw up a list of things I really need to cut down on and I have realised how much I waste and actually I'm a bloody spoilt brat!! It pains me to say this.
  • I have decided to not buy my monthly magazines (Glamour, Cosmo and Cleo) *can't believe I've never ordered a subscription. Idiot.* BUT, this will be the first month in my life of buying magazines that I won't buy one. I'm pathetic I know.
  • I really need to cut down on my cellphone. Such a problem when I don't have a landline and I LOVE TALKING!!! Seriously, though...I need to.
  • I need to cut down on my lunches with the girls and I need to stop always treating people.
  • I need to put more money into my 32 day account so that I am forced to not touch it.

There are other things I need to cut out, but I don't feel like boring you.


The Chronicles of a Fashionista in PDX said...

How about billing people and making them pay you upfront before performing the job.

Or charge them a deposit and tell them the deposit will go towards the rest of the bill.

Draw up a contract, make them sign it, and if they don't pay up tell them some Italian mob guy name Guido will come for it with a bat in hand? :)

The Blonde Blogshell said...

There is the standard thing that you get paid 30 days after the invoice has been received so all is's chasing payments that are way overdue! THAT's the annoying thing!!

I like the Italian Mob THAT'S cool ;-)

MidniteGem said...

Yeah - that i why I walked away from my last job (other then to leave the country) I was having to be desinger, project manager and then chaser of money. I just hated trying to get people to pay!

Good luck ! :)

boldly benny said...

I'm S.T.R.U.G.G.L.I.N.G this month financially! I always find June is so long!

I hear you on chasing money. I do a fair amount of freelance work and spend alot of time on the phone chasing payment. The worst is chasing IRP5s!
Last year, one of the magazines I write for owed me R7500 and then they CLOSED - it was a nightmare. Tons of luck to you ;-)

sweets said...

hehe poor you! R14 petrol.... whahahahahaha i'm sorry... it's just so funny cause i'm in the same bloody boat!!! argh i want to faint every time i have to pay when i fill up... the petrol attendant has to force the card out of my hand...

pity you didn't list all the goodies you want to cut down on, it's not boring!!!

Tamara said...

Groceries are just as bad as petrol. I had a girls' tea the other day, and I went to Spar to get some baking stuff (flour, chocolate, milk, eggs etc) and some flowers. When I got to the till, the stuff came to R600. I made the cashier repeat the amount three times and show me the screen. I just couldn't believe it. No more high teas at my house!

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Isn't it just bloody painful midnite gem!! Aaaarrrggghh!!! Makes me wanna scream and punch!

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Boldly Benny - June does feel long! Sigh!
Oooh, now THAT sucks...I have R8000outstanding from just one of the companies. I'm chasing 4 companies now. I hope none of them close down before they pay me!
It is so frustrating! Thanks for the comment!

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Sweets... you are a funny girl! Thanks for laughing... because if we don't, crying is the alternative!!
So awful...great thing is, it's made me quite creative...have to find things to do, that cost NOTHING!!

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Oh sheesh, don't even get me started on groceries, Tamara...similiar thing. I bought an orange juice, a box of smokes and a small box of strawberries...R70 later...thank you very much!!

Nearly had a heart attack!!