Monday, December 1, 2008

Positively negative.

It's World AIDS Day today and our company arranged for confidential testing to be done for those who would like to know their status.
It takes 5 minutes and you get your results within a few minutes. It's amazing actually. So Blondie 2 and I went down stairs to get the test done. As we're waiting to go in with the nurse, we both looked at each other with the look of: Good grief...why are we doing this? I mean sure: "Know your status" sounds cool...but how cool could it be if it turned out to be positive?
Which WOULDN'T be a very positive thing at all.
I suddenly felt my mouth go very dry, my heart was pulpitating and my hands were sweating. My mind felt like it was on steroids too. Could I be? Oh dear God. It's not really possible, but then again... How do you get HIV again? I mean, I know this piece of knowledge, but at the time it dissappeared. I know I was on Anti- Retroviral Drugs for 2 weeks about 5 years ago because I helped a man in a car accident and got his blood all over my hands, which I discovered had open cuts on them from the glass in the car. That was a freak out. I had to wait like 2 days for the results and didn't sleep much. They also told me that I should be tested 6 months later to double check, but I never did. Forgot about it. SHIIIIT!!!
Well, that little piece of information popped into my head today and I sat there going: Oh shit. WTF!! What if.. Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit. The sex thing isn't possible considering my man and I are practically married. BUT...what if he's been.....Nah!!!
Oh dear God, hurry up nurse let's just do this. So I go in, get my finger pricked, drop the droplet of blood onto what looks like a pregnancy test. She then gets me to fill out a bunch of forms for confidentiality etc... I kept looking at it, so she took it away and put it on the seat next to her. Um...surely 5 minutes have been and gone. Nope. Only 2 minutes had passed. She gave me pamphlets on how to lead a safe life etc... and all I could think was: "Shit. She's seen the result and now she's trying to council me. Crap. Why did I do this again? Yes. It's good to know your status. It is right? Oh c'mon already. Just give it to me."
She finally took the test off the seat and told me to take a deep breath. She was enjoying this. Melodramatic Sadist.

My drink got spiked on Friday night. At dinner. Awesome. My sister, Blondie 2 and I were given a shot of Rasberry Vodka by the owner and 15 minutes later we were feeling completely plastered. We had drank one glass of sangria each. That was it. It was awful. We felt ill, plastered, heavy limbs and by the time we got home Blondie 2 and I passed out on the couch. We aren't 100% sure if our drinks were spiked, but it was a horrible feeling. So that was my rivetting was over by 11pm - I think.

Going over to the family sister is a total genius in the kitchen -she always amazes us with incredible dishes. Tonight we're going to feast on Indian food...bring on the pappadoms!


Len said...

Ah, I've gotten tested a couple of times (before giving blood, at the beginning of relationships) and every time, even though the risk is almost 0, I get CRAZY over it.

One time I nearly died from fear was when the red cross (where I used to give blood regularly) called me and they said that "I needed to come and see their doctor because something was not okay with my blood". Turns out it was something totally different, but the hour in between the phone call and the doctors appointment was HELL.

po said...

Spiked drink? how uncool is that? Glad you are ok.

Being Brazen said...

Hope you enjoyed dinner.

A spiked drink is so wrong and horrid (glad nothing happened to you). I think I had a drink spiked once. I had like one drink and was almost on the floor. Thankfullly my friends took me home and looked after me :)

Sunrise said...

Its always the same aint it, sweaty palms, the what if's, the racing mind...aggh been there. Hells Bells, you have too though!

I spike my own drink all the time, saves bucks, and feels cool...aaggh - jokes, thats hectic. Spread the word about the name of that place , make that penis suffer.

Tamara said...

Glad to hear that you are positive about being negative ;-)

Glad you're ok after the spiked drink. So not cool!

Kitty Cat said...

Funny how even when you're pretty sure you're negative, you get worried.

I am sure my drink was spiked once. Same sort of thing - I only had one or two drinks and was f***! Scary.

DT said...

I think drinks get spiked more often than we realize - it scares the living hell out of me! All too often we just assume we drank too much or something! Enjoy the Indian meal I absolutely love those pappadoms!!