Thursday, November 13, 2008

Singing AND dancing REQUIRED!!

Blondie 2 absolutely cracks me up. I have never laughed so much in my life. I go and visit her last night and she is singing everything. I think I may have posted about living life as a musical (I'm too lazy to go back into my previous posts) but if I didn't, we have discussed how awesome life would be as a musical. Think about. You're sitting in a restaurant (like Mimmo's) having a conversation and then something strikes a theme for a song and all of a sudden you're singing and dancing and the entire restaurant knows the chorus (harmonising, of course) and everyone knows all the dance moves. Waiters could spin around with pastas and pizzas and we could use props like red and white checked table cloths, candle sticks and wne glasses. As soon as the song is finished, the dance moves work in such a way that you're back in your previous positions and you carry on with the rest of the conversation. This could apply to anything in life...imagine your business meetings bursting out into song, traffic jams, parties etc... Blondie 2 and I think this is a brilliant idea. We decided to try it in the office. I guess we're going to have to try harder. There was no buy in from anyone else and they all looked nervously at each other and then back at us. Perhaps they were trying to see if we were drunk. See? We ARE that much fun sober! We eventually stopped when we thought someone called security.
How great though? I loved the idea. I told my man and he said he would gnaw at his own pulse if the world turned into one big musical. Spoil spoilt.

Oh and speaking of Blondie 2. She has decided to start a blog. I was so excited I could hardly contain myself. She started it on last week. Every single day I go onto her blog to see if there are any words other than: "No posts match your query. Show all Posts"
Nope. Still there. My excitement is wavering Blondie 2!
I have been nagging her to write something, anything but she keeps saying that she has work to do or something like that. Boring. Work is a 4 letter word. Just saying.
Sounds like a lame ass excuse to me.
I'm bugging her now. Bug bug bugging. When she does actually get round to blogging, I'll let you know.
It's called: just so you know.

Blondie 2 -if you're reading this. The challenge is on. DO IT...SPLASH IT ON ME!


po said...

My sister is EXACTLY like you. It is her dream for life to be a musical. I am siding with your man here though.

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Great! It's a start! It's now Blondie 2, your sister and I!
Oh...we'll convert you!
*rubs hands together*

Anonymous said...

knaw = gnaw

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Oh shit...of course it is! LOL
Thanks Anonymous!!

Blondie 2 said...

ummmm firstly Blondie, but I do work. HARD. and due to time I am unable to write - but like everything - good things come to those who wait. so wait.
Next year my pretty. next year!
Until then, sing a long with me
Love you bitch!
Blondie 2

Being Brazen said...

That would be AWESOME!!!! I would love life to be a musical. Everyone skipping around, singing every conversation, elaborate group dances...loving the thought....

la la laa.....have the best weekend, dear blogshell...tralalala....

*takes a bow*

Tamara said...

So long as it was more of a Singin in the Rain musical than a High School Musical, it would be cool.

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Oh my word! HOLD. THE. BUS!! blondie 2 CAN write!!!

Listen here biatch - I'm gonna start charging you for advertising if you don't blog. 'nuff said.

LOVE YA...damn this weekend is going to be crazy!! See ya Sunday

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Love it Being Brazen!! YAY!! We can start a revolution!!

The Blonde Blogshell said...

LOL Tamara, you HSM hater you! C'mon - you secretly wanna be Gabrielle, don't you??

Kitty Cat said...

I love musicals, but it would crack me out if anyone in real life broke out into song.
Now you've got us all looking forward to Blondie2's blog.