Friday, November 7, 2008

Oh alright! I'll have another one!

I love spontaneous evenings. A mate of mine sent me an sms saying: Hey Blondie! Why don't you pop round for a quick drink after work? Let's meet at Tanz Cafe!"
So I thought, why not?
I am disillusioned when it comes to thinking any drink after work will be quick? The intention is there, but we all know how it goes. One drink turns into: "Aw c'mon! Just one more!" and before you know it you're clinking glasses with everyone and knocking back shooters. Evil.
I also didn't realise that I was going to be rocking up at a place where a CD Launch was taking place. This always seems to happen to me. I know that I'm going to go straight home, so there's no real effort in appearance. No sleek hair, no proper make-up and definitely no heels or cute outfit. I rocked up in slops and a sundress with my wash-and-go hair.
I walked straight into a media frenzy. Photographers and music industry members were all chilling out waiting for Paul E. Flynn to get up on stage to rock out. Oh well, fuck it, I'm gonna have a drink and leave. Immediately.
Ha! I got home at 1am this morning after drinking copious amounts of jaeger with Barney Simon and Cito from Wonderboom. Louise Carver (she's fabulous) sang a duet with Paul E. Flynn and they were amazing together! I felt bad when Louise sat down at our table and ordered a bottle of water. Dude. Talk about feeling ashamed as I swig back my Savannah Light.

I am feeling a little rough today and I missed boxing class. Ahem. Monday is a new day.
I don't actually know what I'm doing this weekend. I like it that way. Go with the flow and see what happens. I am hoping to sleep the weekend away but you just never know!


Prixie said...

sounds like a bloody evening! i always thought ceto was so good looking ;p *swoon*

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Oh Prixies..I hear you! He is!! *swoon* - love that!!
:-) Haha

Being Brazen said...

You always go to the best parties - lucky girl ;-)

Sounds like a great time...even in slops

Anonymous said...

I hope all is well. :) X

Tamara said...

Love Tanz Cafe. And Louise Carver really has it all - beautiful, talented and such a hun!