Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Gentle is a word.

I'm totally thrilled that Obama won!! I think it's brilliant and I even got a little weepy over his speech this morning! I know. I'm not American and I was moved by his charismatic, incredible speech! Yes We Can!

And Yes I did. I went to boxing for the first time in 3 weeks and I nearly died. I was actually worse than when I originally started. I was huffing and puffing, my chest was burning and my muscles grew mouths and screamed at me! I sweated gallons of, um, sweat and I couldn't complete one of the exercises. BUT, I do feel better for having gone and I have promised myself that no excuse will be tolerated anymore. I cannot miss days because days turn into weeks and before you know it you're back to being a slouchy, disgusting couch potato.

I slept in a draft on Monday evening and ever since I have such a sore back, plus I'm stressed out and my back has become a knot haven. It's painful and I'm getting headaches from this... I had some spare time before meetings and noticed that opposite the boxing gym there is a lovely Thai Massage place. Yippy! I have never actually been for one and I've only ever heard how awesome they are. So I thought: Why not? Let's give it a bash. Little did I know how giving it a "bash" would become a reality more than just a saying.

Holy shit. I feel bruised. How can such a small woman with small dainty hands unleash torture onto my back? She was so strong and I felt my back click several times. I felt my muscles actually move around. I was in agony. So much for a lovely relaxing massage. I think she was a bit of a sadist too. The more I moaned (not in the good way) and whimpered; the more she dug in. I eventually asked her to be a little gentle. I don't think she understood. She did yoga on my back by walking on me, kneeling on me, elbowing me and then she yanked me around the room as if I was a ragdoll. Dude. I can't believe I paid for that.

With that said, however, it was pretty amazing. My back does feel better. Better as in the bruised feeling has replaced the stiff knotty back feeling.

Still... it was an experience if nothing else.

I have been tagged by Being Brazen - I feel honoured!

Word for the week in my head is - demotivated. I know. How to start off a meme positively? Ask Blondie how.
Thought for the week in my head is - "Is that even fair?" - don't ask...some stuff going on at the moment at work and I'm feeling down.
Thing for the week in my life is - Skinny Cupaccino's
Song for the week in my head is - Sara Bareilles -Love Song (I love it so much and sing it all the time)
Food for the week in my belly is - snails. I never used to eat the slimey little creatures. In fact, I used to terrorise them with salt as a little girl. I was cruel evidently. Now, I like to smother them in garlic.
Colour for the week in my life is - turquoise. I seem to be wearing a lot of it at the moment, so this could be my colour for the season.
Smile for the week on my face is - receiving a piece of information that I'm excited about.
Blessing for the week in my heart is - having incredible people in my life who are true and supportive


Len said...

Lol I got weepy over Obama's speech too!

po said...

Perhaps there is no word for gentle in Thai :)

I have seen the thai technique but have never had it done. My back is so entirely screwed I will try anything!

Congrats for going back to boxing. Starting again is the hardest part. After that you should be fine!

The Blonde Blogshell said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one Len!! Hey -I miss you! x

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Evidently not Po! Jeepers, I am actually really sore now.
So tomorrow is going to be a joy - waking up with sore muscles for training and bruised muscles from the "tranquil" massage!

Anonymous said...

I got weepy over his speech too! It was great :)

Anonymous said...

I am SSSOOOOO thrilled we have a president that the whole world is excited about!! Maybe we can reverse the damage George Bush has done. Here's hoping.

Anonymous said...

If you are feeling down, and you find out some one else is too, does it make you feel a little better? Just asking.

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Hey anon,

Thanks for asking.
It doesn't make me feel better knowing someone else is down...I know the saying is: "misery loves company", but I think that's way too negative.

If you are constantly surrounded by negativity then it's even harder to get out of that!

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Mrs. D, you are so right!!

Check this out:

This is a website that was set up for the rest of the world to vote. I think the only country that wanted McCain to win was Albania! LOL

The Blonde Blogshell said...

It was so moving Holly...I had such goosebumps at the crowd and the amazing feeling of hope! It was a total WOW Moment!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog :-) x

Being Brazen said...

Obama rocks. I got very choked up during his speach.

Well done for making it back to boxing.

I also LOVE that Sara Bareilles song. So cute and catchy :)

Anonymous said...

Judging Others

An elephant asked a camel, why are your breasts on your back?'

'Well,' says the camel, I think that's an inappropriate

question from somebody whose dick is on his face.

I thought this one was funny. made me smile :) tks for answering my question.

The Blonde Blogshell said...

BB, I love it - I sing it or hum it everywhere I go. I'm the crazy humming lady around town!
Wait til I start whistling it!! Hold me back!! LOL x

The Blonde Blogshell said...

That's funny Anon! LOL

Tamara said...

Hehehehe... I had a Thai massage. Once. It's horrible. Never again. Never ever.

KaB said...

I loved his speech's about some charisma...he oozes it!

As for the boxing...dude...keep thinking positively & you'll be aces! At least you're doing something different & exercising while doing it!