Friday, November 14, 2008

Drama follows me.

Well, I went for the audition today. I have never been so nervous in my entire life. I didn't know whether I wanted to vomit or pee and possibly at the same time. Which would have been messy and embarrassing. Just saying.
I am holding thumbs because dudes. This will change my life. In a good way. It has also been a dream of mine since a little girl and the fact that I had the opportunity to audition for it, is amazing!

Anyways...My man and I had a car accident last night. We were leaving a venue to go home and as we approached a traffic light, which was red, we obviously slowed down until it turned green. We pulled out into the intersection to turn right, when I suddenly saw this car approaching rather fast. It was a red robot for him so I kept thinking he's going to slow down. I suddenly shouted to my man that this guy was going to hit us, so he sped up to turn the car completely. A red Golf slammed straight into the back of us. Thank God for safety belts. I got flung forward and would have gone straight through the windshield. Luckily my man turned in time or I would have been T-boned.
We pulled over and got out the car. I was shaking. The guy in the red Golf was so pissed he couldn't get out of his car and kept slurring at us that we had hit him. Unbelievable. He refused to give us his details so I scribbled (very shakily) down his registration number. We were going to call the cops, but we had both had 3 drinks each and even though we were totally sober, legally we would have been over the limit and sure, it wasn't our fault, but with SA's Metro Police you just never know these days. There is a 24 hour window to report an accident so we got back in the car and started to drive off. All of a sudden the red Golf was driving right up our ass and swerving left to right behind us. He eventually pulled up next to us and ran us off the road. I was incredibly nervous. He was screaming profanities and calling us drunk c**ts.
We were forced into the emergency lane. In the interim, another innocent car was driving past when the asshole suddenly swerved away from us and missed the other car by centimeters. The other car stopped and so did the Golf. A screaming match entailed and eventually the drunk asshole sped off, nearly smashing into a traffic light. We exchanged business cards with the other car (our witness to his reckless driving) and went on our merry way.
My neck is a little sore this morning but nothing too serious.

We have reported the accident and our policeman friend has traced the registration and advised us to lay a charge of Hit and Run (even though he stopped, he refused to give us his details and there is a clause that still makes that a Hit and Run charge) and Reckless Driving.
It's amazing how quickly things can happen and potentially change a life/ end a life. I know it's dramatic and we're fine, but it could have been worse, especially if my man hadn't turned the car in time.

Here's to a chilled, safe, accident-free weekend


po said...

Fucking hell. What an idiot.

So glad you guys are ok Blondie.

MidniteGem said...

OMG - this is just another reason why the people in SA seriously need to change their attitudes about drinking and driving! I used to hate the people that went on about it, but they are right.

Am VERY happy to hear that you are alright though and that it wasnt more serious then damage to the car.

Anonymous said...

What an experience! Glad you are okay. What type of audition did you have? singing? acting?

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Thanks Po - he was a total dick!!

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Exactlt Midnitegem, but nothing will change because most Metrocops (not all of them) take bribes! So I think the attitude is: Why be responsible because if you run into shit, you just slip them a R200!

It's not my way of thinking, but it is majority! Very sad!

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Thanks Mrs. D - it's a TV audition :-) x

Prixie said...

oi, South African drivers. they something. glad you ok and keep us updated on your audition!

Being Brazen said...

HECTIC!!!that guy is an flippin' idiot.

So glad that you and your man are ok :)


Tay said...

WOW! What a jerk! So glad you guys are okay! Holding thumbs for your audition!

KaB said...

I'm amazed your man didn't deck the guy! Thank god you're okay & I have to agree with Gem...if the laws could be improved & more regimental (as it is in somewhere like the UK) then things would be vastly different on the roads in South Africa! I'm obviously a hypocrite as like everyone else I've also gotten behind the wheel when I shouldn't have but I had my own wake up call & they do have their positives...let's just thank god you're both okay!

Karma will get the guy anyway!

As for the crossing all appendages :)

Kitty Cat said...

Am keeping my fingers and toes crossed that you get whatever you auditioned for! And thank God you guys are alright. I hate drunk drivers. HATE them. If someone is slurring they should NOT be on the road behind a wheel. I hope you guys get some justice.

Tamara said...

Hectic! So glad you guys are ok. We've had our fair share of scary incidents with drunk drivers, mainly in Gauteng. I hope that dude gets locked up.

So... any news on whether you got the TV thing?