Thursday, November 27, 2008

I met Jennifer Garner last night for dinner and drinks. Ok, well, I think Mushy Peas looks just like her. What a doll. She is hilarious and fun and an amazing listener and story teller. I literally felt as if I had known her for years, regardless of my stalking her blog. I did gush and I did embarrass myself but then again whats new? It was fantastic to meet the person behind the pseudonym and she is as brilliant and fun as she is in her blog. You know the internet and blogging world can be a funny thing. It's very easy to sit infront of a PC screen and be whoever you want to be, have an alter-ego, hide behind something that is safe and free from judgement or whatever. Just ask most peadophiles. It could have been one of those weird moments where you're sitting there going: Dude! How is it possible for someone to be so cool and then you meet them and it's literally a case of 'Oh shit! Who IS this person? What are we going to talk about?'
I've had that before on an email chat with someone I was doing business with. He was witty and hilarious and confident and when I actually met him he was this introverted guy who couldn't string two sentences together orally.
I must say meeting Peas was fabulous. I reckon that date 2 is a must and will probably involve more alcohol (we were trying to be polite...that, and that I didn't want her to think I would take advantage. Kidding! Ok seriously, we were being responsible adults* knowing we had early starts) and some dance moves that will look like I'm doing the sprinkler and shaking the dice, while Peas will be the bonafide hip hop dancer. You'll be able to tell. Trust me.

I've been up early. Early as in: before the sun has risen. There should be a law against that. As a result I now feel as if I've been awake for so long that it should be home time and not 10am. I don't think another cup of coffee will help. I am yawning and too lazy to cover my mouth. It's attractive, especially after eating a bran muffin. Most people in the office today are just too bright and perky. They're giving me a headache. That shrill: "Goooood Mooorning!!!!!" is ringing out all over the place. It could be one of two things. They either got some last night or their holiday is around the corner. Just saying.
Weird thing is, I'm generally a morning person. The end of the year will do that to you.

OK and some good news (think positive Blogshell) I got a message from the person I've been hoping to hear from regarding my audition, which didn't go as I had hoped. The stress, the nerves, the pressure and the intensity of such a show is overwhelming if you haven't done anything like it before.
They said to me that they have feedback for me, which will be given soon and that there is some work to do and lots of intense dedication to put in before we get there.
Happiness. That's a good thing. It certainly isn't a: Look, this has been fun. Don't call us; we'll call you!
I am more than prepared to put in the hard work and dedication and I relish this opportunity so I am excited that the door is still slightly ajar and not slammed shut. I'm putting positive vibes out there.
This dream of mine just HAS to come true. I have dreamt about this particular thing since I a teen. It was the goal I set for myself in this industry and just the fact that I've come this far is pretty mind blowing.

Right. Coffee machine is calling. So is my bed. We can't have our cake and eat it can we?

* Don't snigger.


po said...

Awesome, you met the PEAS!

Sadly, I am one of those people who can be witty and confident via writing, but in real life am shy and stumped for things to say. It seems my brain is wired to my hand and literally bypasses my mouth. Its weird but true.

You have just induced me to go make coffee.

Peas on Toast said...

Ah Blondie you make me BLUSH! :)
Jennifer Graner?? That's probably the nicest thing (besides the good listener and fun part) someone has ever said to me in at LEAST 2 years :)

OK am getting emotional now. xx

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Po - you're not psycho quiet, you know?'s hoping! Hahahaha!!

I'm talking about people who are completely different online to real life as in a whole new other, weirdo type of person...oh and I so wasn't thinking THAT about Peas, it just got me thinking about that!
That doesn't make sense, but hopefully you know what I mean!

The Blonde Blogshell said...

You do Dude!! Peas...totally..dimples and all!! LOL

You are the cutest - thanks again

mylifescape said...

Sounds like fun!! I once met the most boring stab-me-now-in-the-eye- with-a-blunt-knife guy, who was chit-chatty-fabulous-funny-i-think you-are-amazing-and-have-personality guy behind the screen! Lucky for you Peas is not a serial killer, coz we'd miss u!

Happy dayz on the audition news!! :)
and YAY for coffee!

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Hilarious mylifescape...good grief!

Nah - Peas is a total peach - she is amazing and EVERYONE should meet her. Seriously. You are the sweetest - thank you very much - I'd miss you guys too

po said...

Hhaha I know what you mean, no worries. No psycho silences here.

Anonymous said...

I hope this just snowballs for you and leads you to the opportunity of your dreams. *fingers crossed*

Sunrise said...

All you woman are nuts, ha ha, good for you...I hope that you get your dream job, I got mine and it wasnt what I expected, is it ever?

Kitty Cat said...

I seemed to have missed this post, sometime when I was in Durbs, I think, but I'm so glad that the door is ajar, so to speak! And how cool that you met Peas, and how cool that you've painted a picture of her in my mind - Jennifer Garner.