Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What happened yesterday...

My sister is a culinary genius. I have never eaten such delicious Indian food in ages. It would actually put Indian restaurants to shame. I'm talking about my sister making her very own samoosas (who does that??) Indian rice, curry and Indian sweets from scratch.
There are 2 problems. The first problem is that I have to kill her now because I'm going to have to do an extra hour of cardio now. The second problem is that I will never be able to invite her around for dinner now, unless she has no problem with toasted cheese!

Oh and that reminds me. I have been manic today rushing around town to various meetings, listening to people who drone on and repeat themselves trying to explain what they would like me to do at their function and then smile like I'm the idiot. I even had the question of: "So, um...you're sure you can do this, huh?"
I should have said something like: "Oh my God. Are you sure? I mean I've never ever done this before...ever." Just to completely scare the shit out of them.
I'm always amazed. Um...you hired me for your function... why would you suddenly be questioning whether I can do something or not....um??
I had so much to do today and I felt like screaming: "Alright already!! I get it! Can we move the F&%# on? Time is money people; let's GO!"
Instead of either option, I smiled, nodded and assured them that everything would be just fine and their function would be just great.

I finally managed to race off to Woolies to look for the dress I saw in the catalogue. I need it for this function, you see? Anyways, there I am looking for dresses (in a major rush) and found a whole rack of gorgeous dresses. I started looking for my size in these dresses, holding them up, pressing them against my body (quick mental try on) and then folded a few options (not one of them was in the catalogue...in case you're wondering) over my arm to buy them. I turned around and bumped straight into a friend from school I haven't seen in over a year. We got chatting and I was wondering why she kept looking at me so strangely...strangely as in a small smile and a look in her eyes that I didn't quite get. I finally got what that look and smile was all about. I was standing in the Maternity section. How did I NOT see the sign? It was huge and had a lovely glowing woman standing with her manicured hands on her huge belly on it.
There go the rumours.

I went through to support Mushy Peas on Toast for her book launch last night. I think it is an amazing thing to have accomplished and I heard that she always wanted to have a book published before 30! Well done babe!! I am so impressed and uber proud!! I had a jol too with you and the gang ; although I wasn't loving you guys this morning after those G & T's. I got to meet a few bloggers last night and it is always fascinating and fun. Chester Pillow was actually the person I cursed this morning...my head was feeling just lovely after the G&T's. It was fun Ches...thanks dude!
I got home last night and read your book until my eyes literally closed (admittedly I only read for 15 minutes) and the book hit the ground, ultimately waking me up. I am on Chapter 2 and I'm loving it! Sheer entertainment!
Well done Peas...I am definitely a GROUPEA and I have put an order out because all my gal pals are getting your book for Christmas :-)


Kitty Cat said...

Your sister should be a chef! Yum. And well done to Peas!

po said...

Damn I want that book! I am an overseas grouPea.

I can't believe your sis makes samoosas. Impressive.

Anonymous said...

lol were they maternity dresses or you were just standing in the section? if they were, did you land up buying them anyways?

Peas on Toast said...

It was so lovely to see you again Blondie - thanks so much for coming through!

Those gin and tonics were definitely poured with a STRONG hand! xxx

The Blonde Blogshell said...

I think so too Kitty! Goodness...she is a little whizz in the kitchen! :-)

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Super impressive Po...awww.an overseas Groupea! LOL - I'm sure you can order the book online...I think the link is on Peas blog!!

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Hey Anon... they were maternity dresses I was looking at...they were so pretty and certainly didn't look huge, you know?
Haha - one thing that came from it, is that I now know that maternity clothes have changed from being ugly and frumpy, to elegent and stylish! Niiice!

The Blonde Blogshell said...

PEAS...I was so impressed! I loved it and I thought the G&T's were strong - LOL

Being Brazen said...

Your sisters foos sounds yum.

I really must get a copy of Peas book nad have a look :)

Being Brazen said...

Ps - my spelling sucks today

The Blonde Blogshell said...

LOL BB...the book is great...I'm half way through. Seriously.

Tamara said...

LOl at you in the maternity section! I can just imagine ;-)