Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I'm taking my privacy back...

I feel nauseous and I'm irritated that I have allowed this to affect me as much as it has.
I'm so pissed off at being so sensitive. I wish I had skin made from leather and didn't give a shit.
BUT, if that was true I wouldn't be me.
I care a lot and I'll admit it: I do care what people think.
Yes sure, you can't control what people think, but that doesn't change things for me. I still do.

Anyway with that said, I have always been a fan of Facebook. I have loved catching up with people I used to go to school with (from nursery school through to Varisty), used to work with and so on. I have enjoyed seeing what people look like these days, what they do etc etc...call me a Facebook Voyeur if you will.

I was addicted. It then lost it's appeal for a while. Oh alright, they banned it at work.
They have now unbanned it and as I haven't been on for so long, that appeal just never come back. It's actually become time consuming to see who has written on my wall, who has sent me a virtual drink or growing plant, who has poked and even superpoked me.

My good friends and I chat over the phone, over email or over champagne. The rest of my facebook friends and unknowns all send me the same messages: Hey! How are you? Just thought I'd pop in and say hi! or, How are you? What's news...we must catch up!


I am now being harrassed. I am being harrassed by bitchy girls, some of them I don't even know (go figure) and by annoying horny boys (OK, they're tolerable - irritating but tolerable) and they're (the bitchy girls) actually affecting my friendships and relationships with rumours they're circulating.

I have no idea why they have made such a scandal...what do they gain? There is no grounds for this and while I do know the reason, I just cannot believe people are that cruel, insecure, bored and heartless.
Do they not know that action creates a reaction. Obviously not.

Should I care? No. Is it hurtful? Yes. Is it stressful? Unfortunately yes.

How do you do it? How do you let things roll off you? Teach me.

Maybe I am being drastic, but I don't think so. Facebook is an open window into my life, my friends lives and so forth. I am a very open person, but unfortunately it can be detrimental.

The funny thing is I've been thinking about closing my profile for a while. This has just rubber stamped it for me.
This way I am protecting myself, my privacy, my friendships and relationships.

I am sad, I've really enjoyed it and it's connected me to a lot of people I lost touch with over the years, but really, if we were supposed to be such great friends, we would have stayed in touch. This is better.

I think this is why my posts have been uber interesting. Ahem.
I am the type of person who really lives the naive feeling of: If I wouldn't do it to you; I don't expect it to be done to me.
I know it's unrealistic. If only the world was this way, it would be a much nicer place.
I would also have fewer shoe prints on my back from being a walkover.

I just can't believe these girls have been so mean and jealous. I would NEVER do that to someone. It's unbelievable.
I feel like I am in a time warp and I've been taken back to school.

Anyhoo, thanks for letting me vent a little... I thought this was hysterical:
The email title was: Some People have NO Class.
Sure, we're not asking you to wear a poloneck, but SERIOUSLY...


ChewTheCud said...

Take a deep breath, calm down and say "Fuck It! Fuck everything thats bothering me, I don't care what other people think."

Normally works for me :)

This should be interesting. Everytime you say "I don't believe in facebook, someone quits". Wahahaha ;)

Mickey said...

What are they saying that u getting your panties in a twist?
just have to boast,got my article published in today's New York Post!

Mickey said...

p.s delete the girls off your friends list?
easier no?

The Blonde Blogshell said...

I wish Chewy, I wish!!

Thanks though

The Blonde Blogshell said...

No ways Mickey! That's awesome! Well done!

I wish it was that simple... I've become too accessible and it's just not THAT good!

Thanks for popping past my blog!!

phillygirl said...

sheesh, I can so relate to what you are saying. I keep my FB details to an absolute minimum and just use it to keep an eye on people myself ... more watching than interacting, because half the time I wouldn't know what to say to people from so long ago anyway. But I also seem to need to repeatedly learn just how cruel and vicious some people (girls) can be ... I think I'm too sensitive too.

Sigh. My sis deleted her FB profile a while back. I was actually jealous that she had the gumption to do it!

Supanova said...

Ag Blondie.... I can totally relate. I also believe in not doing to you what I wouldn't want you to do to me! Somehow, only a few of us in this world believe in this! I agree with Mickey...delete them or use that limiting settings on profile thingumy... Okay, I'm quite sure what it's called but it basically limits certain people from seeing much!
Anyway...deep breath. Remember Karma has a nasty way of biting meanies in the derriere! Them *itches' time is coming! Muhahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

boldly benny said...

I'm sorry to hear that you're having such admin with facebook. People can be terribly nasty and while it's easy to say ignore them, it's tricky to actually ignore what they are saying.

I have had so many issues from the word go with facebook. I actually posted about it a while ago because I stumbled across a group that was formed with the pure objective of bitching about a guy I was in high school with. Granted he wasn't the most pleasant person but in my mind they should all grow up and get over high school.

I know it doesn't help or take away the hurt of what they saying but remember that what they are doing/saying says more about them than it does about you! Those that know you and love you will know to ignore their comments!

sweets said...

good grief... mwhahahahahahah what was that bridee thinking?! man... that's just not on... eep!

FB...i agree, unlike you i just don't get the whole FB hype, delete your profile for sure, it's just not worth it!

MidniteGem said...

Mostly def go with the hardcore privacy settings. I did it ages ago and so dont regret it. Now I just have people I know interacting with me and my profile. Which means that pretty much only the people that I want to say in contact with I do. But it doesnt mean that older friends cant find you to reconnect - so it is all still good.

Oh and btw everyone... you can NEVER delete your facebook profile once you've signed up !!!! you can make it inactive and not viewable. But your name will still pop up on searches and your current friends will still be able to send you all those crap invites.

Tamara said...

I've been feeling left out of the trend, but now I'm glad I neva signed up for FB. Sheesh - what childishness from some peeps.

As for that bride... whatever she spent on flowers was a waste - guests' eyes were on one things only (ok, more like two rather ginormous things).

Ruby said...

Maybe it was a shot gun wedding and she had to buy a dress.....this was the only one she could find that even remotely erm..."fit"....he he:)

shame hun.....i know how you feel...i'm very much the same No matter how much i don't want it to get to me...it always does

phillygirl said...

@midnitegem - erm, the not being able to delete your FB profile must be a new thing cause my sis did it a few months ago and you can't find her on searches or anything ... and i can't do anything to her as a "current friend".

Maybe they got smart to all the people getting fed up with it!

phillygirl said...

@midnitegem - erm, the not being able to delete your FB profile must be a new thing cause my sis did it a few months ago and you can't find her on searches or anything ... and i can't do anything to her as a "current friend".

Maybe they got smart to all the people getting fed up with it!

MidniteGem said...

My bf was going to delete his profile a little whiel back and was supper pissed off when he read all the small print about how his profile will not be deleted etc etc...I'll have a check when i'm home and I cant check fb at work....would be interesting to know

akika said...

As Phillygirl's sister, I will tell you that what happens is that it comes up with a bunch of fineprint about how if you ever log into FB again, it will automatically reactivate your profile [though how you're expected to remember your password is beyond me]. As I understand it, you no longer appear on people's friend's lists, nor can you be contacted through there. You can still be tagged in photos, etc, and essentially get treated like all those people who never signed up in the first place.
Essentially, it's as deleted as something on the internet can be. And I definitely recommend it.

Golden Beagle said...

How did you get my wedding pic is what *I* wanna know?!??!?!