Monday, June 23, 2008

Was I nearly kidnapped? And...if I'm not technically a kid, can I still call it that?

The weekend has been fairly boring, interesting, scary and good. Friday night I promised myself that I'd be a good girl, that I'd keep my name and that I would discover what not having a hangover on Saturday morning, felt like.
I stayed in, watched TV, ate the salti-crax (month end) and other tidbits I could find in my bare cupboard and chilled. God it was lovely.
Saturday morning was delightful. It was wonderful to wake up at an early hour and I met my twin for breakfast. Twin, because we're born on the same day and year but we're basically sisters from another mother* We think this fact is fabulous.
It was so awesome to catch up with her. We ate breakfats (literally... fried egg, fatty bacon, hashbrowns and to make me feel better, I had mushrooms and ate the grilled tomato)
I've noticed that the greasy breakfast does generally taste delicious and that you can enjoy it even when you're not dying from the night before.
Who knew?

I then decided to make my parents day and visit them. My parents are so wonderful and so weird at the same time. My mother is incredibly arty ( she is a real life artist) and my dad is an accountant (go figure - excuse the pun-haha)** My parents are re-doing their atrium and entrance. I have never seen my parents so excited to go to the nursery. They were giddy with excitement and showed off some arty pots my mom had found. My parents are officially getting old. It's the first sign. I told them so. Funny, they weren't impressed with me!

I decided to stay in**** on Saturday night (I know, shocker!) and was on my way home, when I scrounged up some change from my car to get a packet of smokes. I parked and started walking. This BMW X5 had driven up, but not parked. As I started walking, the car was slowly rolling forward and that's when I heard: "Excuse me? Can I talk to you?"
It was a man from the 4x4. I hesitated but said: "No,'s OK!"
Not quite sure what response that was, but I tell you, I got the weirdest and creepiest feeling in the pit of stomach. He rolled forward and by this stage he had leaned across, opened his passenger door and then opened his door. I quickened my pace, wondering why I had parked so far away (it wasn't far, but it felt like 10kms away at this stage.) "No thank you. It's fine! I don't want to talk!"
I said, my voice now screeching a little hysterically.
He called me over again, asking me to come round to the passenger door.
Oh sure. That sounds like a fine idea.
I ran. Bolted. I am thinking that maybe I could be a part of the Olympics athletics team.
I was so petrified and yet I felt conflicted. Maybe I was overreacting, but maybe I wasn't.
I don't think I was. What the hell was his passenger door open for and why was he so creepy?
When I had to walk back from the store, my heart was in my throat. I phoned my mom. My reasoning was:
a) they need know where I am.
b) they know that I'm worried and can call for help if anything happens to me if I'm snatched.
c) what car to look for
d) to make me feel better.

My mom had a close heart attack. She told me to stay in the Pick n Pay where there were people and that my dad would come and follow me home.
So I walked around the aisles, feeling twitchy and nervous and paranoid. I looked like a shoplifter and suddenly I was being stalked. By the store manager. He suddenly needed to rearrange the items in the aisle I happened to be in.
My dad (my hero) finally arrived and he followed me home, much to my relief and the relief of the manager.
I felt rather silly afterwards, but God give me female intuition and it would be wrong not to use it.


Today was spent chilling, watching TV in the comfort of my boyfriends arms, a warm blanket and hot chocolate. What a day!

* funny, doesn't rhyme as well as "brother from another mother!"
**I'm amusing myself at 02h36***, OK?
***I'm working.
**** Let me come clean...I'm too broke to do anything and Twin payed for breakfast on the pretense I'll get the next one (phew!)


phillygirl said...

No way, that really is creepy - sheesh!

Hope whatever you're working on is worth it because being up at 3am on a Sunday night really just spells disaster for your Monday, I'm sure ;)

boldly benny said...

Sheesh, that's scary! Rather be safe than sorry - I think you did the right thing by phoning your folks.

Len said...

Nooo! Blogger ate my comment. :-/

I've noticed that the greasy breakfast does generally taste delicious and that you can enjoy it even when you're not dying from the night before.
Who knew?

I didn't - I only eat that kind of breakfast when I'm *really* hungover!

I think it's a good thing too you called your dad - I would have freaked out too, even though I live in a pretty safe neighborhood.

Charmskool said...

That sounds creepy! You did the right thing. Trust your intuition that's what keeps us women safe. Even if he meant you no harm what kind of creep pavement crawls to chat up women?

Supanova said...

OMG....supa scary... way to go for following your intuition! Supa-Dad to the rescue! He's my new hero...well, after Chuck Norris of course! But glad you're okay! Oh, you shud have screamed bloody murder and creeped the creepo out! lol... that wud have been funny! teeheehee

@charmskool - '...what kind of creep pavement crawls to chat up women?' Pavement crawls? LMAO..... I'm soooo gonna steal that from you!

Ruby said...

def rather safe than sorry. Since picking up a stalker or two i tend to be a tad paranoid....but at least this way my face won't end up on a milk carton

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Thanks Phillygirl... yes, today is a little tough - must be honest! Yawn!

The Blonde Blogshell said...

I felt extremely silly afterwards, but you're right... rather safe than sorry!

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Hahaha Len...I promise... it is delicious sans alcohol! LOL

Thank goodness for parents!

The Blonde Blogshell said...

@ Charmskool: Pavement crawls! Hilarious!!
Thank God for female intuition...I have never been so creeped out.

The Blonde Blogshell said...

That's the thing, Supanova, after these things it's always: could've; should've; would've.

I'm just glad I reacted the way I did...I think my panic paralysed my vocal cords!

Thanks for popping in :-)

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Ruby, it's so's a horrible thought, but I have thought about what could have happened if I hadn't reacted that way. Would I even be here today?

It's a horrible thought,but sheesh...the way SA is going, we can never be too careful!!

The Chronicles of a Fashionista in PDX said...

Oh geezus! That is scary!! You did the right thing and you weren't over reacting! Seriously, that is scary!

sweets said...

hectic... CREEPY CREEPY GUY!!!! he was up to no good, that's a fact!

but you told it in such a funny way i couldn't help laughing... and the manager of pnp!!! mwhahhhhhhhhhhahahahahahahaha