Thursday, December 11, 2008

I heart Britney.

So it's no secret. You can scoff all you like.

I am a HUGE Britney Spears Fan. Now hang on, I was about 15 when she came onto the music scene, so you could say that I have grown up with her.
I adore her and I knew that the comeback would happen...yes I did. My man always rolls his eyes when another Britney song comes out.
My reaction is normally: "Aw, I love it!"
My man's is normally: "Have you ever NOT liked something Britney's done?"
Me: "She can do no wrong."
Man: "She shaved her head."
Me: "She has a pretty head."
Man: "You are ridiculous."
Me: "I heart Britney."

I can't help myself...I have all her albums and need to get her new one, Circus. I hardly contain my excitement. I'm going to pop it on the iPod and sing along on the beach. Oh yes I am.
Am I dork? Possibly.

Here is a video and I think it's rather sweet!


Being Brazen said...

I dont mind britney- she has very catchy songs and a really cute voice.

Enjoy her new albumn. :)

po said...

hmmm, dirty little music secrets seem to be popping up all over the place!

Sabrae said...

hey don't fret... i grew up with brittany to.. and I'm older by a tad than her! lol i like her music!

Anonymous said...

lol BB sorry but I do NOT like Britney, I don't like any of her songs, and she's a bit slutty...
but to be honest, when I was a teenager and Hit me Baby One More Time came out, I used to sing along and it was catchy *hides head in shame*

Kitty Cat said...

I don't heart her, but I must say, I do find her songs catchy and I have one of her earlier albums! Cute video.

Moe Wanchuk said...

I don't know one of her songs....But I love her midriff :)