Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I am doomed...

I am. I have bitched and moaned and femininely sweated the fact that I have been broke. I even made a list of things I need to cut down on so that I do not find myself in the same situation at the end of July.
Well, I suck. What was the first thing I did, besides putting petrol in? I bought a pair of shoes.
To my defense, they were the most beautiful peep toe wedges ever. I have also broken my favourite pair of black shoes, so technically they were a necessity.
I also bought a pair of footless black tights and footless leapord tights. I'm trying something new. Hopefully it won't be a page for the Worst Dressed List.

I am unstoppable. Do you think there is such a thing as banning yourself from shopping centres? Like, if the shopping centre managers saw me, they'd whisper into their walkie-talkies asking for security to escort the crazed blonde out.
My photo should be taken from all angles and placed in all stores so that if I try and buy something, they refuse me.
BUT, I'm allowed a pass for when I really do need things like groceries and when my clothes are super old and tattered.

I'm drinking red bull at the moment, because I can't find matchsticks to pry my eyes open.
Again, I suck. Instead of catching up on sleep, because I've been working weird hours, I shop.

BUT, I'm going to post a photo tomorrow of the shoes...maybe then, you'll understand! Ha ha!

PS> I also bought the GLAMOUR Magazine! Eeeek...I'M SORRY!!!! I can't help myself!!


The Chronicles of a Fashionista in PDX said...

Oh my God, woman! LOL

Shoes = necessity

Anyone who says any less should be shot :) Just kidding

Have you thought about selling stuff that you don't use anymore to earn back some money? If you're that broke, then you should consider it.

The Blonde Blogshell said...

I'm not broke anymore, I just wish I could save!!
I'm dreadful!!

I have had a garage sale before but it's so much work! Hate it!
God, I'm bloody lazy aren't I? Moan, moan, moan!! hahahaha!!

MidniteGem said...

I used to be really crap with money and saving etc...I now have this massive huge comprehensive budget spreadsheet on googledocs which i updated every month. I have my planned saving in there etc BUT I also have planned how much i have to slash out on shopping and luxuries. I dont stick to it rigidly (that is so not me) but it gives me a good idea at the beginning of the month what the plan is ...and then any left over money at the end of the month is a bonus that i get to go spend on more clothes and shoes...speaking of i'm off to use that bonus now :)YAY for shopping

Bailey Schneider's Blog said...

Babe, you are crazy! What did I tell you the other day? Lunch next week!! x PS> Thanks for the blog advice! x

sweets said...

naughty naughty!!!
what is a mind if you can't change it!!

Supanova said...

Ah Blondie... yuo're soo not alone in this... I also have a shoe and magazine fetish... And of course Glamour mag always has these really cool freebies... I'm also horrid at saving! If you find a solution to this predicament, please share! Can't wait to see the shoes! eeek!

Tamara said...

Hahaha... that's so funny. You obviously mentioned to Bailey that we thought you were her. Hehehe...

Why don't you ask friends for magazine subscriptions for your borthday? Then you can get mags every month and not see them as an unnecessary expense.

Lopz said...

It's not your fault, we're programmed that way!

zuzula said...

hurray for new shoes! they sound fabulous :)