Friday, November 28, 2008

I'm a Ballerina Girl, name calling and liquid dinners!

I got to meet Lionel Richie yesterday. He stopped by to visit me. Me, as in the office. Potay-toes, Potah-toes. He told me that I was 3 times a lady and that after seeing me he really did want to dance on the ceiling. I know. It's hard having that affect on super famous people. Sigh. I offered to babysit his granddaughter, Harlow and that if Nicole Richie was feeling lonely because her "BFF" Paris Hilton was tarting herself around the world, I'd happily share a few cocktails with her.
He laughed at me. I thought it was funny too, but I was being serious. Oh well.

So I got the People Magazine (before it comes out next Tuesday) and there's an article about:
The Names Men Call Women.
Here are the different options.
WOT = Woman On Top - someone who is domineering.
T&G = Touch & Go - one night stand chick
LOD = Live off Daddy - enough said.
LOL - Lady of Leisure - high maintenance
WWI = Woman with Issues - trouble and lots of tears
SCB = Sensitive Cry-Baby - most difficult to manage because she believes everyone is always attacking her.
DMH = Dedicated Man Hater - feminist.
WTS = Way Too Smart - threat to men in the workplace
TTH = Tries Too Hard - they're desperate and short of throwing their arms around mens knees.
BWN = Best When Naked - they have a terrible laugh, they're dumb, no sense of humour, can't hold an intelligent conversation but they're BWN.
B&D = Bitchy & Dangerous - spiteful and will make you pay for every one of your mistakes.
CWA = Comes With Anchor - biological clocks are a tick-tocking.
PDB = Perfect Dumb Blonde - airheads and naive.
NTB = Not Too Beautiful - OK looking women with a bad outlook on life.
JNI = Just Not Interested - are the girls who give off "back off" vibes.

Dude...these are hectic. So, um...what? Should we all strive to be PMM?
Careful because that M at the end can also become an S. Just saying.

I am so super excited for tonight. It's a night out with the girls. I haven't actually spent some good time with my mates lately and I can't wait to enjoy a liquid dinner of cocktails. sister is coming! She has been hectic with her thesis, internship, exams and group assignments. It is not an exageration when I say I haven't seen her for longer than 15 minutes in 3 months. I got a call from her to say she's coming tonight, so we're celebrating her distinctions. She graduates Cum Laude. I am so bloody proud of her!! Tonight is going to be a JOL!!! WOOOOHOOOO!!


po said...

Ooh, Lionel, how freaking cool, what a feeling, eh?

Have a fantabulous evening

Anonymous said...

Awesome! And it sounds like you are in for a fun evening. Enjoy!

Kitty Cat said...

Lucky girl meeting Lionel! My dad went to his concert and said he's an awesome performer!Well done to your sis!

Peas on Toast said...

You met Lionel??
Oh my GOOD GOD I am so jealous, I could cry!

Did you tell Lionel 'Say what?' when he said Say you, say me?

Anonymous said...

hey, you think people mag would mind you writing out stuff before the mag is on the stands?

Being Brazen said...

you seem to lead a charmed life, blogshell :)

mylifescape said...

... like i said before... autograph pleez! ;)